Is the age of the Earth connected to Jesus' second coming?

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  1. I would like other's opinions on something that I have been looking into.

    Most young Earth believing Christians believe the Earth is just less than 6000 years old and base this belief on the dates listed in the Old Testament and add that to the almost 2000 years since Christ's death. Some Christians go further still and believe Jesus died on the 4000th year which was also the 80th Jubilee and because Jesus will reign for 1000 years when He returns, they believe that Jesus will return on the 6000th year, thus fulfilling a 7000 year plan that God is working to. This plan is believed not only by some Christians but also some Jews too. Here are just two examples of this belief that can be found on the internet:

    The reason I am taking this seriously is because of finding so many others who are now coming to a similar conclusion, such as this example that can also be found on the internet and as said they are not alone:

    The question I'm asking is, is this just another YK2000 false prophesy that was based on Christ’s birth or is it really God's plan? What do you think? Any further opinions and information would be helpful.
  2. Our Loving Brother Abdicate will be able to give you some insight in this area.
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  3. But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know and understand that its desolation has come near. And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars; and upon the earth [there will be] distress (trouble and anguish) of nations in bewilderment and perplexity [without resources, left wanting, embarrassed, in doubt, not knowing which way to turn] at the roaring (the echo) of the tossing of the sea, [Isa. 13:10; Joel 2:10; Zeph. 1:15.] Men swooning away or expiring with fear and dread and apprehension and expectation of the things that are coming on the world; for the [very] powers of the heavens will be shaken and caused to totter. And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with great (transcendent and overwhelming) power and [all His kingly] glory (majesty and splendor). [Dan. 7:13, 14.]
    Luke 21:20‭, ‬25‭-‬27 AMPC
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  4. I did a study from 1990 to 2010 to write on the chronology of man according to the word of God. According to my findings, Jesus started His ministry 4000 years from creation, which is what the Jews said Elijah taugh his students. Jesus died in 27 AD and started His ministry in 25 AD. When the 6000th year is complete, from creation that'll be 120 Jubilees, just as God said in Gen 6:3. So today isn't 5777 but 5992. Time will tell what that means.
  5. Just for the sake of conversation, the bottom line is that there is no verse in the Bible which causes you to accept a young earth as the only answer. The Bible does not say, "Thou shalt believe in a young earth." The fact is, no verse in the Bible makes any claims as to the age of the earth. All the so-called verses that young earth proponents point to can be interpreted by the reader to mean old or young. Also, the key doctrines of the Bible are not affected by either interpretation.

    The Bible teaches that death is the penalty for sin. The young earth proponent carries it one step further than the Bible teaches by adding their own belief that there was no physical death before sin. However, when Adam and Eve sinned, spiritual death was introduced, not physical death. It is clear from the fossil record that animal death has existed for a long time. True, Adam's sin did subject humanity to death, but it did not introduce physical death to the world. This mistaken belief is due to a misinterpretation of the Bible.
  6. Thank you for your reply, I have been looking into this as more and more Christians are coming to this conclusion and am wondering why there is not being made more fuss about it, especially considering that the last 7 years of Daniels prophesy would mean that we would be very close to the time when the Anti-Christ is supposed to take over the world. Just for arguments sake if you're right then that would be just next year! In my original post however I found 3 Christian's who have all independently calculated the 24th September 2029 as the day of Jesus return. Which is very interesting. I would like to hear if you have more thoughts on all of this as I am still trying to assess it all for myself. Do you have you own site where I can view your chronology? God bless.
  7. When I became a Christian I brought with me my old earth age beliefs but I soon had them challenged. For example what do you think Jesus meant when He said:

    John 10:35
    “The Scriptures cannot be discredited”.

    I take this to mean that Jesus believed in the entirety of the Old Testament and what do you believe Jesus meant when He said:

    Matthew 19:4
    "Haven't you read," he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,'

    I take this to mean that Jesus believed that the beginning of time was marked by the creation of the first people and what do you think God meant when He said:

    Genesis 1:5
    God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

    I take this to mean that the original Hebrew meaning for 'evening' and 'morning', which can only be interpreted as being a description of a 24 hour period and no longer, means that the first six days were all 24 hour periods and that this really was the first week at the beginning of time.

    There are masses of evidence to support a young Earth but scripture can't be discredited, and remember God can do anything. What do you think?
  8. Scripture is All that matters.
    God can not just do anything. He is bound by His own words and what He put into place. I am talking about here in this earth.

    Keep this topic according to scripture
    Otherwise it will get Shut Down.
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  9. I thought I was sticking to scripture:

    Matthew 19:26
    Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
  10. At the bottom of Abdicate post is the link to his website and blog. He has all of his research there.

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  11. Two things bro,
    Sticking to Scripture was Aimed at the entire thread for everyone. I just piggybacked off your post.

