Playing with Fire

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  1. I don't watch them, but I have caught snippets of shows about hunting ghosts that are becoming immensely popular. This concerns me greatly about the direction our society is taking. I have noted that on none of these shows have any of the supposed ghost hunters ever invoked the name of Jesus or God either for protection or to 'clear' the supposedly haunted structures. I have spoken to two Roman trained exorcists about this issue, and they are both mortified that lay people are trying to go into places that may well be filled with demons or worse without any training, and are trying to engage these entities without the protection of God or knowledge of what they are doing. I could tell by the horror and concern in their voices that they feel that these wanna be ghost busters are playing with fire, and they are possibly opening doors that they haven't got the training or know-how to shut. It is truly frightening.

    I had a lot of paranormal activity in my home a few years ago and witnessed things that defy the laws of physics, hence the fact that I know individuals who specialize in this sort of thing. The one thing they warned me about right out of the chute, was NOT to engage the entities in any way, especially if they were trying to speak to me (us - my whole family was witness to this). I was also taught to pray and invoke Jesus' name for protection, but beyond that to let the experts handle it. So, to see these people on TV all puffed up and arrogant and so sure of their 'powers' trying to go against forces that they have no idea of the power they may represent, scares me and makes me shake my head in disbelief. Only God has the power to control and expel evil. Those who do not realize this are essentially like two year olds left alone in a lab with an armed atomic bomb. What the heck is the MATTER with these people?
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  2. Blinded by satan through darkness
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  3. Yes, Jim,absolutely,but they are televising this schlock and teaching the general public that this is an okay thing to go and do. I am so horrified that this is the kind of thing that the general public is being exposed to and being made to think is something that anyone can tackle. Nothing could be further from the truth.
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  4. Just another trick of the enemy to desensitize those who may find this interesting. It is I do agree really sad, but the deception of the enemy is strong to those whom are not rooted and grounded in the Word.

    I find myself praying for these people and those who find this kind of entertainment interesting
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  5. I will admit i used to be enamoured of spooky goings on in haunted houses and contacting the afterlife myself
    Then I had the sense to back off when some crazy things happened.
    I pray that the general population won't mess with what they think they know
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  6. I agree with Cturtle that we need to pray for those who are in ignorance of the danger of becoming involved in the mainstream descent into evil, sin, and the occult. We also need to all put on the full armor of God to continue to protect ourselves from the wiles and attacks of the evil one, and to give us the strength and motivation to pray for our own clarity in being able to glean that which is Godly from that which is not.
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  7. When I was younger I once saw a "ghost". In the days before I was saved I was fascinated with "ghosts" and "spirits". I regularly watched a guy on TV by the name of John Edwards who communicated with the departed. I even attended a spiritualist fare once and joined an audience where one of these mediums "communicated with the dead". I was an atheist in those days, but even then didn't want to involve myself with things that were considered "evil". I read a book that John Edwards had written and throughout he talks about his gift and about how received this gift from "God" and it made it seem "not evil" if you know what I mean. Many of these people sucker Christians into these things because they hide it in a guise of being "spiritual". By the way; I now know that I have never seen or experienced a "ghost" but rather a demonic force.
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  8. The sad part is that there are some who believe that it is from God. That's how deep the deception goes. And yet there are others who like you said do it on purpose, and it is the devil's purpose, to deceive and trap people into a mindset that keeps them away from The True God, and the truth of His Word.
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  9. True Story,
    Many of you know my past and back ground so I am very familiar with this type of thing.

    Some years back I got hooked on watching these shows on TV and the internet.
    I began to get drawn unto them and was close to hooking up with several.

    Let me tell you, the Lord got my attention quick or as one of my spiritual Father's in Christ would say, He jerked the slack out of me.

    I of all people should have known better but it drew me in slowly week after week.
    So imagine how easy the world gets drawn in.

