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    I can't decide if I'm Republican or what? I know they are against abortion, gun control, and gay marriage. So I guess I'm one of them?
  2. Republicans and Democrats are both corrupt in my humble opinion. I would say Republicans are less Christian though because they're all about not helping people, less welfare etc. Though Democrats are about helping the poor (which is pleasing to God) they also support gays, which I think is not pleasing to God.

    Jesus said live by the sword die by the sword.. So today that would mean live by the gun die by the gun.. How can a Christian promote guns?

    Honestly though I think politics are a waste of time for Christians. Everything about it in my opinion is worldly, and we are called to be aliens of this world. Not caring about worldly matters, but only the gospel.
  3. I agree. I was just shocked by how much I agree with Republicans on certain moral issues. I've never cared or will ever care about politics, I just thought it was interesting.

    But I don't think having a strong military for defense is a problem. That wouldn't be living by the sword, that would be dishing out death by the sword to those who do. Kindof like WW2. But then again, I could be wrong.
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  4. Republicans are all about not helping the poor. They believe "if I earned this money, then why should I have to help anyone" Not very Christian in my humble opinion.
  5. No it's not.
  6. A house divided can not stand.

    I'm holding out for the government of God(YHWH) in the coming kingdom.
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  7. My first experience with American politics and American Christians was when I drove through America with a youth group on our way to Mexico.

    We stayed in generous churches along the way. All the people we met there were great, trusting people who asked nothing in return for the help they gave us. In one church, there was a sign for a prayer meeting advertising that they were going to meet to pray that President Bush would do the right thing, and send the troops home. Two nights later, we stayed in a church that had a sign urging people to pray that Bush would do the right thing, and keep the troops in combat. I had a really great discussion about prayer with the youth group: it went something like, what if everyone was just praying that Bush would do the right thing? No judgment though, it's just that things like that stand out when you're traveling.

    Wherever we are, our citizenship is of another Kingdom, and we are only among these nations as ambassadors of the Kingdom.

    That being said, I am not able to say how God will ask each of us to work as His ambassadors. He gives each of us different gifts. Maybe He compels some of us into the fray of politics on some level, and who will say what good may be done through it? Important Biblical figures, like Joseph and Daniel, were given high ranking offices in pagan nations, and God used them for good in those positions. God used Esther's influence in the political realm to save His people.

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry so much about deciding on a party to affiliate yourself with. Politicians gonna be politicians, we've still got to do justice, love mercy, be compassionate, be compelled by God's love, whoever's in charge of the country we're ambassadors in.
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  8. Guess it is not much different than India! Back home we have 2 major parties..

    Party 1 - Secular (Hinduism), less corrupt, completely against Christians
    Party 2 - Non-secular, extreme corruption, doesn't bother about any religion..

    All Christians go for a toss at election time! Which one to vote!!
  9. I think most ideas are good in theory but awful in practice. Let's take the republicans for example; they don't think the government should be handing out as much welfare. I believe they don't want to cut all welfare, but drastically cut down on it. Why would they do this? I think they believe that it is up to the common man to take care of his neighbor not the government, something I would agree with. The problem is, there are too many people, republicans and democrats, who could care less about their neighbor and are unwilling to give, hence the government having to step in and take care of the situation and hence it being a good idea in theory, but terrible in practice.
  10. I went from democrat when I was younger, to republican when I got a little older, to libertarian for two seconds until I realized how crazy they are too, then shifted to independent. The Lord tells us that we should not be weary because there will be wars and nation will rise against nation and things will get a bit wonky. Thank the Lord that those who are saved will not have to experience the wrath of the Lord.
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  11. There is a very poor assumption that is popular with the masses - that there actually are different political parties in the US and that they stand for something.
    You will have noticed (if you were paying attention) that the policies of Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, and Obama are all exactly the same regardless of the rhetoric and false promises they spew.
    The Dumbocrats and Repugnicans are the two sides of the same corrupt, power hungry, elitist coin.
    It makes no difference whatsoever who you vote for, the decision is made long before the elections.
    We live in a fascist oligarchy. "We the people" has become essentially meaningless.
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  12. But, there are differences, at the very least the Republicans adhere to a more 'conservative' ideology, they do have those in the party which are true to our values such as anti-abortion, for traditional marriage and against gay agenda. As for those Republican that are sort of conservative they still have a lot more in their agenda than what Democrats bow down to... the question is can anyone that is a person of faith actually vote for any Democrat and still be a person of faith...? Are there any Democrats that do not follow in step with party line agenda...?
  13. Short story is that...........there are anti gun and gay marriage support and abortion supporters on both sides of the fence.

    Democrats are usually more liberal in their thinking. They tend to be more spend and tax than Republicans. They believe in big govt. that cares for people from the cradle to the grave.

    Republicans tend to be more financially responsible and believe it is up to the individual to fend for himself and not for the govt.

    Then there comes "reality". By that I mean that there are very few real men and women who are not corrupted by the system.
    When a good person tries to do good things for the country they are cut off by the system that is in place. That system is one that makes a person rich in power, influence and money.

    In my experience I believe the country is made up of 30% democrats that are hard core and would vote for Hitler is he ran on the Democrat ticket.

    Then there are 30% republicans who would do exactly the same thing.

    That leaves 20% who do not know anything that is going on all around them. They are not discerned either spiritually or politically.

    That leaves about 20% that simply do not care one way or the other. They are like Ostriches'.
  14. Is it possible that governments job is not to force compulsory hermeneutics upon the whole of society?

    Shall it be unwise or wise to have government defining and mandating salvation? Then by "which God" will they choose or force upon us, or "no God at all", and by what moral framework will be the right premise for which they will adhere? For there can only be one adherence.

    Can it be rational that scripture delegates to individual free-will the choice of sin or righteousness, and that civil government which will intervene despotically to make moral choices for the individual, is “immoral itself”, when despotism is absent?

    For who is worthy in this world to sit on Gods throne to judge to consequence, when no despotism has been committed? For who is righteous enough in this world to bring violence to homosexuals and use violence to force-feed the poor?

    Can it be possible that the virtuous position of natural law prior to any civil intervention is to react to despotism which multiplies in the contrived havens of violence and theft? Thus what is good government but to react to despotism.

    Yet as Christians are we also not mandated to submit to the very authorities that plunder despotically upon us? Shall the Christian have the burden to vote out despotism, and stand in the gap for the innocent, as they also must often submit to higher powers; yet when despotism matures to violence that challenges Christ's word and example, then shall civil-disobedience to serve God instead of men be required even to the death.

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