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  1. Okay so here is my situation.

    I absolutely 100% am waiting for marriage. Meaning no dating, no masturbation, no nothing.... except, I struggle with lust.

    I have long been a masturbator, and when I got converted I cut down, but never fully stopped. I stopped off and on for periods of months or weeks, and the last time I did it was 6 days ago. But the problem is that the Holy Spirit has convicted me it is sin, and everytime I do it I pretty much agree that I am going to hell for certain. I pray and cry, and ask for forgiveness. Then I quit doing it, but every day the lust comes and it comes strong. Masturbation is just so attractive to me, because I can look at any woman I want, and feel pleasure. But it's so dangerous and sinful, and I can't call myself a Christian if I do it.

    So now I just need help staying away. The Bible says to walk and live by the spirit, but it's so hard when my mind is full of lust!

    Is this a demon? Can it be exorcised?

    Or am I just not a Christian? I know that is a ridiculous question, of course I am, but why am I so lustful?
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    Your a dude with hormones that God gave a male drive to fulfill his purposes- 'Be fruitful and multiply'. It isn't evil, lest you allow yourself to be driven by lust.

    So pray for two things: a godly Christian wife that God will send to you AND that God will give eyes like his own; try (and believe you me; nowadays it is getting close to impossible) to see young women as children of God and not sex symbols. Though they all seem to be running around in their underwear ALL THE TIME where I live.

    As I get older, and as my daughter gets older-my sight is shifting. That's somebodies daughter, sister, WIFE/ future wife you are eyeballing. What if that were your daughter?

    Pray to see things through God's eyes.
  3. Wow really put this out there..Do all you can to resist this and keep your mind and EYES away from all lustful images. Practice taking captive your thoughts and trust completely in the Lords mercy. Its not a demon, its your flesh.
  4. Trust me I've prayed many times for a Godly wife. Problem is, I'm 16, and not ready to support a family or a nurture a relationship!

    And yes I do understand how sinful it is the way many, including myself, often look at women as objects. It makes me mad really that I can't control where my eyes go. :(

    I really hate it, which is why I want to stop, and because it is a sin (masturbation, a lustful mind, etc). But my problem is my darned flesh is still attached to the idea.

    I've been doing fine the past couple days, because I've prayed for God to keep me from temptation. Although I did look up a picture of some girl from a movie, shame..

    I wish I was more spiritual, but my flesh doesn't agree, and it's not easy putting a leash on it.
  5. But thank you Brother, yes I will pray to have the eyes of Jesus.
  6. 16 is a little late to be praying for God to prepare a wife for you in my opinion. My daughter and I pray for her future-and possible future husband as well and she is 6.

    I desire for her to have something I have never had. Why wait to pray for something you want in the future? Would you plan a wedding day the day before? That would be silly now wouldn't it? So why would we wait to ask the God of eternity when we now we have a desire for it now?

    'Ye have not because ye ask not': start asking now; and God will start the preparation...
  7. Here is my system...if it don't belong to me? I don't look at it as to desire it! Works pretty good..and always keep the Lord in your every action..I mean if you see a pretty girl? Tell the Lord "hey that's a pretty girl" He often tells me "That's not the one I have for you" so I don't let my thoughts dwell on her beauty or attractive features.
  8. I just prayed to the father asking him to help me and my future wife to stay connected in spirit even though we don't know eachother yet. I think it will benefit me and her greatly if at this time while we are single we live like we are already married. I prayed that she is doing well and is overcoming the same things I am. I've never thought about praying for a person I don't even know yet :D
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  9. I don't see maturation as a sin but rather the thoughts that go along with it. Technically I think if you aren't having any sexual thoughts then it isn't sinful. I don't remember there being anything about masturbation in the Bible.
  10. Sure, but there is nothing about cocaine or running someone over with a car either. It's the sin of Lust, masturbation involves ALOT of it. Some say you can masturbate without lust, but it's doubtful.
  11. I don't know. Imagining a made up woman is different then wanting to bed one you see on the street.

    Cocaine destroys your body and becomes an addiction /Idol. There is plenty about hurting/killing people in the Bible.
  12. All I know is God doesn't want me doing it.
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  13. And we should follow our convictions regardless of whether it's sinful or not.
  14. Well, scripture says if you walk after the Spirit, you will not fulfill the lust and desire of the flesh.