    Second the quote All things are Possible with God must be kept in context.
    This does not say God can do anything He wants. As in we never know what God is going to do, after all He works in mysterious ways and so forth.
    Those are not scriptures but religious folk lore.

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  12. Oh I see I thought when you replied to my post and quoted my words and responded to them specifically I thought you meant me personally but what you really meant was you were addressing everyone. Have I got that right?

    So you're saying that in context Matthew 19:26 'Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." - does not say God can do anything He wants. As in we never know what God is going to do, after all He works in mysterious ways and so forth. Those are not scriptures but religious folk lore.

    Can you please explain what you mean?

    Also, just to keep things to the OP; Do you have any thoughts on whether the age of the Earth is connected to Jesus' second coming? Thanks Bro.
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  13. No Sir that's not my cup of Scriptures.

    People tend to run and snag hold of this Scripture to explain away things.
    Far to many people live a No Fault Christianity. .... no matter what happens it's not my fault.

    I could go on much more but we can start a new thread for that.

    Blessings and your welcome
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  14. Sounds like it might be an interesting topic, should I start it or would you like to.
  15. Sounds like a plan !
    PM me and we can come up with a good title and a plan of direction.
    This way it will have a meaningful structure to it.

    Looking forward to it.
    Have a great day my brother
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  16. Well I didn't do the study to find out when Jesus returns. I'll leave that to your own conclusion. I did the study to see when He came the first time. Jesus was born on 15 Tishri which is what your 24 Sep 2029 falls on. To me, that means that date is "used" already. The only ones yet to be completed of the seven by Jesus are 1 Tishri (Feast of Trumpets) and 10 Tishri (Day of Atonement). But that's just my opinion.
  17. Jesus only had the Old Testament to go by which He incidentally wrote. :) Gen 1:5 speaks of polarization: positive energy, negative energy. Seeing how the Sun wasn't made until the 4th day, this "light" is the same word for "energy". If you look at the Hebrew, it's really quite accurate. "Day" means yom a period of time and sets things in motion (the Spirit brooded over the waters like a bird brooding over her nest), literally "lighting the match" as it were, starting time. "Night" means the opposite and literally means "to fold in" that is, to make hidden. God created the dynamics of "visible" and "things not seen". Another way to look at it is, this physical realm and the spiritual realm. Incidentally, "first" is not in the Hebrew because at that moment, there was nothing to use an ordinal number to compare it to. Therefore the word used is actually, one, meaning united. In another way, "the evening and the morning were united day." Two halfs, united into one. The rest of the days is in ordinal fashion: second, third, etc. because they were compared to the original united day. This is the same word used when God said "Our Lord God is One".

    Think about it for a second. The Christians preach Three Persons, the Jews say One, but Jesus said we are all One (united) in the Father. So the word one in the Shema (Deu 6:4) can be:

    Deut 6:4
    Hear, O Israel: Yehuah our God united Yehuah:

    By the way, never use "Jehova" because in Hebrew, that pronunciation literally means "God of Ruin". יהוה appears 5193 times. Because of this, Christians have used it to call upon "God" via "Jehovah". So what's the problem is actually pretty disturbing. First, no Jew, Karaite or Rabbinical will tell you how to pronounce it. It's been lost because of the traditions of man. After all, how can you call upon the name of the Lord, if you don't know it, a trick of the devil. Everyone does agree that "Je" is a Latin substitute for Ya/Ye meaning "God". However, if you look up Strong's number H1943, you'll see that HOVAH means "ruin". In other words, when you cry out to JEHOVAH, you're calling on the God of Ruin, translated also as mischief in the KJV. Who is the God of Mischief!? The one who stole the pronunciation of יהוה.
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  18. Yes this is what I'm talking about, others are doing what you have done and are coming to the same basic conclusion, okay so the dates may differ a little but the concept is the same and is being believed by more and more Christians. So can you tell me what kind of experience you have had when sharing your information and how long have you been sharing your conclusions?

    BTW you may be interested in this clip as it does relate to this subject (but I won't discuss here the name of Jesus that you've posted below, may be you could do a thread about that topic?):
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    Brothers and Sisters.
    When the Bible says it took God 6 days to create the earth, this is not and cannot be taken literally. The two verses below explains why.

    2 Peter 3:8
    But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.

    Psalm 90:4
    For a thousand years in Your sight Are like yesterday when it passes by, Or as a watch in the night.

    Psalm 39:5
    "Behold, You have made my days as handbreadths, And my lifetime as nothing in Your sight; Surely every man at his best is a mere breath. Selah.

    The Bible can be Literal when you think its figurative, and figurative when you think it is being literal. And for all we know, the thousand years mentioned could be figurative, meaning it might be millions of years.

    God just may have used evolution to create man. We just do not know how he did it. We do know God is not a magician. And he loves and respects knowledge coupled with wisdom and mercy.
  20. However God created man and the earth, lets accept the fact that he did it, and how it was done is not that important.
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