Is This Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit?

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  1. Sometimes when I am scared if the fun things I do and have are totally sins, I get accidentally a bit angry at the Holy Trinity and then I start saying bad things on my mind about the Holy Trinity, including the Holy Spirit, yes, but then I get scared and w0rried if I blasphemed the Holy Spirit... And now I blame myself that why would I do this, and now I am thinking that I only have about 80 years more to live, until I die and then I disappear from existence...

    Have I blasphemed the Holy Spirit? I really don't and didn't want to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, and I regret all the bad things I said to or about the Holy Trinity..

    Now I know that the Earthly things I do (except sexual lusting) are not sins, but I am still worried that if I won't be forgiven ever again and I can do now whatever I want during these remaining 80 years of my life...

    The Bible says that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit means when a person thinks or says that the Holy Trinity is evil. But I think the Bible meant that every blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the unpardonable sin, like calling the Holy Spirit words or being angry at the Holy Spirit is blasphemy...

    I am so confused... Is it true that I only have 80 years of my life more remaining and then I will never be forgiven anymore and then I will disappear from existence when I die?
  2. Our souls are eternal. What do you mean disappear from existence?
  3. Like in Hell, when they throw the soul to the lake of fire, the soul dies and disappears from existence.
  4. The soul is eternal and does not die. The soul would be forever in hell tormented. That is why our salvation is so important and why we must try and save souls for the Kingdom of God.
  5. I see. But you didn't answer if I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit? Or are you too scared to admit that I did and you don't want to upset me with the truth? ;3
  6. I really don't think i'm qualified to answer that sorry. I know we shouldn't bladpheme the Holy Spirit but regarding whether you have i don't know enough about that. Hopefully someone who knowd more could answer you. I feel God is trying to help and lead you though. You are here on this christian forum after all seeking to know more about God right? And that is surely a good thing. And perhaps concerning blaspheming the HS it could refer to those who make a conscious deliberate rebellion against God. I'm sure you havn't and that you have a sincere desire to know and learn more of Him.
  7. I've reread your post and you say you really don't want to blaspheme so then it doesn't sound like your making a conscious deliberate decision at all. You need to be aware of what voices can enter your mind and that the enemy can place thoughts in your mind. Remember you can be in control of your own mind and choose your thoughts. Cast out negative evil thoughts and think on godly thoughts immediately. Think on whatever is good. Sorry about my last post , i think i been on here a bit too long , tiredness creeping up.
  8. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and reveals the Saviour to us. When a person acts disrespectfully towards the Holy Spirit and blasphemes His name, He will depart from them and that person will no longer have anyone to convict him of his sins.
    When faith is in the Living God, a blessed life is the result. The Holy Spirit gives us faith. When a person blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, God's Spirit departs from him and he becomes spiritually cold. This means that the person will no longer have the motivation to seek the presence of God because God no longer means anything to him. This is why Jesus warns us, saying, "Assuredly, i say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they may utter; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgivenedd, but is subject to eternal condemnation" (Mark 3:28-29).
  9. I don't know what is going on, but suddenly I feel like I don't care about the Holy Trinity anymore and I suddenly feel like I don't care if I blaspheme, and I feel like everything is very alright without Christianity, but I don't want to feel this way... I want to care about the Holy Trinity... What is going on? Am I possessed? My concentration got weak too and I've been a bit tired... I've been drinking a lot of green tea now everyday... What are the signs of demonic possession? Please tell me, I need to know... I lost my love for the Holy Trinity as well... I don't want to become an atheist, but I don't know why am I becoming an atheist...

    What can I do now? I can't even regret the blasphemous thoughts... But I want to regret the blasphemous thoughts...

    Please just help me instead of bashing me... Don't say anything like "It's all your fault", because it's not my fault.

    No, wait. I am just tired. I still regret the bad thoughts...
  10. You know something Polly, God wants you, but he doesn't force us. You seem to want everyone else to do the work for you. You need to get with reality and find a Christian that is rooted in the Word of God, and get some spiritual counseling.
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  11. But what happens to the soul when it's thrown to the lake of fire? Doesn't the soul turn into ash so therefore it disappears from existence?
  12. I
    I don't want to bash you i want to help in any way i can . I am no expert but i do believe God is trying to get your attention. By the sounds of it you were involved in certain things that would not have been pleasing to God and those things can be powerful. But it doesn't compare to the power of God. Seek God with all your heart, ask Him for forgiveness
  13. The soul is eternal.
  14. Polly, the soul has no bodily form as we know it. If it gets cast into the lake of fire IT WILL burn forever. The only way we can keep this from happening is to ask Jesus for forgiveness and believe that you are forgiven and saved and accept HE is Lord and savior :)
  15. Polly, Remember I told you to say louder than the voices, "All my thoughts and emotions are washed in the blood of Jesus."

    You don't like feeling angry, right?

    Drown the anger out by saying over and over until you no longer hear the angry voices, "All my thoughts and emotions are washed in the blood of Jesus"

    Even if you feel angry say it and believe it because you don't want to feel angry and the anger is fighting against you.

    Just pretend the anger is a person forcing the anger on you, when you don't want it. Would you let someone do this to you? I can tell from other posts that you would fight back. Now is the time to fight the anger by sayings over and over, "All my thoughts and emotions are washed in the blood of Jesus"

    You can do this.

    Trust God to take your anger at him away and keep repeating and believing, "All my thoughts and emotions are from God"

    Don't wait until the anger builds up. Believe and say it as soon as you feel the anger so it doesn't build into a greater anger. Stop it with the words as soon as you feel it.:):)

    Don't believe angry voices that tell you lies. If it is angry it is not from God so don't believe it. Just keep repeating, "All my thoughts and emotions are from God" until the voices go away.

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  16. I meant that I, by myself intentionally but ACCIDENTALLY say bad things on the mind about the whole Holy Trinity, but I don't want to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, and I think these thoughts when I am angry and because I get scared if the fun things I do are sins.
  17. What you are saying about intentionally but accidentally is that you believe you can't stop yourself because the anger is controlling you, right?:rolleyes:

    You don't want to be controlled by negative thoughts and emotions forever, right?:rolleyes:

    We are not talking about the subject of different sins right now. We are talking about the subject of not being controlled by angry thoughts.

    If the thoughts are angry, no matter what they are saying, drown them out so you are not angry. It doesn't matter what the voices are saying, if they are angry, drown them out saying, "All my thoughts and emotions are washed in the blood of Jesus":):sneaky:

    You can do this:)
  18. I see... And it actually helped a bit...
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  19. Just keep doing it, being consistent. Every time it happens if you do this, will cause it to happen less and less and eventually stop the voices. The voices will no longer work because you won't let them work by repeating this over them.
  20. And talking about the intrusive thoughts with someone or a psychiatrist can also help... I just got rid of some weird thoughts about food and people by talking about it... The food thoughts were like very weird nonsense thoughts about just saying things like "Mira's Haggis" for example. LOL. :D

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