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    Also, how does two people being homosexual effect you in any way? If you so strongly believe it's wrong, then let God sort it out, it's not your job to do his judging.
    Any time a Christian quotes from the word of God, that Christian is letting God be the judge.​
    My daughter is a lesbian. It breaks my heart to know that, unless she will repent, she will have no part in the Kingdom of God.​
  2. Do not underestimate the power of prayer, especially that of a parent. God does not want anybody to perish and that is a promise we can underline in scripture. As long as she knows the truth of what scriptures say about homosexuality, all you can do is love her and continue to pray and fast for her.

    Our part as Christians is to proclaim the truth to people and then let the Holy Spirit do the rest. We cannot convert anybody, that is God's doing. All we are required to do is to live a life that reflects Christ, preach the gospel and show our love for one another.
  3. Often as Christians when we are confronted with homosexuality we fine tune our evangelism on that one particular sin. We hammer home the point that homosexuality is a terrible sin (which it is) but we forget, or neglect to tell the people about the gospel. We tell homosexuals that they will go to hell if they do not repent, yet we fail to tell them about Jesus, the basics of the gospel and God's eternal plans and purposes. Maybe if we can lead them to accept, understand and acknowledge God's grace and love for us and get them to obey the first command (Love Your God) which is probably the most important command then maybe, just maybe the Holy Spirit will start to convict them (just like He does to us) about their other sins.

    I am not condoning or watering down the sinfulness of homosexuality but we need to see the homosexual as a person who God loves and as a person God wants to be saved. There are other sins just as serious as homosexuality which we encounter everyday, yet we do not throw nearly the same amount of judgement at. Sins like arrogance (scriptures says arogance is worse than idolatory), pride, lies, lack of love etc.
  5. I've only talked to her once about this. I broke down in tears. She knows I love her and pray for her all the time. My pastor and the entire church is praying for us. I only hope the illness that I have does not take me, before she will come to repentance. She's thirty now, but she's still my baby girl.
  6. I will pray with you brother.

    Tell her about Jesus, tell her how He loves her and died for her. God knows your heart, have peace that she is in God's hands.
  7. She was raised in church. In fact, she attended a private Christian school through the eighth grade. I can't help but think she needs psychiatric help. Her mother, God rest her soul, was not right in the head. And mental illness runs in my family. I think the lack of sleep, caused by MRSA, has got me a little touched.

    I truly appreciate your prayers. I know God can fix this. I just hope he will.
  8. Sorry to hear Dave. Praying hard for you and her!

    We are to judge all things but not condemn. It is important that your daughter sees your preaching to her as judgement of discerning. Someone close to me went lesbian. It hurts so much because you fear for them going to hell. We all just know that it is an extreme evil to continue in it. All you can do is stand for the truth and be there for her as a father as long as you are around. Remember you may not always think it, but your words are able to strike home purely because she is your daughter. Don't keep quiet! Don't condemn her! Don't condone it!
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  9. Would you be reacting in the same way had you found out your daughter was a compulsive liar who had built her life and gained a high position in a company based on a web of lies and deciet? What if your daughter was a thief who liked shoplifting or she enjoyed sleeping with a different man every week? Would you still be coming on to a forum and making these same comments?

    Humans grade sin, we see it in our laws and ever changing morals within society. Christ told us that just thinking about something is same as killing them, so to God, just getting annoyed with someone and thinking "I hate you" is no different to someone walking into a school and killing a couple of dozen children with a gun.

    Your daughter is homosexual, but I say so what, no I have not been brainwashed by militant homosexuals, quite the opposite in fact, I refuse to play into thier hands by not making such an issue or fuss about it. As our social morales change, they also effect our law and government , which has a knock on effect with the other great institutions of family ,church and eduction. Over past 50 years or so the homosexual movement has managed to turn evil into good in eyes of society, which of course is now coming into legal effect in the Western world, the result, a new battleground to attack the Church and Christianity.

    Homosexual movement is the main battleground in the attack against God and Christians. As a result we see a mass hysteria emerging on both sides, to point where a Christian hearing someone is homosexual, then act as if they are standing in front of Satan himself, which of course just simply gives more ammunition to all the enemies of God, which allows them to shout BIGOT and claim "A God who hates me for what I am is not a God I want to know" and so on. Christians must stop playing into these peoples hands.

