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  1. Please join me in welcoming our newest Helpers:

    Abdicate, Huntingteckel, & Where Is The Messiah.

    They will be helping to keep CFS running smoothly as a friendly place for Christians to fellowship.
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  2. Thanks for the chance to do this, HMS. I really do appreciate it and hopefully I do a good job.
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  3. Fabulous! I am sure they will be a great benefit. Good choices!
  4. Congrats you three. Yay!
  5. You'll do fine.
  6. AAAHhhhhhhh help has arrived woooo hoooo!!! The 3 Christianeers!!
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  7. Congrats! I know you guys will do good!
  8. Welcome to the Helper Team!! You now have access to our secret staff forums. :D
  9. I can see from my regular computer. Is there an option to view from tapatalk also? Thanks.
  10. Same here. I can't see any of the special stuff from my phone.
  11. Congrats guys! Good luck!
  12. How do you get to be a helper..just wondering?
  13. Congrats guys! Good to have you guys as helpers.. You guys have certainly have shown balanced heads compared to others.. So this is certainly appropriate for you all..

    So I will never get banned then.. I will always have a way out.. Cruel smile :) ha ha ha!!
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