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  1. :Howdy!

    Howdy, ya'll! Hey! This is my first post in this forum! yay!
    Hi. My name is Fluffy. I like coffee, chocolate, and am addicted to smilies.[​IMG]
    I am really looking forward to spending some time here, getting to know new people and talking about Jesus! yay! [​IMG]
  2. Hi Fluffy! What a cute name! So, which part of Texas do you "hail" from? I'm in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area! Welcome to the forum. You will find there are a lot of good and highly opinionated people here, starting with me (the opinionated part, anyway!:D)

  3. Hi Fluffy,
    You are most welcome.
    I am sure you will find the forum a blessing.
    If you need any help just ask we are a friendly bunch.
  4. WELCOME!!!
    I am very glad to meet you!


  5. Laura is very good! :)
  6. Wwhheeerree Ya At Fluffy- Welcome To Our Cfs Family!:d
  7. Thanks for the welcome, ya'll! I come from the West part of Texas. Somewhere between Abilene, Lubbock, San Angelo and El Paso! We call ourselves the Crossroads of West Texas!
    Hey, Violet! Where did you get that smiliey? Love it![​IMG]Have you ever seen this one? [​IMG] I would love to have it embroidered on something!
  8. Hi, Fluffy. :) I noticed in another thread that you said you take care of your grandchildren. How many do you have?

    Welcome to the forum.

    West Texas is nice. Very isolated and lots of good people. I used to live out there.
  9. Hi and Welcome Fluffy! I'm Nikki and also new to this site.
  10. [​IMG]
    hey hope you like it here on the forums
  11. I'm new here too!

    FLUFFY! You made it and beat me to it! I'm SO glad to see you here! And to see such a warm welcome for you as well!

    I, also, am looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful post-ers here! From what I've seen at CFS so far - there is so much to learn about our Lord through the folks here at CFS!

    Praise God for fellowship among the saints of God - and the ability to span the globe through the internet!

    Have a blessed day, Fluffy and the rest of CFS!!!

  12. Ermm hello.. welcome :D
  13. Yay! My friend is here! Ya'll are gonna love her! Good to see ya, Beenblessed! Hello,Excessum![​IMG]
  14. Hey, Bookworm! So far, I have three grandsons. The oldest,(two)lives up near Dallas, so I dont see him much. The one just turning 1 yrs old this week lives in my town, but his dad's job takes him out of town for weeks at a time. The two month old lives with us until his parents can get on thier feet. Yay! I get to cuddle all I want![​IMG]
    I know what you mean about west texas! Good people, and lots of space! I heard it said one time that you can look as far as the eye can see, and see a whole lot of nothing!hee! No, really, God made this part of the world beautiful in its own way.
    I'm looking forward to good fellowship here![​IMG]

  15. Aw, Fluffy! You're so generous with your sweet words! I pray I live up to them! Thanks!

  16. Hi, Fluffy!
    Welcome to the forum! It's a pleasure meeting you!
    Blessings to you!
  17. Thanks Ya'll, for the welcome! I really think I am going to like it here![​IMG]
  18. I hope you do.. despite people like me here. :)
  19. [​IMG]]

    Fluffy..... can I ask you a question? Is that the name of your cat ? Cause my name is one of my cats... Dusty. Anyways great to meet you.
  20. welcome FLUFFY!!!!:):cool::p:eek::D:jesus-cross::dance::heart::blink::blush::jealous::king::snitch::eek:hno01::welcome:

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