How To Trust God?

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  1. I have a big problem with that, I hear many people say just believe in him and that s so hard for me to do because I don't know how to do it to begin with. Nothing terrible has happened to me so I have no idea why I struggle with trusting God and ppeople. I also have a hard rime letting God control things in my life, I really need help in this area, please help.
  2. Depending on your personal emotional makeup "trusting" in someone you can't see or speak to in any plain fashion
    can be difficult.
    As far as trusting people goes, I don't, don't trust them any farther than I can throw an elephant. I trust people
    to do what is in their own best interest (with some caution thrown in for acts of stupidity) and no more.

    I've had plenty of "terrible things happen", but I don't know if that helps or hurts faith in people, I've seen
    various reactions to times of distress. When I found out I had cancer it was more mild surprise than anything else.
    I've seen others that go into a more or less permanent panic.

    With God, He has never let me down. It's not that I always get what I ask for, often I don't, but I get what
    is "best for me at the time".
    When I was younger and dead tired of trying to find a wife, I gave up and put it in His hands and said "Find me a wife
    or a monastery, I don't care which." A year later I was married (and still am).

    I collect rare plants, and at times I have asked for seeds that are essentially unavailable,
    and shortly, they will be available, not free, not without some hassle, but available.
    At work, things go smoothly with no real effort on my part, at home, my family is healthy and happy (more or less),
    and problems that arise tend to work themselves out in time.

    Thank God for what you have, be patient, have a little faith, and things will work themselves out (in time).
  3. Wow thanks Glo, Um terribly sorry you have cancer ... You seemed to handle it so well, I probably would have passed out. Idk Its just hard for me to put certain things in God's hand, idk I guess bc I just want to be in control. What you said really did help, esp the emotional make up thing, Im gonna look into that more. But so far the only things I trust are animals, theyre so kind and non judgemental, thinking about getting one soon, anywho thanks for your answer :)
  4. Thankfully it was "had" cancer. I was diagnosed with 4th stage colon cancer in December 2005. The funny thing was the doctor
    freeking out thinking I was going to break down at the news. When I heard it was more like "well that explains the symptoms".
    I had a very good surgeon, good oncologist, and oddly enough a well behaved tumor. I wouldn't wish chemo on anyone, happily
    slept through most of it. So far, I appear to be cured. Either way, no biggy, I have no fear of death, I have friends on the other side.

    Funny thing, during my treatment I had lots of time to think. The one thing I missed most was having a cat. So once I was able I started
    looking for a kitty, and there he is (my avatar), best cat I've ever had.
  5. Wow, you have a good emotional make up, youre really calm, and im glad you don't have cancer anymore . How do you not fear death, thats my worst fear. :/
  6. I've been told I have the patience of stone. Guess it comes from a rural background and farming
    in my youth, it teaches patience. As far as death goes, why fear the inevitable? Sooner or later it's going
    to happen, so plan ahead. Get right with God, (as best a person can) and don't worry. When my grandfather
    was dying he knew he would be going soon and was quite pleased with going home. I have a Great
    Advocate (Jesus) and plenty of other friends on the other side, so it'll be like a reunion.
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  7. Good stuff to live by my friend!

    God bless you!
  8. :D Love this quote!
  9. I want you to think about some examples.

    1) If I was your friend. I became your friend only because we share college classes and have a mutual interest in bird watching. Would you suddenly trust me to look after your 1 year old baby for a day?

    2) If I became your friend after defending you against people who were mocking you. Would you suddenly trust me with your 1 year old baby for a day?

    3) If I became your friend after jumping in front of you to save you from a bullet. Would you suddenly trust me with your 1 year old baby?

    People have to earn trust. God and Jesus have already earned it! Does someone who has given their life for you not deserve your complete trust?

    The issue I think is more a case of belief. We need to judge ourselves. Are we a Christian? Why are we a Christian?

    Firstly we need to clarify that God does not and never will control us. It is more a case of us choosing to submit His will.

    One-day I hope you will do things for your husband out of love and respect for him. Not committing adultery to helping him with his dirty shoes. Are we in an arranged union (marriage) with God reading the bible as nothing more then an instruction manual on how to be a good partner or a union by our own choice, reading the bible as letters from the one who has our heart?
  10. This is what I read in the Holy Bible. I hope this will help "trusting God."

    1. Can you hold/control yourself "not leaning unto your own understanding in reading the Holy Bible?"

    Prov 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

    2. Can you control yourself not trusting anybody on matters pertaining to God?

    Jer 17:5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm...

    3. Are you aware of your deceitful emotion? Avoid it:

    Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    I have not heard preachers citing the foregoing taboos.

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