Is This Considered Abuse On Her

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  1. she read my post and shes not on my side?
  2. No she isn't. She says you need to calm down and approach your mom as a young adult apologizing to her for the way you disrespected her. It ended up costing her money, so you should offer her a way you and your brother can pay her back and in doing that you may be surprised that she may apologize to you for overreacting. You may then get the respect you want as a young adult.
  3. Is this real? Do you know what CPS stands for? Child protective service.

    Please tell me how you are a child at 15, and how you need protection from your mother.

    I'm guessing when you say your mom is being a *****, you didn't mean a good mother who is trying to teach you how to act right in public.

    But to answer your question.. No, do not call CPS. You will be wasting their time, and our tax dollars. Instead go and apologize to your mother.
  4. I feel like that is abuse to treat you like a baby and that your mom will buy you diapers and baby stuff... No parent no matter what would force their almost adult kids to wear diapers and pacifiers and other baby things...
  5. The mom wasn't going to force her to wear diapers or use a pacifier. The mom was only saying that her daughter was acting so babyish that she is like a baby needing diapers.
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  6. Oh, I see.
  7. When I used to homeschool my kids, I did daycare at the same time. My young kids did not act as childish and
    Be blessed Polly.
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  8. When I used to home school my kids, I did daycare at the same time. My young kids (3 and 4) did not act as childish and disrespectful as you are being. You threw ketchup on innocent people and didn't even have concern for your actions. You want others to care about your feelings, but what about the feelings of the other people who were there that you threw ketchup on. You should have been the one to humbly apologize. Not your mother. You should have offered to sell your Xbox to pay for the clothing. Your mother obviously cares about people because she offered to pay for the clothes of the people even though she didn't have to. You should be grateful you have such a loving and honest mother. She could have called the police on you for damaging someone's property. Instead she loved you enough to pay the damages for what you had done. You should apologize for your behavior and find a way to pay your mother back for the damages. This is what God would want you to do.
  9. one thing I wished I learned in my teenage years is no parents are perfect.

    most parents love their child unconditionally, and they tried to their best, but being imperfect human beings, they will fell short most of the time

    Have you thought about apologizing to your mum for "your" part in this?

    and then explain to her you have learned your lesson.

    also point out to her in a respectful way that you feel hurt and a little bit unfair for the part your brother have in this and try to work it through with her?
  10. i just want her to give my stuff back to me. she is being a totaly bitch to me. no one got hurt. SHE DONT GET THAT
  11. Ok, you need to grow up.
  12. miss olvia im more maturer then a 3 year old
  13. You seem incredibly angry and you need to get rid of this anger. It's very unhealthy and no good for you. Have you prayed before? I suggest you kneel down and tell God everything you are feeling. Talk to God, cry , just let out all how your feeling to Him. I'm sure afterwards you will feel a lot calmer and even sleep well. Just pray , He is our Father and He hears us, and He wants to help us. God loves you and He wants you to talk to Him.
  14. Tell me, have you ever read the book of Proverbs?
    Have you ever read the book of Proverbs in the bible. It teaches a lot about walking in the wisdom of God. I also see a lot of anger, but I don't suspect it is from one instance only. You have come to a Christian site and I want to help you with your anger and unhappiness. I think there is more to what you are experiencing than this one issue, because I can't comprehend how from one incident you would be angry enough that you would want to call social services on your mother.

    Let's talk more slowly about the incident. You love your Xbox. What kind of games do you play on it? I don't know enough about the Xbox. But I just want you for a moment to calmly compare your Xbox to the person's shirt.

    Now that shirt on the customer may have been their favorite shirt, who knows it could have been a shirt from a close friend or relative who just died and it is the only thing left that they have from them. We don't know but we are trying to compare that they may love their shirt as much as you love your Xbox. Even though the person didn't notice the ketchup right then, what if when they got home they felt as devastated about their shirt as you do about not having your Xbox. Can you just sympathize for a moment with someone else?

    Now you have an Xbox that you love. I don't know but maybe you are devastated because that is your only distraction from loneliness that you have. There is a reason you are so attached to the Xbox. What is it.

    Well anyway, don't you think you should have felt bad for the other person since they may have loved their material item as much as you love yours?
  15. i told my mom i was sorry. but she feels im a immature baby still
  16. I am very happy you did that. That is a sign of maturity.

    I would like to talk to you more. Although none of us can control people in our lives, when we are saved we can experience peace, love, and joy even when others treat us in a way that we don't like.

    I want you to know that God has given me a love for you and I would like to share what I know about God with you.

    Do you know what the gospel is?
  17. storys of people
  18. Well there are stories about people in what are called the four Gospels of the bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    Although the four Gospels (books of the bible) tell about what Jesus did, they are distinguished from what people use the term gospel for. The word gospel means good news. The good news is that Jesus died to pay the penalty for the sins we do. Everyone has sinned. Do you know that?
  19. This has gotten ridiculous. You embarrassed your mother by acting like a toddler in public. Get over it and grow up
  20. paige has anyone ever told u that u need to be in pampers again? so when that happens to you you will be mad as well as me.. i cant get over it. my mom told me im not even mature eonugh for pullps yet. that i dont desrve to wear big girl undies no more. my mom is not fair to me at all.

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