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  1. My worms came in the mail today. This really good stuff, I pray the Lord blesses me with a beautiful garden in 2015. The worms art to create castings << yep! (worm poo) the castings will mainly be used with the young plants. I have a good size compost pile I did a 4th day turn yesterday. It was 23 degrees yesterday morning when I went to turn the compost, after I removed the tarp I took a garden rake and pulled the top off the steam came out.... YEA! I wonder how many folks are preparing for next spring.


    I l know this board is dead .........but I enjoy being in agreement ... if you do not believe me .. ask me!
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  2. I'm in. The more worms ya got the better the garden :) And a steamy compost pile means it is breaking down nicely
  3. What are you going to plant , Peter?
  4. Presently there are 10-12 fruit trees, blueberries, blackberries, raspberry and a pecan tree. The garden will consist of a variety of tomatoes, squash, potatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic and a large variety of herbs. This year I attempting some brusselsprouts and broccoli, maybe some melons we will see.

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  5. That sounds great. I hope you have a awesome harvest.
  6. Hey folks I went this evening and dug up some thornless black berrys and some semi thornless raspberries berries. The people told me the fruits are bigger than your thumb............ I am going to atempt some cloning but will put the majoity of them in the ground.

  7. Sounds berry good. *wink*

    When I was a kid living in Alaska; a friend and I were picking and eating wild black berries from a large thicket that was so tall and thick you couldn't see through it. We heard some grunting noises that sounded like they were coming from the other side of this berry thicket and decided it might be a good time to leave. We didn't bother to go around and see what was making the grunting noises in case it was a bear. :sneaky:
  8. Hope it goes well.

    We have added two fruit trees this year, a couple of varieties of pear. The veg plot is really my mother's area and as she gets older, her longer term vision has become to reduce the number of beds and have more of an orchard instead. I think this a nice plan.

    Re brassica, my mother made the mistake of planting some plants from a neighbour and it turned out they had club root. So (in case you have it over there), take care with your sources of plants - club root stays in the soil for years. We can still grow but have to use the resistant varieties. I don't know hour your seasons would work out but for me, to be able to pick our own sprouts for Christmas dinner. Wisdom over here seems to suggest they are at their best if the garden has had a heavy frost.

    We don't do main crop potatoes (seems a lot of work and space for something we can get at least as good from the shop down the road) but do grow a small amount of the (I guess you could say) more specialised ones. In UK terms Anya and Charlotte can be nice choices for this. I have a similar view regarding onions and related - I'd prefer a small patch of shallots to main crop white onions.

    For soft fruit, we had new raspberry canes this year so maybe next year we will get a good crop. The veg plot is in a field with some old hedgerows. there are wild blackberries there. We also have black and red currants.

    For nuts, our only tree is a hazel though (as was the case with a big walnut tree when I lived elsewhere) squirrels seem to get there first.

    My own part of the gardening tends to be more involved with the small greenhouses and maybe partly salad. I mostly grow some little gem lettuce (a small sweet cos type), some beetroot (my user name here is actually a variety of beetroot btw) tomatoes, aubergines (Hansel works well for me) sweet peppers (Topepo Rosso), and cucumber and courgette.

    I aim to keep my own little parts on after the main beds are all fruit trees.
  9. I have never heard of club root sounds like a nasty plant. I have never heard of currants until now, I went and read about them and attempted to buy some plants. I found out is it illegal to import them into the state I live (North Carolina). I really liked what I read about them and would have really liked to have grown some.
    I really like all the fruit trees you have growing there.
    I think I too would like to grow some lettuces, I really like the wild greens.

    I pray your mums health is very well and the garden flurishes under her care.


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  10. Cubroot is a very nasty parasite. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clubroot

    Sorry you can't grow currants where you are.

    As for lettuce and salad in general what I try to do in summer is make a Tupperware boxes full for the fridge. I chop the crisp lettuce hearts up with scissors. I also use the scissors on tomatoes and sweet peppers to make chunks. I'll cube bits of cucumber and chop onion, etc, Exactly what goes in depends on what's around, either in the garden or stuff we may have bought from the shop. Then maybe one time you have some celery another you think some chives would be nice, another time a bit of mint, etc.

    Of course this sort of idea may be nothing new to you but I've only been doing this 4-5 years. I think what you wind up with is a nice mixed box of bits to for example add to your cheese sandwich.

    Thanks for your thoughts about my mother.
  11. Oh I forgot something about lettuces. I did try a variety called winter gem in the greenhouse for winter this year. Something, I'd think mice, stripped them down to bare stalks. I think it was the same "somethings" that also uprooted a couple of cabbage I'd planted in them. Unlike the lettuce, these plants recovered from the ordeal.

    This year is the first one I've tried growing cabbage in containers in a small greenhouse. Some of them are already hearting so it may work out well.

