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  1. Ok !!! OK !!! I'll admit it ...OK!!!:eek:

    My animals... 3 cats and a Jack Russell dominate us...:eek:

    They all have us well trained to do their bidding...:eek:

    They all have us wrapped around their little paws...:eek:
  2. LOL

    You're their pets, right? That's how Missy thinks. "You're my pet, so what do I care!?":mad:

    Quacks me up...hee hee hee.

    (She's still outside)
  3. I have a Jack Russell. He loves me soo much that it always chears me up. He follows me everywhere. If I'm at my computer, he's sitting by my feet. If I am watching TV, he's sitting next to me, If I am laying down watching TV, he's sitting on my chest. If I'm in my bed he's sleeping at his feet. When I get home from work he jumps all over me for about 5mins before he calms down.

    I got him for free because he was the runt, and "too ugly" to sell. But he grew into a normalish looking dog, and the sweetest pet I've ever owned.
  4. Yes:eek: that what it boils down to...But at least they did a good job and they didn't have to pay anything to train us...:D

    My cats bring me their most special gifts, mice and birds... After alot of fussing I convinced them I'm grateful But really, I said , you shouldn't have:rolleyes:

    One of my cats welcomes me into the day every morning, when according to my hubby, I stop snoring... Somehow my cat knows I'm awake and runs onto the bed and meows and rubs his face on me... following me for the next 30 minutes as I get coffee, and expects to be massaged when I sit down... After that he goes to sleep...

    R U bored yet:D
  5. DITTO:D Ours do the same thing...
    We couldn't tell you how much hubby and I love our Jack Russell... Though he is very spoiled... His attention is on us all the time except when he is humping our cat...:eek:
    He dances, walks on his hind legs, he jumps high in the air, and twirls round and round in a blur... His incrediable affectionate...

    After all this... I would not recommend this breed for those who want peace... He is not good for seniors... They are way to hyper... Like a dog on speed...
  6. UPDATE:

    Ms Missy is now and outside Kitty. I let her back in when the weather turned cold. The next morning, I was petting her when I woke up. I used the facilities, and came out, she hissed at me and scratched my ankle and then ran away.

    I found her, and threw her out.

    That weekend, the temperatures dipped to below-zero. I didn't care. This is my house, I have the right to live in my house without fearing that Missy is going to take a gun to me one night when she's feeling cranky. So I told my friend to leave her outside.

    He told me: "But the bible says to forgive!"

    I said: "Yeah, and it also says that man will have dominion over the animals, not animals having dominion over man!"

    He said: "But we're supposed to dish out as much forgiveness as we want from Jesus."

    I told him: "My friends in the christian forum told me that if my brother sins against me, I should forgive him as many times as it doesn't say anything about Ms. Missy. She stays out."

    "But it's cold...! She's going to freeze to death!"

    "Then she should have thought about that before she maliciously attacked me for no apparent reason. Bring her in - see what happens!":D

    Instead, I built her a kitty house. She's staying outside. I'll feed her, I'll give her water, make sure her blanket stays dry inside her house, etc. But she's no longer an indoor kitty.

    Sprout is still an indoor turtle, though. He never scratches me after I pet him.:p
  7. She's acting pathetic. Pathetic!

    She took off her collar and left it on the back porch.

    Every now and then she's stretch out her body upwards and sliiiiiiiiide down the glass on the sliding door.

    I'm waiting for her to go pushing her I.V. past, where I can see her, limping with a cast on next.

    She's staying outside. She seems comfy in her house. It's actually a nice little home. It looks like a little barn and I'm going to paint it this weekend.

  8. You could ask yourself… Why do I have this cat?
    Does the cat do anything for you?
    A lot of people say that animals are very sensitive to the spirits, good and bad. If the cat is acting up… maybe there is an unwelcome spirit lingering around. Could be the cat’s way of letting you know that something is just not right. Just give it some thought.
    And as far as being angry at an animal. I think it would be best to forgive. If we are to hold onto anger, it can only effect us in a bad way. Forgiving benefits us.


