Pastor Jamal Bryant Proclaims ‘these Hoes Ain’t Loyal’ During Church Sermon

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  1. My first time hearing about Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant was a month ago when he was trying to raise $75,000 through crowdfunding for a trip to Nigeria to do a prayer rally to #BringBackOurGirls.
    He was asking for 274 people to donate $274. You know, because he seems to have the only direct line to God and only his rally was needed to get those girls home. Let me find out that he has Jesus’ Google Voice number.
    Then I found out he’s also the dude named in some salacious rumors WHILE HE WAS MARRIED, mind you. That is when I knew he was more crooked than a toddler’s doodles. But I ain’t the one to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me.

    Read more at watch the video at
  2. I think a few ungodly words are the least of the problems we see here! But who is this guy anyway and is he really having an effect on the true Saints of God? No!
  3. I never heard of the guy. Let us pray for him.
  4. How about "let us ignore him"....:D
  5. AMEN brother! We have all the Robert Tilton's and Richard Roberts that we need.

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