    So, the only way to combat flesh and thoughts is staying in the Spirit. Also don't combat thoughts with thoughts, combat them with it is Written.

    Grab you some scriptures..... My body is not my own, I was bought and paid for with a price. I keep my body under subjection, and meditate on those.

    Scripture says, resist the devil, and submit to God. This is a reason I am a big advocate of seeking tongues and praying in them because it's a fast way to get into the spirit.

    The devil is promised to flee, but if He can still grab that place in your life, then rebuking him is not going to change the lust of your own heart. The Word can and will change it, and the lust comes by thoughts, a picture, some pretty girl walking by, so to beat that you have to have just as much or more word to quote. The Word wins once it becomes a revelation.

    We beat these things by taking action, and putting on more armor and grabbing us our scriptures, writing them down and putting them in our pocket. What that first tempting through comes, we pull out our weapon and say it is written, I was bought and paid for with a price, my body is not my own, and my body will be in subjection to the Word of God. I cast down every thought and imagination that came in against the knowledge of Christ and put every single thought into captivity unto the Lord Jesus. I do not let my mind think on garbage, but the word only.

    The same word that will free you of this, as Jesus said the truth will make you free, is the same word that will heal anything, and get any victory if we give those scriptures that same measure and place.

    Once you defeat the devil a few times like this, He is promised to flee.

    count the cost........... Is masturbating worth the guilt, condemnation and your feeling afterword for such a short time of pleasure? 5 min of pleasure, all day feeling bad about it. Is it worth the cost?
  15. CW, first off, it's not the Holy Spirit talking to you it's the accuser satan condemning you, "...look what you did and you call yourself a Christian?"

    Think about this, Jesus died on the Cross for your/my sins about 2,000 years ago, that means He died for ALL of our future sins, not only the sins we have committed before today, but the sins we will commit tomorrow and the next day, the next week, the next month, etc., so what we need is to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit before we sin and we are taught this in the Temptations of Jesus, Jesus used Scripture to give Him the power to resist, Paul tells us in Eph 2:2 satan is the prince of the power of the air, and in Col 2:15 that that power doesn't have any affect on a Child of God, unless we allow it, so may I humbly suggest you spend some quiet time with Father, talk with Him and ask Him for what we call life verses, a life verse is a verse Father gives to us personally to combat the temptation the enemy throws at us Jam 4:7, here is an example of a life verse the Father has given me to combat the nudity that is so prevalent here, Phil 4:8, ...please allow me to explain that every temptation that comes our way is like a coin, there are two sides, one side is the temptation that comes from the enemy, the other side is it is a test that Father wants us to pass, hence the reason for the life verse, when the temptation comes the Holy Spirit will cause the life verse to pass through our mind (that's a part of the New Covenant Jer 31:33) then it's our choice to use it or not, if we do we will be walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and not succumb to the temptation, if we don't then we will pass through the desert for some time until we come again to our Kadesh Barnea, to retake the same test.

    Be blessed my younger brother,

  16. 16????????????????????????????

    Your way to young to be condemning yourself over this. My oldest son serves God, never bothers with Girls. He is waiting on the right and perfect one, he does not even date and he is 23. God's things first dad he tells me, then I might chuck a girl in there somewhere.

    My youngest is not so smart, he likes girls and I am not sure where he caught that at. He is 19 and needs to focus on God a whole lot more.

    Either way, I don't trip, I taught them both right and God promised they will not depart from it when they get older.

    At 16, your expecting way to much out of yourself, and you should not be focused on girls at all as they still have cooties at that age.

    Just do what I said do, put the word first, and it will work out, the enemy will leave you alone.

    enjoy God's mercy, and stay focused on Him.
  17. Well my parents aren't Christian so I was raised thinking anything goes.
  18. My parents were not also believers, I did lots of messed up stuff. However, you know better than they, and don't be hard on yourself. If you were my kid, I would tell you it's OK, lets have a talk about it and pray about. I go over scriptures about fear, it was spiders last time and that is what we do.
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  19. Lol I need some scriptures about spiders, I saw one on my bed this morning!
  20. take thousands of scriptures, shut your bible up and hold it in both hands, the give that spider a good whack. That is all the scriptures the spider will be needing.

    Works every time.

    According to the Word.


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