Is It Bad Or Sinful For A Christian To Be Interested In The Paranormal?

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Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No, there are only demons.

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  3. I believe in both ghosts and demons.

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  1. I have always been interested in the paranormal. I am fascinated by the experiences people have. But I feel like being interested in paranormal things may be distancing me from The Lord.

    I'm not sure why I am intrigued by ghost stories or encounters. I guess the thought of interacting with supernatural beings and the mysteries around paranormal subjects captures my interest. I would never consider using any ghost hunting devices (Ouija boards, ghostboxes, etc), but watching other people use them fascinates me.

    Is it bad, sinful, or evil of me to have an interest in the subject? Would it be safe for me to continue watching sessions where people try to interact with supernatural beings, even if I would never try anything they do myself?

    Thank you for reading this, and thanks in advance for any and all answers.

    I've also added a poll, just to see how this community feels and/or believes. :)
  2. Hello friend. The problem with the "paranormal" is that it is demon manifestations. It is darkness. And as children of the light we should be studying the word of God and growing closer to Him.

    There are people who study this type of stuff but they keep it in a biblical context. There are not ghosts but demons masquerading as "familiar spirits"

    How long have you been a believer?
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  3. What? There are no such things as Ghost. How old are you? Ouija board is a game something, whatever, distributed by Hasbro.......
    how old are you, seriously. Depending on your age, we go from there.
  4. Her profile says she's 14.
  5. Correct! Yet another ploy by the devil to divert our attention away from God!
  6. I will admit, there is a morbid curiosity surrounding the paranormal, I used to be the same way you are. However, when I came to the Lord, there were no more such things as ghosts, friendly spirits of little children who want to play, etc, there were spirits of light and spirits of darkness. Ghosts are no more than another ploy by the devil to make us stray away from God and when confronted with a spirit, test the spirit to see if it is of God (John 4:1).

    Ouija boards, ghost boxes, dibbuk boxes etc are not ghost hunting material, rather these are occult type paraphernalia. Ghost hunting material consists of EMF (electro-magnetic force) and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) equipment as well as thermo devices, cameras etc.

    So back to your original question; is interest in the paranormal bad or sinful, it can be and for most people interested in it, it probably is. Most of the stuff people are doing when it comes to the supernatural is not scriptural; they are glorifying these spirits when they should be glorifying God. When we receive the Holy Spirit, however, the Spirit gives us different spiritual gifts (Romans 12:6-7). If the HS has given you the gift of discerning spirits, then ask God to use His Spirit to guide you to grow and follow the path that is laid out for you. Read books from those who can discern spirits (take heed though, makes sure what they’re saying is scriptural), go into a mentorship with a local church member, etc, if it is in fact God’s will.

    Remember, glorify God, not demonic spirits! God bless.
  7. 14?

    OK, then she needs Allie or someone. I can't help here or even equipped to help her.
  8. The more you know about Jesus, the lesser you will be interested in these things.. And you will find the real answer whether these things actually exists or not.. Fix your eyes on Jesus Christ, the Author, Finisher and Perfecter of our faith
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  9. We're all equipped, it's all in the delivery (y). I just hope she's not a 'one and done' poster and doesn't follow up :unsure:
  10. Exactly, I agree. No ghosts, no demons, no angels and no gods.
  11. I think we can all be a great light and initial contact for the Lord. I have more than once though given someone over to someone else to help. Not because we lack knowledge, but I am equipped and gifted to help certain people, and others are equipped to help other types of people. I can't be a ear and a eye and a foot and a hand in the body of Christ. I can bee a good foot though, and direct others to other members that are better equipped and anointed to do something.

    Now if someone is past their crying phase and ready to get in faith and believe God, I can help greatly. If someone is still in the poor me phase, I have this issue and that, then best they go to someone else.

    Wow TubbyTubby............... Where you come from..........really? Your right though, it's not gods........... One Lord God and One Lord Jesus Christ by whom all things were made and consist.

    Be happy :)
  12. Indeed!

  13. I came from the 3rd rock from the sun .

    And I mean ALL gods, all thousands upon thousands of 'em that we made up through the eons. They all come from the same place as fairies, pixies, hobbits, angels and giants.
  14. Maybe start your own thread and we can talk about it?! Until then, please hold off on hijacking this one ;)
  15. Ok, point taken.

    On topic, is it bad for a christian to be interested in the paranormal?

    I would say a resounding no, considering faith is based on the paranormal anyway.
  16. I think we have different dictionaries :)
  17. Maybe my mate, paranormal, supernatural, mythology all boils down to the same for me though.
  18. Thanks you are not helping. If she came to a Christian forum and is inquiring about sin, I think you can leave this up to us. Why are you here tubby? You said curiosity... So why are you giving a 14 year old girl advice about the supernatural?
  19. paranormal = Devils acting stupid.

  20. I didn't know the poster was a 14 year old girl, however if my children (9 years & 10 years) were to ask me about the supernatural then I would tell them exactly the same. In fact I have told them the same many years ago - there is no thing as ghosts and spirits and pixies and gods.

    So I have no regrets for my comment, sorry that you feel I was out of place and I'll leave this thread to you.

    I teach my kids how to think, not what to think.

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