How Should I Begin Reading The Bible?

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  1. I've always wanted to read the bible from start to finish, but have yet to accomplish this. What are good ways to motivate myself to start, have a better understanding of it, and apply it's teachings to life?
  2. That is a hard question. Hopefully this will help you!

    First off the Bible is a collection of books. 66 books in the protestant version. 39 Old testament and 27 New testament. There are books and programs for a daily reading, some designed to read the Bible from cover to cover in a year! Also you can start by chosing a book and studying it. There are also study bibles which are of a great help. As for a simple start trying Genesis in the OT and pick any of the 4 Gospels in the NT. I would suggest Luke followed by acts. I hope this helps!
  3. Get yourself a big cup of hot chocolate, a fold out chair, and open your Bible to Genesis 1:1.

    If some of it sounds over your head, I suggest you have the teaching books from Dr. J. Vernon McGee at your side.
    Of all the Bible teachers I have known, he is the very best at explaining things in a down to earth manner.
  4. You may consider getting 4 bookmarks. Use one beginning with Genesis, one in Psalms, one in Proverbs & one beginning in Mathew. Whatever you feel led to read that day, go to that bookmark. You will eventually read the entire bible this way.
  5. No matter how or where you start, always begin with prayer in a quiet place. Do not read it like a novel, but meditate on the words, each one. You'll be amazed what you'll learn. Read it to understand what its trying to convey. Don't rush through it like a speed reading contest :) You'll be richly rewarded by the Holy Spirit. When you want to get in the weeds on some of the words and phrases, get the free program from It has all versions including paleo-Hebrew (ancient) dictionary.
  6. There is reading and there is studying. I don't feel like studying is useful until you get a feel for the stories and the way they are laid out.
    I tried over and over again to read the bible but couldn't do it because I would stop every time I didn't understand something and look it up. I found out really quickly that it would take me forever to read it that way.

    I have a Bible app on my phone as well as an audio bible. I read the bible on my phone when I have a few minutes and I listen to the audio bible when I'm laying in bed or mowing the lawn.

    I read my physical bible when I'm at home and have time.

    I generally just make a note of things I don't understand and a few times a week I go back and try to figure out what those verses meant.

    The Bible has so much content that it's easy to get frustrated. Just try to read as much as you can a day and you will make your way through it.
  7. May I suggest getting a "reading" type bible. Like one in NLT for example. Some find delving in the KJV today rather turgid at best and time consuming.
  8. I actually really like the NLT. The NIV or NLT is a good bible to start with when you're trying to make a habit of reading daily. If you're a more experienced reader you can also go with the HCSB, which is supposed to be a more literal translation but smoother than the NASB or ESV.
  9. One page at a time!
  10. Maybe do a Journey thread on here. Every time you read the bible, post what you learned in your journey thread. Then we can all help and encourage you to keep going!
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  11. Start reading the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.

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