    P.S. I have one cat. I named him Onesimus. From the book of Philemon. My cat is very useful to me. Keeps me company and always forgives me when I’m in a bad mood and yell at him. Why shouldn’t I always forgive him?
  9. I am new and I am sure my input doesn't count for much but I have had cats all my life (just 26 years) and every time there was a change in behavior it was a symptom of a physical ailment. Have you taken this cat to a vet?
    And I do believe we should forgive pets just as we forgive each other. My dog Molly, when she was about 10 weeks old, chewed the corner of my Bible. I learned quickly how to stop her from chewing things, and it worked. Now every time I pick up my Bible, I smile. Molly left her "note" for me.
    God bless,
  10. have you tried

    pray for your cat. I have done that. spirits can get on them too. cats are their own boss. I beleive that is why some people don't like them they can NOT control them. I had to put our cat out for a while when our female cat had her kittens. he was going in the house. was the kittens were gone I brought him in prayed for him. told him if he did not go in the pan he was back out . he has been great.
    God Bless
  11. Just for you Newbies:israel: thats wondering why on a Christian Forum we are talking about cats, dogs and turtles...........:confused:

    Its because they are Christian Too!:p

    OK :eek: no one PM me:D
  12. When Noah built the ark… who did God save?
    Noah and his family and “ALL” the animals.

    They are God’s creation and we are to love and respect them.

    Of course it’s not always easy to love and respect something that has it’s claws in your back.
  13. Of course we all love our pets. I think they are a gift from God, for they bring us such joy and they are so loyal and faithful in their own ways to us. When I got Alex (cat) and Molly (dog), I sprinkled them with creek water and dedicated them to Jesus, then I prayed that Jesus and Our Father would make sure I was a good steward for these beautiful creatures entrusted to my care and guide me along our lives' journeys. I have an excellent vet, I believe in spaying and neutering and shots and check-ups every year, teeth cleaning, and all I do for myself I do for them.
    No, I don't think it is odd or weird or strange or nuts to be talking about our beloved pets in this Christian forum; in fact, I expected it.
    God's love is not restricted to humans only. Some pets can be a bit more problematic than others, and when we run into these difficulties, the first thing I do is pray, then I call the vet if I feel the Lord needs me to. Then I just don't stop praying.
    God bless,
  14. [​IMG]

    Thanks, Who Am I...

    ...hey! I'll build her an ark!:D
  15. You’re new to this pet-keeping think, aren’t you?

    If your cat is going after other animals, she may be missing something in her diet. Try adding canned food to her diet or increasing the amount that you normally give her. Dry pet foods are generally based on vegetable protein; I’ve noticed that when I cut back on the amount of canned food that I put out for the neighborhood cats, they are more likely to go after birds.

    You may also want to investigate the outside to see if something is different. Cats can very easily get set in their ways and the smallest change can through them for a loop and turn them into monsters.

    You want to know how God wants you to deal with the cat? Just ask the cat; I’m sure she thinks she’d God. Otherwise keep a spray bottle filled with water handy.
  16. Don’t try to understand feline behavior; you’ll go crazy.

    I once had two cats. One was a Siamese mix that was born to a mother cat that took up with me right after I got out of college. He had a big head with bigger ears and I named him Brain after the cartoon character. The other was a humongous all-black tom from the neighborhood that I called Cujo.

    Brain was the most friendly, good-natured cat around- except when it came to Cujo. For the longest time Cujo would show up for food, but he refused to let me get close enough to touch him. Then Cujo was missing for about a week only to show up again sick. He had lost about half of his body weight and was so starved that when I gave him food he didn’t care about being touched. Then for about a year Cujo was a very friendly cat- always wanted to be petted.

    Whenever Brain or Cujo saw me he would come running and then lay down and roll over on his back for a belly rub. Then if the other one saw me, he’d come running and lay down for a belly rub also. So there I’d be- stereophonic belly rubbing. Both cats would be oblivious to the other until they rolled their eyes around and saw each other. Then in a flash they were both on their feet and growling their heads off with me hoping I didn’t forfeit a hand.

    Brain decided to leave home while I was cooped up inside with a sinus infection for about a month and then Cujo took off as well. But then ever so often Cujo would pass through my yard and he acted like he had before- I couldn’t get near him.
  17. You’d kill a dog just because he bit somebody? When a dog bites, it isn’t the dog’s problem. A dog will only bite a human when the dog has either been trained to do so or when the dog feels threatened by the human that gets bit. When a dog bites a human, the fault lies with some human, not with the dog.

    It may be the city in me, but shouldn’t you keep your doors locked?

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