Is This Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit?

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by Polly, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Thanks for your replies, Polly.

    1) Are you under your father's authority? That is, do you acknowledge your father as your cover/head?
    2) How did you determine that "Slenderman is in [your] home"? And, again, is it only your home, or your father's, as well?

    3) Do you seek to learn about the occult? Why or why not?

    4) Do you seek to learn about the Holy Bible? Why or why not?
    This is absolutely true.
    In boldness, yes, as per scripture. But no one remains "brave" or "curious" before the power of a devil, and still remains effectual. We simply do what we are called to do, and it is not of our own; we act as agents exclusively through the authority of the King of kings. Anything more or less, and you will eventually be rent by the enemy...

    It is not unusual to be fascinated by or otherwise curious about the spiritual realm. However, without a grounding in Christ, the enemy will exploit you for your curiosity.
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    What does being as a cover/head mean? And yes, there is probably the Slenderman demon in my home. And the home where I live with my mom, my dad lives alone in Moscow.

    And no, I don't seek to learn about the occult anymore, and I know everything about the occult. It's evil, false, and dangerous, and also, too difficult and much work.

    I seek to learn about the Bible.
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  4. There is no such entity.
  5. I know it's technically an invented thing, but I heard about the Slenderman sightings...
  6. Is it possible that you heard about this thing and now your imagination is playing tricks on you?
  7. I might be paranoid a lot, but you know, demons can usually cause paranoia too... And also insomnia and memory loss... I have a very bad memory nowdays, and sometimes there are these nights that I cannot sleep.
  8. You know my answer...keep praying and seeking Jesus..these things will be put under His Blood...:)
  9. Ok, and am I loving Jesus enough now, or not yet?
  10. I got rained out of work today! :D.... I believe God is happy with your progress and He will keep loving you until you understand how much He loves you and then you will love Him more because you trust in His love for you!(y)
  11. but is this love what I feel for Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit enough?
  12. Well it will grow as you learn more about Jesus and how good He is and how much He loves you. So don't worry so much about how much you have but learn about how much He has for you and me.
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  13. Ok. :3 But will God then grant my prayers when I love Him more, or can He grant them anytime?
  14. Well sometimes we pray and ask for things that are not really the best for us, if we ask Him for the good things that He came to give us, then He will give us those good things. But He can see what you really need, better than you can understand..what kind of prayer was you thinking about?
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    I'll tell you in Facebook. But I also want to get rid of this blackhead problem what I get. I have my skin pretty much full of blackheads and I am very addicted to pinching my skin and popping the blackheads out... Rarely I get acne too...
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    We don't have to do anything for Jesus to hear and answer our prayers. We need only ask in faith, believing. He doesn't sit and measure our love. Our love grows as He reveals Himself more and more in and through our lives. When we actually realize what we have been saved from and how much God sacrificed for us personally, because of His great love for us, then our love for Him springs from that.

    Jesus is the one who did it all for us.
  17. Well I can tell you that the Lord wants us to have good health and that includes our yes its very biblical to ask for good health in all your body...
  18. You know, I also have this mild delayed puberty that some of my body parts are still very child-like and I would think that what if I cannot even have children when I am married because I would not be reproducing well... :/ I might have to take a hormone blood test first... And they measure my hormone levels and maybe they can help me develop again, but doctors are very delusional about me and they say that I am already like an adult woman but I am really quite undeveloped... :/ And I know women are different always, but my things are really in the level of my 8 year old self...
  19. Be careful promised not to talk about certain things remember...?
  20. Sorry. I didn't know that delayed puberty counts too... :/

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