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  1. This is in response to my previous thread 'Deciding on a church."

    I am moving to California at the end of April and am looking for a church with great teaching and would love input from others on this site. It's probably easiest to show what I am not looking for first so here it goes:

    I am not looking for churches where the teaching can be paralleled with Greg Laurie, Judah Smith, or where at some point in the service a church leader comes out and says something along the lines of "Hey what's up guys?! Sooo awesome that you are here today it's going to be a Super fun service and if you haven't yet be sure to check out my new book in the store just passed the latte machine. Oh, and we're gonna talking about Jesus too!"

    I am looking for teaching that is more in line with John Piper, Paul Washer, and David Platt where there is some real conviction.

    I will be moving to southern California in Riverside county (east of LA/OC, north of SD). For fun I welcome all responses to churches in California with awesome teaching because I will have a chance to move again in about 2 years.

    Thank you in advance, and happy Easter! Thank you Lord!!
  2. This is my Pastor's Home Church; probably a bit too "fundamental" for you, but you might want to check it for a visit if you are nearby:

    North Valley Baptist Church
    3530 De La Cruz Blvd.
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
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  3. Hi, I looked online and there seems to be a Bible based one in Riverside CA. The name is Pathway Christian Church. They even have their beliefs outlined in detail online at: www.pathwaychurch.org

    Many of the online sites of the other churches in the area have very little in the way of Bible quotes and seem to be more interested in not offending and just putting bodies in the seats.
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  4. Unfortunity that is the way most churches are trending these days. God help the preacher that says......
    "Hell is hot and you do not want to go there"!!!!
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  5. I have most of my christian life not been connected to any brick, and mortar Church, until last year the Lord told me to go to a very small country Church near my home. We have less than 100 people in the congregation, yet they keep me hopping doing things. I have never been so busy doing things in my life, and it is fun!!! If you find yourself going to large Church, you most likely will be just a pew warmer, as most big Church's are very strict on who does what. I would highly recommend finding a more smaller Church to where you can participate in using the gifts the Lord has given you. I live in southern Calif, and not to far from Riverside. There are just two many churches in and around that area to say which is good or not. You will just have to pray and ask the Lord to guide you.
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  6. If you are feeling adventurous for the Lord, you can come worship on Saturday at Advent Hope:).
    • 24760 Stewart Street, Loma Linda, CA 92350

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