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  1. Whatever you believe, messing about with natural instinct for survival of a species will turn around and bite you in the ass.
  2. Well you agree then that in order to be "respectable" you must repress certain urges and lust? I thought you said we was animals who need not to deal repress our lust?
  3. Is that a "respectable" way to express your frustration at being proven so full of nonsense?

    and like I said the instinct to lust and take what we want is to be repressed or else we become like the animals that you claim are your relatives.
  4. This educated class would have us all running around like a pack of dogs!
  5. Or the alternative - a bunch of brainwashed christian zombies who end up prosecuted for their sexual crimes against minors.
  6. Within our developed and evolved society, yes. Don't confuse this with making sex a sin (or the thought of sex as a sin).
  7. Hey according to the educated class this is not that big a deal! Just acting on there lust and not suppressing their desires!
    By the way these type of religious folks are the ones who kill true Christians!

    By the way do your know who runs many of these centers of education that promotes the nonsense you have accepted?
  8. Its ok to suppress it in the name of "evolution" but not because its a sin? What logic! lol
  9. Who are the 'educated class'?

    The simple fact is that forcing a child to believe that any thought about sex is sinful and should be punished leads to severe pyschological problems later in life.
  10. And who controls the centres of education that you have spent your life in?
  11. Oh but telling them they are a money is productive and healthy...Come on!
  12. Its called the Word of God, and the great and Mighty Holy Spirit! Better get some before you evolve back into a animal...:(
  13. What does that mean?
  14. It means what it says.
  15. Still don't understand.
  16. Oh well, that's a discussion for another day.
  17. Maybe it's a delusion for another day Mitspa.
  18. Well you have your hobbies...:)
  19. Mitspa my friend, your thoughts have been pre-determined by your peers. Don't you ever question that?
  20. My thoughts are regulated and I have surrendered them to the Word of God, in that others have done the same... We rejoice in the truth together. :D

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