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    No, my cats name is Silversocks, because he is silvery grey and has white socks. (hubby named him)
    My name has a story behind it!
    I made friends with a wonderful lady on forum A, and she introduced me to forum B. I complained one day that forum B was just a lot of fluff, no real meat in it. But strange thing is, I couldnt stay away from forum B! (there are jewels in all that fluff, you just have to dig for it) So one day, I wrote my friend and said "Just call me Fluffy, because I cant stay away!" Well, it seemed like a good name, so I kept it! ha![​IMG]

    P.s. love your graphics!
  2. Hey, GraceAnn! Wonderful to meet you! I see you like smilies, too! Arent they great?[​IMG]

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