    As for the lettuce, I guess I don't mind too much. I think ,at least with our own sort of home gardening, you get to expect there will be failures and successes. I think you learn to be grateful for the things that have done well.
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  12. Thank you sir Your post influenced me to purchase seed for a winter mix of lettuces and mesclun blend. Although it is winter I still work my garden mostly in preparation for spring.

    This morning I looked in on my worms I rarely see them although there is evidence of activity from them. The are devouring the food (coffee grounds banana peal egg shell ect) I pray they are increasing in numbers. In a month I will do a count and redo the bedding. If they numbers have increased I will divided and have 2 containers with worms......... Time will tell

  13. Just getting to this thread - a bit late. When I originally read the main topic header, I thought that there might be a medical problem ( ;) ) but since it is in the Garden area, it was quite informative. There is only one thing worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm.... that's biting into an apple and finding half of a worm.... :rolleyes:
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  14. LOL!
    In speaking of apples I sliced a small apple and placed it in with worms. I am told to watch their diet because they will eat nothing but sweets if they have their choice. Sounds like somebody else I know....... ME!


  15. Yesterday I borrowed my brother's truck and my sister’s trailer and went to a cattle farm and cleaned the holding area for the cattle. I managed over a ton of fresh and semi fresh cow dung. Presently I feel every pound of it I lifted yesterday and am in no hurry to get it off the trailer. The plan is to compost it and till it into the soil. I have been doing a lot of composting from leaves grass and all organic waste from my kitchen. My vegetable garden will cover a 25x75 foot area. I will also grow tomatoes upside down in buckets with herbs in the top. I have not done the bucket thing in many years but was very successful when I did ........... we shall see. I have plans for a 4x8 raised garden using pvc to make a green house top..... I will start this shortly for a winter garden, it will be my first. I am open for suggestion on what to grow, right now it will be a mix of greens that are cold tolerant like spinach and a mix of lettuces. I am just going to fake it and pray a lot.

  16. A cabbage patch?
    Id like more worms in my garden but dont have a worm farm yet and no real manure except chickens. Ive just started getting into it, have poor soil cos live on subdivided land that used to be an apple orchard. When they built the houses, the developers scraped all the topsoil away leaving only a few centimetres to plant a lawn.
    Im forever playing catchup and have given up on super heavy feeders as everything just grows small and sour. I think one day would like to turn into paradise but its a lot of work for me on small budget. I love it tho, watching things grow.
    Have got some things in tubs and tyres, would like raised beds eventually. Ive also got clay soil. Arrgh!

  17. Good morning ......... I do not have any plans for cabbage. As for issues with soil quality I think worms are a solution. They devour food scraps (just veggies and fruits no meats) They eat leaves news paper. As they eat the create worm castings (worm poop). The red worm is one of the best composting worms. They devour more than half their body weight daily producing some of the best fertilizer known to man. Who would have thought God had the best plan from the beginning?


    You woke me from the place I sleep
    To spend this time with you
    My God I am in awe
    From all these things you do.
    You show me Your creation
    The oceans depth they stretch
    So far and wide
    Your mountains are so grand
    Reaching to the sky
    The great beast
    To the smallest creature
    I am awed by You
    I look in to the sky
    The sun and the moon
    All are work of your hand
    All of this is you
    Looking in to heavens
    Far beyond the sky
    Seems to span eternity
    All within you lie

  18. Good morning
    Yes I need to find some worms...
    thanks for the poem.
    If I do find some worms, do I need a proper worm farm thing or can I just chuck them into the compost heap?
  19. :)
    I use 5 - 10 gallon totes, my worm population is about 3000. I am going to keep them in the house until the weather breaks. The sound of worms in your house is pretty nasty but it just sounds that way. It does not smell and due to the fact it is contained I am able to observe their likes and dislikes and learn to amend the medium to promote the hight yeild both in worm castings and breading. Yes I am strange (yes I live with worms :) ) but my quest is the garden that will be pleasing to the Lord.

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  20. A week ago I moved worms from one bin to another with fresh medium Peat, Shredded news paper and pulverized egg shell. Although I removed the worms I was concerned I missed some of them. I am not sure I recognize worm eggs and don't know if I will see them when they are real little. So I set the tote to the side and kept it moist with just a little food. Last night I harvested 50 small worms give or take a few. I guess some one who does this a lot or has been doing it for a long time would let them go as not being worth the work but right now for me I need my population of worms to grow.
    I realize as I move forward time is not going to allow me to pick through so closely. I need to find a method that is less hands on to harvest the castings from the worms. In a little over a month I have gone 1 type of composting worm to 2 types from 1 large tote with about 1 thousand worms to five medium totes with about 3 thousand worms.
    The 1 tote I fed every 3 or 4 days these I am feeding everyday for the most part. They are extremely active.


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