Is This Considered Abuse On Her

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  1. first my mom never hits me . me and my bother got into a fight at mcdonalds we threw ketchup on each fooling older im 15 he is 13. i got some ketchup on some woman clothes and my mom had to reinburst her for the damage. my mom freak out on me told me i was a immature baby and my brother to in front of people in mcdonlads. Leaving mcdonalds she told us that she should get us some pacifers and some pampers and a playpen. people were looking at me. like she was right. she took away my x box my i pod and cell i cant go out on weekends now. on the car ride home she is yelling at us telling us when she goes to wallmart she should buy us a crib and stuff.telling me we made her look like a bad mother shes being a total ***** to me.Can i turn her into CPS for abuse saying those things to me? isnt it slander or something saying lies about someone. saying i need pampers and making me look bad in public.For the record he started it my brother not me. its not fair shes doing this. she took away my games and i cant go out now cause of that *****. i want her to chill out and give my stuff back to me. no one got hurt she doesnt get that.
  2. Didn't we do this already? Why the repost? My guess is you didn't like the answers you got?

    Obey your mother-until you move out of the house and become an adult; you are a 'child' until you can take care of yourself.

    Call CPS?!? Do you realize that CPS is NOT your friend?
  3. I think you should give your mom some consideration and respect .It's not easy for a mother at times and it can take it's toll. Yourself and your brother need to know what is acceptable and what is not when you're in public and at home. It's understandable your mom would have been embarassed at this behaviour. It's irrelevant who started it. For you to even think about reporting your own mom for being disappointed in your behaviour is very immature and disrespectful. Look at your own conduct, the way you speak to your mom and brother and correct your own behaviour. You should give your mom respect for simply being your mom and trying to do her best.
  4. i just want her to treat me like an adult
  5. Then you have to act like one. Take responsibility for your actions and soon enough your mom will see a great difference and your relationship with each other will change and be so good for you both. Best wishes..
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  6. I understand why you feel disrespected here. So let's talk about what we can do in relationships when we feel like we've been disrespected, not about what the government can force your mom to do. If you can learn healthy ways how to manage times where you feel disrespected now, it will help you not only with your relationship with your mom, but with every relationship you have for the rest of your life.

    I strongly suspect that having a good relationship with your mom is more important to you than having your stuff, and I also strongly suspect that your desire to be "treated like an adult" is actually a desire for a mutually respectful relationship with your mom.

    Also, save your post as a file somewhere, and have another look at it a few years after you're moved out. You will have a totally different perspective on the situation by then, I guarantee it. At that time, you won't be regretting not having an xbox for a while, you'll either be regretting that you don't have a good relationship with your mom, or celebrating that you do. Take steps to work on that relationship now -- the "adult" thing to do in healthy relationships is not to demand respect, it's to be compassionate, patient, and put the other person's needs above your own rights. You may be tempted to think, "well, she didn't do those things for me, so therefore I can..." but if you can lay aside those emotional impulses, you will build a better relationship with your mom. Laying aside that desire to put all the responsibility on others is a critically important step for anyone on their way into adulthood. You have an opportunity to take that step now.

    No one can blame you for wanting to be treated respectfully, but I think you have to accept that a respectful relationship between a parent and teenager is different from a respectful relationship between a parent and her independent adult son. You're not an adult yet, but you can choose to be on your way toward being one.
  7. Are you acting like one? What makes you think you 'deserve' to be 'treated' like an adult? Are you a Christian?
  8. yes i was baptize
  9. 'Baptism' does not make you a Christian.
  10. So you want to call CPS on your mom for pointing out the fact you and your brother were acting like 5 year olds in McDonald's? No. That's immature on your part. She may have had a rough day and you two acting like that threw her over the edge.
  11. paige she told lies saying i need pampers and stuff.
  12. She was saying that if you're going to act like a baby maybe she should start treating you like one. That is far from abuse.
  13. MY MOM JUST DIDNT CALL ME A BABY BUT TOLD ME I BELONG IN PAMPERS AGAIN look people heard her call me a baby in mcdonalds and tell me that she was going to get me diapers and a crib for what i did. i have witnessess dont you think that would help with soical servcies. its not fair it was only ketchup we threw on people and the people in front of us were old like in 60s they wouldnt even know it was on there clothes if my mom didnt say anything. its not fair you know. i dont want to sound like a whinny baby . she had to pay 45 bucks for the clothes i ruined but that was her choice. BUT NO OTHER MOM WOULD TELL ME THAT I SHOULD BE IN DIAPERS AND NEED A BOTTLE ONLY MINE DOES THAT. thats how un cool she is.. IT WAS ONLY MCDONALDS NO PLACE FANCY AND IT WAS KETCHUP. her telling everyone im a baby and belong in pampers and stuff was foul you know and a bunch of lies. no one got hurt it was only ketchup. cause of her people think i need pampers on me now. she needs to chill the out.
  14. You need counseling.
  15. brother mike my mom does

  16. Well for one, you calling your mom a "B" is very disrespectful. Two, you claim you were just messing around, well that doesn't tell us much. If what you say is true then maybe she took it a bit overboard with the comments. The taking away your toys, well those are a privilege not a right. My wife use to work for social services and she basically rolled her eyes at your comment. If you start respecting her and show her you aren't a child anymore, then maybe she will treat you differently. I use to be a drill instructor for youth in a correctional facility. I think those type of programs teach a lot of discipline in youth and could possibly benefit you some.
  17. your wife rolled her eyes? on wut my mom did to me? did you tell her the lies and the comments my mom said to me for no reason
  18. Sorry missed the comment of throwing ketchup on elderly. That is actually a crime in most cities and maybe your mom should have shoved you in juvenile jail for the night
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  19. i didnt throw it on them on purpose. it just happened

  20. She read your entire post. And lets say you do turn her in. Do you know how much power social services has. You and your brother would be put in foster care, if you didn't have relatives to go to, and then your mom would under investigation for abuse, and any visits with your mom would be supervised until investigation is over. I'm all for parents answering to abuse, but you really need to think about what you are doing. Did she abuse you or did she just make you mad and hurt your feelings?

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