Is It Bad Or Sinful For A Christian To Be Interested In The Paranormal?

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Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No, there are only demons.

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  3. I believe in both ghosts and demons.

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  1. Yes its a sin. I used to be heavy in the occult: I read a book from the psychic Sylvia Brown, was into astrology and numerology, astral projection( thank God that never happened), crystal and indigo children, reincarnation.... man it was a lot...

    But in short, don't do it..its a gateway for the devil...
    I remember the bible saying to stone all doctors in the old testement..
    But all of it makes no sense, when God knows you more than any psychic ever could seeing as he made you...and 12 signs couldn't possibly encompass the personalities of trillion of people that have lived, are living and will live...

    Its madness, and now I realize that, and I hope you do too.
  2. Study of anything that is of the enemy is a great thing to do so that we can prepare ourselves for their attacks.

    Placing faith into the paranormal is not good for us.

    I'm all for examining how the enemy operates, just against uses its arts and devices.
  3. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in the Holy Ghost.
  4. The occult is an entry for Demons.....
    If you are curious - study accounts of true demon possessions - almost 100% were preceded by "dabbling" or practicing occult. Movies are not accurate - but there are many good eyewitness accounts...

    If you are "Under the Age of Accountability" towards God - then (Theoretically) your Father has the "Spiritual Standing" before God to allow or disallow submission to demonic forces..... In our "Enlightened" and "Scientific" age - this could go very badly.... because we don't "Believe in this sort of thing anymore".... so Dad hearing about or having weird thoughts about "Ghosts" or "Imaginary friends" and his Daughter may go completely un-noticed or ignored....

    On the question of demons and ghosts.... Put me down for both....
    Saul had Samuel's spirit "raised" by a Medium... so I wouldn't put "Ghosts" completely outside possibility....

  5. There is much scripture that reputes that Samuel was actually there.

    And it was by believing in this deception by a medium that showed how low Saul had sank in heresy to God.
  6. How can i stop the temptation to do such foolish things? For some really frightening reason, I think about using ouija boards. I know you cannot actually contact people who have passed on; but I believe Satan is placing such temptation in my heart. I do not really want to do it, but it interests me and draws me in. Same with horror can I stop this?? I feel so wrong and filthy!
  7. You're contradicting yourself.
  8. Why are you interested in it?
  9. I am mot sure...I guess I just think its interesting, and sort of "forbidden", you know what I mean? I guess since everyone says its so bad and terrible, that just makes me more interested.
  10. You sure it's not more of an interest in 'seeing is believing'?
  11. I know demons, the Devil and the like exist...but maybe that could be part of it, too. I cannot pinpoint the exact reasons why I am drawn to things like that. That is part of the reason why I believe Satan is putting temptation into my heart.
  12. I don't think Satan can put temptations directly in your heart. He is only so powerful, God still controls him. I suggest trying to distract yourself from this paranormal stuff because it won't do you any good. You might just be bored and that's why you're staying stuck on the whole paranormal thing. You're really young and you said you love God and the Word, maybe join a class and learn Hebrew or Ancient Greek so you can read the Bible in it's original language, that would be cool. That is just a suggestion, but you know just find other stuff to think about and do so that you can get your mind off of this.
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  13. Thank you for your suggestions. :)
  14. No problemo. Alright well I gotta go to sleep. Nite.
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  15. Oh I forgot, I just wanted to add this, you could also join the choir at your church if you like to sing or even the band if you play an instrument or if you want to learn how to play an instrument you're still pretty young so you could do that too. Basically just volunteer and do things you're interested in and you should be fine. Just take advantage of the church for the time being, talk to the older people, they usually have a lot of wisdom and just practice your social skills with them. Also with your mom, maybe just tell her the reason you don't like going to the church is because there's no one your age. Even if she doesn't want to leave the church I would hope she still understands where you're coming from. Alright, well i'll be praying for you. Now G'nite! :)
  16. I know why. Harry Potter and Twilight!! ;)

    Thinking about the spiritual realm is nice because it takes our minds off reality. My advice would be to pursue a real relationship with Jesus. His comforting presence is supernatural. Phil 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    The fallen angels are real. But they are selfish and hate you. It is simply silly to entertain them / give them the time of day. If you are a Christian, you will also see nothing of them. God protects us always...especially when we are young and naïve (no offence).
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  17. Study of what the enemy does is not the same as doing what the enemy does.

    Like in any war, we need intelligence of enemy methods and movements. We gather that data by study of the enemy. We know how they operate to combat them.

    This is a spiritual war we are engaged in. If we do not KNOW what the arts and devices are, we cannot tell who is friend or foe.

    We inspect fruit. If bad we pitch it, good keep it. But if we cannot know good from bad we cannot inspect.

    We know evil because we examine it.

    It is not a contradiction to know your enemy and not use his methods.

    Recognise evil, but do not fight evil with evil. Do not use the arts and devices of your enemy. Or you WILL become the enemy.
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    You only need to know good to avoid evil, this happens through reading the Bible and the Holy spirit. We are taught to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. I do agree on studying other religions in order to be able to better evangelize, etc... so I know what you're saying, I just disagree that we need to study evil in order to know it's evil.
  19. True.

    Do you know how bank tellers are taught to identify the hundreds of types of counterfeit money?

    They are taught to recognize the real thing, then any fake becomes immediately obvious.
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  20. Bank tellers in the states use pens that are reactive to the inks and linen material that makes a bill.

    So they use something other than just a comparison.

    These pens were made to know that the inks and materials used in counterfeit will not react right.

    They used intel on the bad guys to help catch them.

    Learning the tactics of your foe is prudent. Just never stoop to their arts, lest you become the thing you despise.

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