I hate college...

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  1. I hate college...

    This is more of a vent or a prayer request or something-but I can't stand college. There are so many temptations first of all. "You don't drink? And you call yourself a college student?? Why don't you enjoy being young while you still are??"

    And then there's the cliques that I thought were done by high school.

    And being a Christian and hanging around Christians made me so sensitive to profanity/suggestive jokes. I cringe when I hear it now, and I never used to. And I'm in an acting class where there is a whole lot of profanity-whether it's in the scene or whether it's people using it for no reason.

    And the biggest thing is I can't even find a nice guy. They're nowhere it seems. Trying to find a nice man who is true to the Lord and who doesn't make sexual jokes and who doesn't drink is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I hate to be stereotypical but [most] young guys are idiots. And they're always only looking for a certain type of girl. And I feel so lonely and left out sometimes.

    This is a terrible place to be a Christian. It's so hard.
  2. I would like to point out that I AM a girl...lol...people keep mistaking me as a guy cause of my misleading name...and I know that I talked about dating men in my original post so I just wanted to clear that up lol.

  3. NP sis! Find yourself a nice young adult Christian group to socalize with!
  4. Hey Iheartlarrythecucumber,
    I am a college student also. I am surrounded by drinking, smoking, and partying. I was asked a week or so ago why was I in college if I didn't do any of that stuff. My answer is simple... it ain't worth it. I've been in the world long enough and it has nothing I want.The love of God means more to me than a wild night out. To keep form being bored to death here I had to join a Christian ministry on campus and get invovled. I hang out with the Christians I have met here. Just hang in there. You know you're not alone and when things get hard just go to God. He'll help you and guide you. Remember God wants what's best for you and love you. Just give all your frustration and just trust Him. May God bless ya real good.

  5. Good morning ! Happy Saturday! I just want to say how fortunate it is that you know Jesus and how wonderful your walk is at this age.
    I went to college for one year , then quit to get married. and yes 12 years later ended up divorced.

    I know we at times have negative thoughts in our heads. But I encourage you to look at this time in your life as an opportunity to use the gifts the good Lord gave you. When you get out of bed, thank God first and foremost for waking up another day and being able to share his word. Ask God to guide you that morning. Ask God to put people in your life that you can share with and uplift and ask God to put people in your life that can continue to uplift you and strengthen your walk with him. You will be amazed at how your day goes and what people will come in your path!

    There are alot of hurting students on campus. Ones that do not know Jesus. How awesome God has put you there to be a messenger of his word. When walking to class , look around you, get into the habit of watching others. You will see many that are walking around with their heads down and no bounce to their step. Give them a smile, give them a hello. You have something within yourself that so many others do not.
    When people start to see the shining light and glow you have they will be drawn to you.

    Do look for opportunities to get involved in Christian ministry opportunities that are there. I moved to a new apartment last May. It is on the main street of where there is a campus. At night, I hear the drunken students outside, I pray for them. I get out of bed and see them walking down the street. The other night , there was 8 boys staggering and being loud, a short distance behind them walked one single girl. I thought what a bad scene that was. There she was, with her tight jeans and heels, following them down the street.

    Yes there is great temptations out there at campus and in all of our own worlds. But rely on the Lord and his strength. Stay in his walk. Do not veer off on your own path or the dark path of others.. it only leads to death in many ways..

    You are a special child of God. He has created you. Rejoice in his love.
    I am so proud of you! You are an awesome young woman!

    Have a super week-end!

  6. I was lucky to find my friends who stick up for me. Sister, don't listen to anyone who will drag you off. Bless you!
  7. Here is a word in season- do all things as unto the Lord. No matter where He has you, no matter what situation He put you in do all as unto Him. That means your absolute best at all times as He is worthy of no less, this spirit of excellence will shine in your life and give you much favor.
  8. So, I'm guessing it's a secular college?

    Those can be so bad. :(
  9. Indeed LOTR, many secular colledges have a purposeful agenda to destroy faith in God. Higher learning- I don't think so- it is a fool who says in his heart there is no God. Or as a man of God once said " what you have here is one fallen head instructing another fallen head". Guard your heart my sister.
  10. Hey there!!!:D

    I used to hate college, too...my mom told me, "You're going to hate being broke and poor a lot more than you're going to hate this!" (she went to college with me).

