Homeschool anyone?

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  1. It's nice to see a homeschool topic.
    We have been homeschooling for years. I like the field trips. :)

    We joined a homeschool club that enables all of us to take trips at the same time so it's more like a class outing, and gives all of the children more social interaction.

    This Friday we are going on a tour of the salt mines where they store data, old movies, photographs, historic documents, etc.

    Last week a biology kit that we ordered arrived. We disected an earthworm. (Did you know earthworms have 5 hearts?)
    I didn't, I learn right along with our kids and I think that makes the experience even more meaningful.

    This afternoon we will disect a crawdad.
  2. Spelling test....

    Me: THREW.
    Daughter: T-H-R-E-W.

    Daughter: R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P.

    Me: YIELDED.
    Daughter: Y-E-I-L-D-E-D.

    Me: No, It's "I-E" not "E-I"...
    Remember, I before E except after C, or when sounding like "A" as in Neighbor and Weigh. It's easy.

    Daughter: You call a rediculous spelling rule like that ..."EASY!?" :D
  3. Haha I so agree with her! :p
  4. Preschool Homeschool

    We only homeschool for Preschool and use the free Preschool Bible Curriculum at:

    Our children will attend public school starting in Kindergarten.
  5. We homeschool and they are getting into their teen years. My son is great on his own, but my daughter needs alot of outside interaction. Church is great but only three times weekly and two of those are on the same day, so we are scheduling alot of outside events. They both want to learn to paint on canvas and she starts karate tonight. The only problem we have even had with homeschooling is that it doesn't take as much time as public school where they have to wait on other students so they can get their actual work done so much faster. The time has to be filled up somehow ane everything on a farm is work if it isn't school. We have to outside the farm to get social, fun stuff. My son is starting civil war reinactment this weekend and that should be fun...he gets to shoot the cannon. Family trips are good too, when we can get away. Canada is on the schedule for May 12-18! But even then either my husband or I can go but not both...someone has to watch the we switch it up for vacations.

  6. what part of canada are you going to?
  7. I go to public high school but my best female friend is homeschooled along with her sister. (who are both on a high school level) From what they tell me, they love it. And their mother loves the bonding time
    Personally the only downside i can see if i was homeschooled would be not being able to play football. (But i think I would probably just pick up my second-favorite sport, MMA, to replace it anyways). Other than that, I would gladly leave my high school and start homeschooling
  8. Have you checked into that???

    I don't know about North Carolina,. But as a homeschooling parent, I am still required to pay for the government schools here in Kansas.
    It doesn't matter if I use them or not, I still have to pay for them.

    Consequently, I attend the BOE meetings, participate in decision making, and yes, my kids can and will attend any sport, use the facilities, the track, or anything else they like.

    You might want to check into your states laws.

    Here in Kansas, If I pay for it, I can use it.
    (But I do have to get a little vocal from time to time, and remind the Superintendant that he is not a lawyer.) :D

    The alternative is that the government schools stop taking our money.
    (They don't like that idea very much.)

    Check into it, I think you will find that you can participate in any extracurricular activity you like. As well as utilise the fields, the coaches and even the first aid and the insurance benefits! :)
  9. Really?
    I always thought you had to actually attend a school to be on one of it's athletic teams. But since my parents arent gonna homeschool me anytime soon, I dont really have to worry about that
    Thanks though. I really had no idea about that
  10. Nope,.... You just have to pay for it. (Which we all do.)

    I sent my kids to government school music classes. I used the classrooms, the teacher, the whole bit. I even used the school bus.

    The fact is... I paid for it, regardless if they used it or not. I pay for the teacher, I pay for the room, the heat, the carpet, the busses, that's what I get taxed for.
    They can attend anything I am forced to pay for. :)

    If the state don't like it, they can give me my tax money back. :p
    (That isn't likely to happen.)

    But as I said, You do need to check the laws of your own state.
  11. I am interested in home schooling my son who is in the 9th grade...I would love some info on some affordable on-line home schooling sites.
  12. I would love some info on some affordable on-line home schooling for my son who is in the 9th grade.
  13. Here is what we decided on for this year.
    I have used these in the past and have been very impressed with them...

    LIFEPAC - Homeschool Curriculum - Alpha Omega Publications

    Alpha and Omega school supplies. They are very affordable and extremely easy to operate from a teachers perspective.

    I can generate reports on either of my kids at any time, report cards, progress graphs, lists of assignments completed/in progress/not yet started.

    I can graph areas and subjects that they need special attention in, and see which areas they are excelling in. All of the reading assignments are based on Holy Scripture, they teach a Biblical creation with regard to science and history.

    Plus, the software grades their work for me which does save me quite a bit of time each day grading papers. :)
  14. It is great you two are homeschooling your girls. I now look back and wished I went ahead in home schooling my 2 girls. I truly see a benefit in it for all of you. I chickened out when socialization was brought up when we lived in Nebraska. But we now all live in Wyoming. Now that my youngest daughter is 17, she only has two years left in public school. So when I do get her back, I think it would be too late for her to be homeschooled from me.

  15. A great place to look is Ebay. Buying a used curriculum is a great way to save money homeschooling. Once you research and decide on the curriculum/curricula you would like to use, and what it costs new, you can check Ebay, there are great deals to be had-you just need to know what you're looking for. Another great resource is Craigslist, and you could also check with local homeschool co-ops, which often have some sort of set up for selling used curriculum.

    The best part is with CD-Rom and DVD curriculum, they don't get as much wear and tear as books would, so when you're finished with them, you can then sell them, making back some of what you spent to put toward the next year's curriculum!
  16. I home school my two boys, and I enjoy teaching them. They are learning more at home then they would in public school. Plus we do bible study. My boys love doing bible study they answer questions and ask questions. Plus they love to be home school, they do get to be around other kids, like at our church and at the park.
  17. I home school my 7 year old son. He's in second grade this year. I go to the local School Box to purchase most of his curriculum supplies, as I've found complete grade-level kits tend to not fit us very well. For example, my son can do 3rd grade level reading, 2nd grade level math, 2nd grade level phonics, but is still in 1st grade level writing. By purchasing his materials separately I am able to peruse all of the books beforehand and make sure they are not so far above or below my son's present level or what he's capable of that he grows bored or frustrated. We have been using the Little Critter Spectrum workbooks since pre-k and he loves them. We're also using Brain Quest and a few A Beka books that were my younger brother's (my sister and I graduated using A Beka).

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