March for Life 2015

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  1. Howdy, everyone.
    I've been less active on here, mostly because of regular responsibilities and so forth, but I did make it to the March for Life in my town, DC.

    It was an incredible turnout of apparently hundreds of thousands of people -- the crowd seemed endless. The amount of young people involved was incredible. Riding the metro on Monday was even an event as the trains were packed with students and seminarians. I had a great conversation with a few young guys studying to become Jesuit priests. I ran into Josh Duggar yesterday and said hello. I spoke briefly with a non-religious pro-life advocate named Julie Borowski (AKA Tolken Libertarian Girl), and spotted some old friends too.

    And a huge victory took place yesterday abolishing all abortions to be funded through tax dollars.

    I thank everyone for praying yesterday for the March and the event. But I had a great reminder that being pro-life doesn't end at stopping death...we are all going to die. It's not just about protecting the souls of the unborn, but it's just as much about protecting the souls of those who are for abortion directly...people who are aware that it is still wrong but believe it can be done anyway because their souls are just as important and are in grave danger.

    Anyway, thought I'd update since it was such a big event and a big victory too.

    Thanks to all of you who prayed yesterday and don't stop.
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  2. Excellent news!!!!
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