    You don't drink!? Live and be young while you still can...you know, the more you drink the faster you age. Honey, alcohol might pickle and preserve some things...but we're not one of them. Later on in life, when the people who drank are suffering the consequences (I'm one of them), you'll be able to enjoy life to the fullest by participating in sports or being active in ways that others can't. 'sides, going to college should mean gaining things to store in your brain cells...not killing them off.:eek:

    IHL - cliques were over after high school. Those that are still trying to hang onto the childish ideals of a teenager are the kind of people you should steer clear of. Or at least I did, hah!:)

    Even after college, you're going to hear profanity. It's everywhere, and people don't even realize they use it today. But the amazing gift is that you don't use it. God knows this. He sees your heart. Whenever you hear a swear word, think: "Father, thank you that it wasn't me who felt the need to use that word!" Mean it in your heart. Be grateful that you know better. Your little light is going to shine, and other people will notice that and want to be like you.

    ...and you're so, so wrong. Most young guys are idiots? You couldn't be more wrong, I'm sorry. But most guys are idiots, period! :) We're going to be idiots when we're young, and we'll just get even more idioter as the years go on. No, seriously...stop looking. Go to church, put your faith in your Father in heaven. When it's time, you're going to find the right guy - he's going to find you. You won't be able to miss each other.;)

    Being a Christian is hard anywhere, my dear little friend. It lasts a lifetime, but you can make it easier by letting go. Give God some of it, He can take it. But NOT being a Christian is going to be harder for a lot, lot, lot longer.

    God bless you, IHL - you're still doing okay!:)
  11. Dear friend,
    I would like to encourage you se much... I understand how you feel. My first year on college was very similar to what you describe. I studied a teacher training college, so we were only girls in the class. And all the time i had to listen to "hi, have you already heard about my boyfrieng?" or "are you going to the pub with us?". And at home I cried and cried because it was so hard! Finally everybody knew that I am a Christian, that I do not drink, that I am not having sex before the wedding... The worse was, that the girls made fun of God. But as I started praying for them, I started feelig sorry for their hopeless lifes and for them. I prayed for them to find Jesus, to be forgiven. Soon after that there were some opportunities to speak about my faith and they were not mocking at it. One girl came to me and asked: "How can I be sure of God´s love to me?" Some others came to our church youth meeting. I prayed for them still and a few times I could pray for them personally, they just came and told me about their problems and asked me for a prayer!

    Please, do not give up. Pease, pray for them... you may be the only christian they will ever meet! If I did nit be different and did not suffer at the beginning, they would never find out that I am a christian and none of them would come to church or read the Bible or pray with me!

    And God´s promise is: I am with you.
  12. Jos 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
  13. Hi! Hang in there. It has always been hard showing someone you are a Christian instead of just saying you are.:cool:
  14. Whirlwind-Thanks so much. The Guys Are Idiots thing made me laugh.

    Thanks everyone. It's so comforting to find people who understand!!!
  15. See? I'm 38 and I'm still a idiot! Hee hee hee.

    If I could do college all over again - I would.

  16. Hi IHeartLarrytheCucumber, I just want to ask you how things are going. Is it better?
  17. I loved college. I even went to a secular one. Of course, the thing that helped was that there was a very active InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) on campus. I reaped the benefit of the intense spiritual warfare that had gone on there two or three years prior to my arrival. Is there an IVCF on campus, or a similar christian fellowship group? Even a few good Christian friends are a tremendous help. Maybe some of the local churches have a college age group where you could meet other Christian college students, hopefully some from your college.
  18. Oh come on! It's not all that bad! You have friends, right? you have fun with them!!!

    don't be so negative, see the bright sides of it all. Really, it's really not that bad! You just have to do this, you hav got to, so just mkae the best of it. If you keep thinking about it as something from hell, yes, then it won't be a nice time. But since you have no choice, make the best of it and enjoy it.

    Now as for the drinking, it is not a temptation if you don't want it. You might just take a sip and then you'll see you're not missing out on anything, because it is soooooo gross! You'll see that it's better not to drink anything. And besides that, I don't drink, it's against what I stand for, but people ask me when I tell them: "Oh my gosh, you don't drink? Pff you're so strange... everyone does it! You should too..." but you know what, I can have fun with just a (DIET ;)) coke, I don't NEED alcohol and I don't want it.

    And for the man issues: There's a world outside college... when you just go to the mall, church (if you go) or wherever you go, you can meet nice men... it's not like you've GOT to meet someone in your college, do you?

    But seriously, pull yourself together and make the best of it because thinking like you do is wrong.

  19. That is some very good advice.:)

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