Lets Make Fun Of The Clown Thread

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Mitspa, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. We seem to be messing up some of the threads by our jokes and such.. I enjoy light hearted banter and such.. thought we could have a thread just for mindless humor and such... Ok WITM give us your best joke or just post one of your pictures you always seem to have available.:sneaky:
  2. You made this thread just for me? *teary eyed*
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  4. I have no jokes...well the pun joke about the peanuts. And this one my grandma told me about a waving rabbit...hmm. Dang it.
  5. "Where" is afraid that we will make him look silly on this thread, I think?:sneaky:
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  6. No he loves it.
  7. Do you guys wanna hang out in heaven? Like meet up and get cloud lattes or something?
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  8. I have a joke in my mind, that I've been thinking about all week. Every time I think about this joke, it doesn't matter where I'm at, I start laughing. I was at this coffee shop today ordering a cap, and the joke came to mind, and I started laughing. The guy thought I was laughing at him, and I believe that's why he messed up my cappuccino.
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  9. Well I will hang out with you but Where will be on the bad side of town... Im sure:cautious:
  10. You spend a lot of time at the coffee shop?
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  11. Really
  12. Tell the joke, crazypants ;-)
  13. Not really.
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  14. Oh like he will be in charge of cleaning the harps? Because he drank too much coffee on earth?
  15. Oh my gosh hahahaaaaaaaaaa u guys are killin me
  16. Yea they will probably have him on some form of probation.. and a lot of community service:LOL:
  17. Bad side of heaven? Blasphemy! Rebuked! You're welcome.
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  18. No I will not be cleaning harps. I will be hang gliding on seraphs.
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  19. FunziEs
  20. I want to hang out with big cats.

    Do u think there will be all the animals there?

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