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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Major, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I love the new format and presentation.!!!!!!!!

    Good job to those involved.
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  2. Hanging up on mobile device
  3. W0nderful to see that you are still around. May the Lord bless you Jim!
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  4. Yes I also appreciate the new format. Well done to those who work behind the scenes.

    Great to have the `new` highlighted too.

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  5. I just came here to start the thread to offer my appreciation
    for the new look CFS has been given. Delighted to see it's
    already been done. :)

    Nice work!
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  6. It's nice to change things up a bit once in a while. In the retail industry most manufactures will change the color, and size of their product box's even though it is the same product inside hoping to cause more sales. :)
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  7. After the most recent forum software upgrade that the owner of the forum downloaded and installed, we noted the change as well. The current format is what the software has defaulted to and will be the format that we all will be using for the foreseeable future. If anyone has 'navigation' issues, please PM our Tech Manager "Deep Soul" with your concerns. Thank you.
  8. I did notice yesterday 04/01/16 the "alert" tab on the forum would not display it's contents, but today it seems to be just fine.
  9. Yea!!! My Log In button at the top works again. Had lost it for quite a while. I think it had something to do with XP which I refuse to give up!
  10. Just took a much needed forums break to rejuvenate and regain focusing on what our Lord is doing in and with me.

    Had no idea that I was in more then a dozen forums. Lol

    The battery in my tablet swelled up so big it actually bubbled my tablet and shattered the screen but praise God never exploded and that's a good thing.

    Internet provider ( wi fi ) kept billing for data Not used and overage charges as normal and for 2 months with out my tablet, well I never turned on the wi fi. Well sir I did not need a degree to see through that. Lol. Canceled that deal in a hurry so now I just borrow C turtles phone now and again and eventually I will get around to getting hooked up on the net but for now, well it is refreshing spending online time in the word.

    Thank you for your wonder reply and I will send you a email later this week.
    God bless and thank you brother for Always in All ways being a real and loving brother and Friend !!!
    God Bless
  11. Very true.
    Blessings to you and Ms. Turtle and I love you and miss you.
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  12. Seems to be working well now on the mobile device. Praise God
  13. Well done. :)

    Fish catcher Jim, and Ms Turtle have been missed by me too.
  14. Looks like the old format from about 7 years ago. Simple but functional
  15. I thought at 1st it looked familiar now I am sure.
  16. It seems the alert feature is lagging. When people respond to your post the alert does not show up until minutes later.
  17. Something tells me this will be the epitaph on my gravestone. :D :eek: o_O :whistle:
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  18. Yup... I'm a witness to that. Bought the same product with a new look
  19. Anyway I absolutely love the new look... Its so up to date xD
  20. Everything seems to function better and quicker, which is always good. Well done.

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