    Again that was MANY Years ago.
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  10. It is my personal opinion, based on the Word of God that Ghosts, paranormal and ESP are tools of Satan. The Bible says that we we die...............
    "We are in the presence of the Lord".

    I do not believe there is such a thing as ghosts but I do believe in demonic forces.
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  11. Well, I hate to admit this, but I will be honest. Scary movies never scare me. I always thought they were more funny than scary and I used to watch all kinds of scary stuff. I would rationalize it as being stupid or a thriller. I would say if it involves demonic stuff then I won't watch it so just watching this stupid ghost stuff is not that bad after all. I really was so wrong.

    I know that's a lie of the enemy, I do know that. Not sure why I always liked scary movies, but I did. I do not watch this stuff anymore. I stay away from it. I know it's wrong and I agree it's a sneaky tool the enemy uses to get us and mess us up in so many ways.

    Before I left my ex-husband he was involved in something. I have no idea what it was, but it was not from God and it started to scare me. He told me God was talking to him and telling him these things, but not one thing lined up with the word of God. There is no doubt in my mind today that something evil has a hold of him. He called this thing HIM or something like that. Said he would tell him things, but HIM called himself God to my ex. This thing caused so much drama in my ex's life and I think still is. This thing would tell my ex stuff and when I would disagree and remind him that's not how God speaks my ex would become distraught and yell at me telling me I was a bad wife and how I was against him and how I was bad, etc. This thing was controlling him. He drank way too much, and I believe he was an alcoholic, but his drinking started to get even worse. He would stay up all night by the fire outside drinking and talking to this HIM thing. Things were so bad at home. He started to get paranoid and thought the government was spying on us. He would wake me up at night and tell me they were watching us, etc.

    Jim, I know this is a demonic force, but he does not believe it. He thinks I am against him because I resisted all of this. This thing turned him against my son and me. When I left he told everyone I was into demonic stuff and joined a coven of witches. This thing kept telling him I was the demonic one and that I was the one thinking bad things and my ex believed it all. He still believes something evil has a hold of me and that is why I left.. because the devil is in me.

    I am not sure how this thing became a part of his life, but he got into all that prepping and end times prophecy stuff and I think that really messed him up. He would tell me how HIM would tell him things about what's going to happen, etc. It was not of god.

    Long story short, I do not want any part of this evil stuff because I know it's real and I know it controls people.
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  12. As I read what you said and prayed about it... I believe it started with deception and perversion of God's Holy Word. Then because he added a spirit of alchol to it, and refused to accept the truth of God's Word as truth.. he has gotten himself over into a mess of deception. For I agree that none of what your describing is of God.
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  13. It's really bad. I didn't mention everything because some might not believe how crazy it was.

    God has always been with me and my son and protected us through so much. We are very fortunate to have walked away normal and healthy minded. We are bleased.
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  14. CoffeeDrinker Cturtle

    Prayer Works and binding these strong holds and everything that has been blocking the Light from getting into him, in the Name Above All Names That Is The Name Of Jesus .....
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  15. How can this work if he desires to hang onto these things and does not desire to let them go? Remember the pastors wife?
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  16. What happened to the pastors wife??
  17. She decided to walk away from the Lord. God was using her in the gifts, and she grabbed ahold of the thoughts from the enemy that she had been robbed of life because she did not have a singing career. And Jesus using this as an example to demonstrate things about the enemy and the way God's works... told the man of God not to pray for her. It wouldn't do any good because she wanted the spirits that she had accepted to be at work in her life.
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  18. That's a scary attitude.
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  19. Just praying and binding and loosing and praying in Laborers to cross his path and maybe he might wake up and come to himself.
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  20. God has sent people to him and some have been preachers. He acts like he wants it but he wants his version of it. He says God has something big for him to do and it's in the end times. He is so focused on end times that he never talks about christ. It's all about fear. We need silver and gold and more guns and ammo. He is all about end times and conspiracy stuff. He refuses to listen. No idea why he cannot see the truth. Something has him very blinded

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