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  1. Silly string isn’t good around cats. Some try to play with it and end up choking because they think they can eat it.

    The best cat toy you can get is a Chinese yo-yo or a long feather boa on the end of a long stick. A cat can grab the toy without getting close enough to grab you.
  2. The Egyptians also had a god that was depicted in dog-form.
  3. It’s also said that dogs and cats can predict earthquakes. A major quake on the west coast is often preceded by an increase in lost and found ads for pets in the newspapers.

    Also, animals in Indonesia knew that the tsunami was coming after the 2004 earthquake. There was very little indication that animals died in the tsunami- they all fled to higher ground ahead of time.
  4. Annubis, the jackal.:) I used to collect artifacts.:( Until my Aunt Annie explained to me the meaning of "graven images".

    Bastet, the cat. Hee hee. I used to have a cat named Bast, too...and there was another one named Ankhasunamen (or Ankles for short).:eek:
  5. That's a good suggestion!:)

    But we tried it already.:( I swear, Missy ate around the canned food and only ate her dry kibble. We mixed it up (Violet's idea) and she somehow managed the separate the kitty food from the cat food in her dish (Missy, not Violet:p). She left a mound of canned cat food and ate all of the dry food.

    Anyway, she's staying outside now. I build her a small tudor-style kitty house where she can be the boss, and she seems to like it just fine.:)

    We've discovered that Missy only has the desire to eat dry kibble...and baby turtles. :(
  6. Dean: sometimes Missy would go into my "Egyptian Room" and hiss and meow. She'd be in there, just talking up a storm. I'd walk to the other end of the house to see what was going on, and she'd be just sitting there on the back of the couch, looking up at the wall. I'd yell at her: "Quit talking to spirits!" And go back into the other room.:p

    This is the room where I had my Egyptian collection...tapestries, papyrus, statuettes, Tut's mask, etc. I became fascinated with the artwork back in college. I'm trying to find a new theme for the room now.;)

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