Pls Pray! Overwhelming Anxiety Can't Calm Doqn :(

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  1. I've already prayed for myself, could you pls pray for me....

    When my anxiety is really bad I start to twitch...
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  2. I wish I didn't have to deal with this, I wish I could be happy and free like normal people.
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  3. I'm not a big "drugs are the answer" guy but until you learn to get a handle on it (could be situational from now or the past) you need to have Lorazipam is mild and without major side effects if you only use it as needed but there is some reason why the sympathetic area of your nervous system is kicking in and the para-sympathetic in no kicking in...

    Yes I will pray right now....let your concerns be made known to God with thanksgiving (for He is with you)....
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  4. I really don't like meds..for one, I don't have money to afford them...two, you can get addicted to them and three, the withdrawals can be horrendous..
  5. Lastly, I don't know how to tell my mom... she has worries of her own...doesn't sleep well, hair thinning, has arthritis... the only worker in a household of dad doesn't work.

    I'm looking for work..but what good is it if I can't function..

    Life shouldn't be this difficult.
  6. Sweet Pancakes, I am praying. I can't tell you I understand -- I don't. But our G-d does, and He cares about you. Bless you, Sweetheart.
  7. You are lucky you don't understand..but thank you for your prayers.
  8. I just realized that I wrote to you as though you are a child, Pancakes, and that is wrong. Yes, you are the age of one of my grandchildren, but that gives me no right. What was I thinking. Regardless, I had the privilege of praying for you through much of the evening, and I will continue to do so.

    I admit that I received word of a 6-yr-old child some distance from where I live who has disappeared, and I am praying vfor her as well. Her father said of her -- his words -- that she is a "brat." He says he is concerned, but in his other words, he was very mean. Others have called Jenise "sweet" and "trusting." I am so scared for this little girl. They didn't report her missing until she'd been gone for 10 hours. They are searching for her.

    It MAY even help you with your problem to pray for Jenise (Janise?). She is so little, so helpless.

    And I will continue to pray for you.
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  9. Oh tezrli, don't worry you didn't rub me the wrong way in any shape or form...

    I'm just thankful you replied to my thread..and are praying for me..
    Thank you.

    I don't mean to be a burden, I don't want everyone's prayers focused on me and my issues...( I don't mean to take up everyone's time)
    It's just...
    I've prayed for myself..I just know that there is power in prayer and just need a bit of help.

    But thank you so much tezrli, you are sincere,sweet,humble and helpful.
    Thank you,

    - Britt
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  10. And I will pray for jenise/janise
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    I understand because I also have anxiety. I am praying for you and hope you will do the same for me. I think, and don't quote me, but there is a reason for our anxiety. Maybe i'm wrong though because God also says we aren't suppose to be of fear, but I know God is listening and he loves us and that's all that really matters.
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    Thank you godislove, and I agree..I think anxiety can be a number of things; of course we know its an overactive amgdala gland..but spiritually

    It could be a trial, sort of similar to job..


    It could be a response to sin..( punishment)..

    But some holistic helps are:
    * chamomile tea: helps with insomnia and depression

    * st John's wort

    * Valerian root

    * ginger tea( works extremely well for upset stomach and indegestion anxiety causes)

    ( exercises)

    ( distractions)
    Crossword puzzles
    A good book


    Speaking scripture over yourself
    Praying in tongues
    Listening to audio bible on topic that combat fear.

    And hugs..hugs help ^~^

    So I hope that helps godislove.. and I'll be praying for you as well.

    We gotta stick together <3
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  13. If you have accepted Christ then it is not a punishment because Christ has wiped away your sin at the cross.
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  14. Seriously, @pancakes and @God is Love , no one is going to think that praying for you is a burden. It's just not going to cross our minds. :)
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  15. Thank you Tez :) I hate to leave, but I need to go to sleep. Nite!
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  16. Me. too!!
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  17. You guys are flippin' awesome :)
    So much sweetness..
    I love CFS.

    And Ill try to get some sleep..
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    Also forgot to add two more holistic methods:

    (Aroma therapy)

    * ylang- Yang essential oils help promote deep sleep and retard alertness
    * jasmine

    * rosemary
    * lemon ( may have anti depressant effects)

    Just rub a few drops on a pillow or blanket and a whiff should relax you.

    ( nutrition)

    Sugar and sweets can contribute to nervousness, so a better diet( vegan/ vegetarian) can prove very helpful.

    Teas and puzzles can be found at your local store in the isle with coffee.

    Last one, knew I was forgetting one..
    Positive visualizations..
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  19. I know what you can really seem that way at times. Your testimony has revealed a whole lot of reasons why you are experiencing anxiety...that's a lot of responsibility. I remember a really similar situation in my life once...I was the only person was me my wife, three of my children, a son in law and two grandkids...the recession was so bad there was no getting work...I had only recovered from a heart attack about two months...the situation did not change for nearly three seemed futile but we Matthew 6:33'd wife and I learned to trust God at that time in a way we had not fathomed...we actually HAD TO trust in and rely on Him...

    We rarely had what we would have wanted but we survived...our rent was paid...we ate (not always what we liked)...and none of us went naked. By the way...nothing wrong with telling your mom how worried you are...she may give you a couple of stories of her own hardships and a big hug (it helps)...

    And I agree about meds but as I said this one helps (.05 mg. only as needed, for panic. not to be taken as a crutch on some regular basis) but I can see your's is largely situational...look also for social networking assistance in your area (food pantries, energy assistance programs, there is also a Federal Program through United Way that pays a months rent or one months mortgage if you fall into arrears...i there a food stamp program? Has your mom applied for Soc Sec disability?)

    The reason (while praying) that I am making these additional suggestions is because I have learned that Faith + action = miracles...God often sets his children into places where some resources are available, but we often miss them...a man of great faith once found his boat sinking, he believed and knew that God could save he was nearly drowning a boat came along and offered to help, he begged off and said no thanks God would save him...later that day a helicopter saw him and offered to drop a rope...he passed it by as well saying he knew his God would save him...that night he drowned....

    When he entered into the presence of God he asked our Lord...I believed in you, why didn't you save me? And the Lord said, What do you mean? I sent you a boat And a, seek, seek and you shall find...

    In His love

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  20. Oh sis, that is aweful...I cannot imagine how scared you all are...I will pray for her as well....please let us know when she is found...

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