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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Zillions, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. I am new on this forum. I have joined other christian forums also. I guess that I just am hooked! LOL I look forward to making good christian friends and great fellowship. Something that is so needed in the churches but people seldom really find. :)
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  2. This is my second reply to you Zillions. Don't know what happened to the first one!!!!! So I'll say again welcome:)
  3. Hey Zillions :)
    I'm interested in how you got your name :)
  4. Same here :) Welcome to CFS!
  5. Zillions welcome to the forums...

    Hope you are blessed here a zillions times :)

  6. Vision 1 LOL a hundred times over! I am with more than one christian forum and sometimes may not remember just what or how many times I've posted! xspinning in response to your question I picked that name because one day I would like for God to make me a mulit-zillionaire, not to consume it upon my own lust, but to help myself and others. Sometimes I will even answer my phone with Multi-Zillionaire speaking! LOL I thank everybody for their wonderful, such warm welcome! I am glad to be here and blessed also!
  7. Welcome to the forum zillions - you will find wonderful fellowship here :)
  8. Welcome, welcome to ya, Zillions. I hope you make many a friend on here. You're right about people not making many friends in church these days.
  9. Hi Zillions, welcome to our forums. Hope you have a great time here. God bless you.
  10. welcome bro!
  11. Wecome to CFS Zillions! I to am about of a few christian forums and this one is defiantly the most personal and best in my opinion. Look forward to the fellowship. See ya around here!
  12. Hello. Great to have you here. I hope you will be a blessing to all.


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