Lets Make Fun Of The Clown Thread

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Mitspa, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. :) Welcome back bud, missed you!
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  2. Hi, Mitspa!!!!
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  3. (y)
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  4. I think this is the longest thread I have ever seen!
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    Have you guys ever been pranked? I have been watching 'scare nation' on youtube. Quite funny!

    With so many pranks on youtube it seems like everyone in the US has been a victim at least once.
  6. I've been a victim of small pranks here and there. Not to the extent some of those shows go. I'm pretty mild tempered too so they would have to do something crazy to really get my attention.
  7. Welcome back Mitspa! I was asking about u just yesterday :D
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  8. Thanks Rav...:)
  9. I am glad you decided to return. It must have been a difficult decision.
  10. Not really when I read some post of my brothers and sisters..:) I decided to forget this forum but kept getting e-mails and thought I would just check out the ole "Lets make fun of the clown" thread...lol
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  11. We're so close to 100 pages on this thread. Don't give up! I think this might be the biggest thread on the sight.
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  12. You should be surprised to see who the new "Staff member" is :D
  13. Heated topics get so much posts.. If they run this long, they would easily beat us.. But they always get locked down after a while.. That's the problem.. I don't think we will have any contenders!
  14. Thank the mods for not stopping any threads that try to beat this one.
  15. Yea the trouble makers always seem to find their way to the top...:eek:
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