I've got WORMS

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  1. Yes sir pics please :)
  2. Please teach me how........ I have attempted this before and I end up with a mess.
  3. What I received were African night Crawler cocoons <<< 500+or- a few. This morning I saw the first hatch-ling it was the size of a red worm. I put a little powdered worm food on top of the soil (Purina Worm Chow). Cocoons of the African's hatch in 2-3 weeks of being laid. The mature and will be reproducing in 11 weeks. In two months if I maintain their environment my worm population. Will be over double of the 10K I already have. The African night crawlers have the potential to make the my other worms(European night crawlers and Red Wigglers) look like snails in composting and producing castings. The reproduce very quickly...... This is really cool stuff.

  4. I finished my trommel yesterday. This is a great blessing, the timing is perfect with the addition of the new worms and the potential increase of population. What is a trommel? I thought you would never ask. The trommel I built has 2 different screens one !/8 inch mesh and the other 1/4 inch mesh. The form a six foot tube which rotates. The tube is at a slight downward angle when a tote is poured into the high end the medium moves toward the end as it turns. The best quality of castings(aka worm poo) fall through the 1/8 inch screen and the lesser and worm cocoons (eggs) fall through the 1/4 inch screen and the worms fall out the end with any big debris such as food or bedding not consumed. This process does in 1 hour what I was doing in over 6 hours by hand.
    Quick question........ did you know worm poo could be so exciting?
  5. Lol noo to your quick question.
  6. Haha...I didn't.
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    This is from a 6 weeks ago when I changed my worm bins I had 6 bins this is one of them(Red Wigglers)
    click to see a video
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  8. You GOT WORMS!! aaahahaha very cool ph8th. Time to go fishin :D:cool:
  9. I love to fish but............. I am in it for the poo. Worms are the com posters designed By God. <<<<<<<<< That would make a good post wouldn't it?
    I will post pictures of the African night crawlers as soon as I can. I am still letting them get over the shock of shipping and new environment.
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  10. I am gonna try those worm tea bags next time I see them.

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