    Your daughter will be going to hell for rejecting Christ, not for being homosexual. There are many Christians who are still involved with homosexual relationships, if they are going to hell for doing that, then we are all going to Hell and heaven will be very empty place, because if one Christian who has accepted Christ is then shut out for committing a sin, then we all will equally guilty and equally barred from heaven, as I already have shown at the start of this post that we all sin everyday and that God does not grade sin, instead guide people to know Christ and walk in his shadow and along his path, its only then people can break addictions and be freed from sin.
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  10. I have to disagree. The people of Nineveh were spared because they immediately stopped and repented. Nobody in Sodom and Gomorrah can be expected in heaven. There are extremities of sin for Christians. Continuing in homo-sexuality shows the flesh and its lusts are in complete control. If my wife watches porn its bad. If my wife commits adultery once-off it is very bad. If my wife commits adultery everyday for 6 months and on-going with no desire to end....it is terrible, she is gone, I will have no doubt about divorce. Likewise with God. We need to discern the level of inner rebellion! I hope that it is a '''phase'' and she will come out of it and repent hard.

    1 Cor 6:3, Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?
  11. You obviously did not read the end of my post.
    A genuine beleiver and person who grows to know Christ will be transformed and will end up being freed from addiction and sinful behaviour. We all have our weaknesses of the flesh, homosexuality is no different from battling against addiction to other sexual behaviour or addiction to drugs or drink. I know of a number of people who came to know Christ, they continued to live for years in homosexual relationships, but eventually they broke free from it, some people its instant, some its a life long struggle.

    A unbeliever is going to hell for rejecting Christ not for being a homosexual. If they do accept Christ and continue, yes we can support them in breaking free of it, but to then beat them over the head daily that they must give up instantly as they are going to go to Hell even if they have accepted Christ, will simply drive many from the arms of God back into Satan.

    I am not a fan of senarios, but in this case I will induldge. A homosexual has a life long partner and have even got married, he then finds out God is real and Jesus is real, he accepts Christ on the spot, for next two weeks he still makes love to his partner, then dies , is he going to Hell?

    There is a distinct difference between using the Once Saved Always Saved theology as an excuse to continue enjoying the things people do and, those who are genuinally trying to give up but continually give in on a daily basis, but I then have to question people who continue to live in that lifestyle using OSAS as an excuse, are they genuine believers?
  12. Hey Agricola, I don't completely disagree with you ;). I underlined the only part I wanted to address.
    I agree! I don't believe you can be a Christian and homo-sexual at the same time. A Christian may have a ''once-off' big mistake. Heck, maybe 20 once off 'big' mistakes. But to continue in it, no way!

    When we get saved sin loses its hold on us. The ''big'' sins fall off completely! Which is why for a Christian to commit a 'big' sin is a very big issue! It is completely against our new nature.
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  13. Problem is we can get too hung up on the long term plan instead of the short one, get people to come to know Christ first, deal with the other issues of their lifestyle afterwards, this is point I was trying to get across to davelou.
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  14. Amen. In Dave's case it is tricky though as she has been exposed to the gospel. We need to pray hard for her!
  15. I'll try this again. My last post did not appear.
    The tone and content of your post seems very hostile and judgmental. I am hurt.
    Because I am feeling very weak, I just can't say all I'd like to say this time. I've up all night with my affliction.
    At any rate, I forgive you. And, I will pray for God to bless you, and have his way.
  16. What part is hostile and judgmental? I even went out of my way to condemn people who are judgemental and literally persecute people for being homosexual. I have a daughter myself and I understand the pain of seeing a child engage in activities which you do not wish to see them do, but its their life, they have to sort it out themselves. If your daughter has accepted Christ as her saviour, then just rest in that and have enough faith and belief that she will break from homosexuality as she grows closer to The Lord, , if she has not, then homosexuality is the last of the worries, rejection of Christ is, God willing she has many more decades to live so there is always time, even if you have gone to home to Christ yourself.
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  17. I will pray for you my friend.
  18. Excellant point.

    It is the sin of UNBELIEF that dams a persons soul.
  19. Still, you can't put the cart before the horse. There is no salvation, without first repentance. The message of the Gospel is and has always been "Repent and be saved".
    I, like my daughter, was a reprobate for many years. I did it all. I spent many years in the US Navy. I am the one who gave sailors their bad reputation.
    Jesus said we would be hated for His name sake. It's not the the saving grace part of the Gospel, for which we are hated. It's the how you get it, the repentance and submission part of the Gospel for which Christians are hated. And Jesus tells over and over again in the Gospels that we will be hated. If we are not hated, we're doing something wrong.

    Do you think I want my little girl; the one I adore, to hate me. If I could carry all her sin to the grave with me, I would.

    Paul said that he was the chiefest of sinners. I may have only been an E6 Petty Officer 1st Class when I left the Navy, but I was recommended for chief. Like I said, I was the same way my daughter is now. And praise God! He saved me because I repented. And, I pray that she will do the same soon. And, I pray the same for all like her.
  20. I agree with you King.

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