Homeschool anyone?

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  1. Homeschool anyone?

    Just wondering if there are any homeschooler's here? My wife and I have been homeschooling our two daughters for the last 5 years and it has been a smashing success (so far ;) ). If there are others here, what has your experience been like?
  2. Homeschooling is great and the eduation my children received is top notch all the way!
  3. We thought very seriously about this. But where we live and with schedules, school is where our children get most of their interaction with other kids.
    At times though I wish we would homeschool.
  4. I'm homeschooled, I love it btw.
    I'm learning a lot better than I was in the regular public/private school systems...I like Independent Studies. ;)
  5. My daughters are small now, but I do have a friend who home schools all her 4 children! All I can say is you people are awesome! I went over to her house once when she was in the middle of doing school and I have to say from what I saw, the only way I would home school is if the Lord gave me a very vivid and solid charge to do so! I think is the hardest job a parent can possibly undertake, so for all you home schoolers out there my hat is off to you! God bless you!:)

  6. :)
    Hello. I'm really late on this topic but I homeschool. My husband and I have two sons, 7:1st grader and 5: Preschooler/K. So far it has been a success. Our sons are learning so much and we never have to worry about their social interaction as we are a part of a homeschool group that does several things. We have park days, museum trips, go skating, bowling, bbq's, library days, even a book club. Also here at home the boys go out and play with the children in our neighborhood. I'm thankful to God that we are able to homeschool, this has been a TREMENDOUS blessing to our family as well as our extended family (they are watching on the sidelines LOL).
  7. When done well, homeschooling is wonderful. After working in Christian education (as an executive secretary) for over 30 years, I can attest to the fact that most of the homeschooled children that came into the Christian school setting, were well prepared, well behaved, and a blessing to receive into the Christian school classroom.

    I have seen families that homeschooled their children who also did a fair job of doing it; and some who, when funds were running low, felt they had the parental prerogative to put it all on hold until they had the funds. These kids were not receiving any education for months at a time. This is a disgrace.

    If you are homeschooling, remember your accountability to God, your children, and the state. I would also add that many Christian schools welcome the homeschooled student into its midst for non-core curriculum classes. These can be enrichment classes for the student, social engagement, fine arts, athletic participation. The cost is usually nominal and proves beneficial to the student and also to the school that opens it doors to the homeschooled student.
  8. When it comes to their education we have sacrificed of our kids and put their needs first- this is good and right. When they get to the point of adulthood it is up to them to use the advantages we gave them but I can certainly say that they do have the opportunities.
  9. I agree with a lot of other people on homeschooling when it is done well.

    My family makes sure that I get enough time outside of the house just as I do inside of the house.

    I like homeschooling because you can learn at your own pace and at your own time. I find that in a public school system, the children are treated as one mindset that grows at the same rate as everyone else. That's not entirely true. Some children learn slower than others, and the teachers don't want to devote any "extra time" to children who need that extra little time to practice something.

    My mother travels a lot, and we've been to Europe on several occasions. In the 3rd grade, we went to London and France for 2 weeks and it was so hard to get all my studies coordinated. Now, if we go to Europe again while I'm homeschooling, it'll be much easier to do it because I'll get it organized in the right way.

    Some homeschooling providers don't do what they say we do. Thank God we have found a good, reliable resource. :)
  10. We've homeschooled from day 1. My wife does all the work in the lower grades, and I take over when they get into junior/senior high science, math, computers, social studies, and worldviews. I'm a "professional" educator by trade and have taught in public, private, and Christian schools as well as in community colleges. From an pedagogical perspective, I believe homeschooling is the best option for these reasons:

    1. No one know my children better than me. I can relate what they're learning in various subjects to things we've talked about, shows they've seen on tv, places we've visited, etc. Making connections between what they're studying in the books and what they're exposed to in their everyday lives makes the curriculum relevant to them. Also, I know how my child learns. I know whether he/she learns best by doing (kinesthetic), seeing (visual), or hearing (auditory). These are learning styles and most of us are dominant in one particular learning style. If a teacher stands in front of the classroom lecturing and my child is a kinesthetic learner, he/she will not learn. He/she will be fidgeting around, doodling, etc in an effort to assimilate the information, albeit unsuccessfully in most cases.

    2. You can't get any better than a student-teacher ratio of 1:1.

    3. You don't have all the social distractions of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, bullies, is the teacher angry at me, etc going on in the middle of the lesson. There are so many things constantly happening in the standard classroom that it's a wonder kids learn at all. As soon as teacher turns his/her back, notes are being passed, spitballs are flying, etc. So the diligent student has to filter all this out while trying to listen to the teacher, take notes, etc. This just isn't a very good learning environment.

    I know that not everyone can homeschool, so please don't feel that I'm judging anyone for not homeschooling. Having been in many classrooms as a student and teacher, and comparing that to what I see in our homeschool, I am a very strong supporter of homeschooling. The data supports the conclusion that homeschooled children are above average not only academically but also socially. They are socially better prepared for the real world. How many of us with jobs are surrounded by peers of the exact same age? Probably none. The traditional school system is an artificial environment that does not prepare children for the real world. The National Home Education Research Institute has plenty of data available.

    Ok, I'll step down from my soapbox. :)

  11. I know this is a little early for us yet, since our boy just turned 2 a few months ago, but I like to be prepared. I really appreciate the link to the Preschool Bible Curriculum, and wonder if any of you other homeschooling parents would mind sharing what system or curriculum you are using to home school your children.

    My wife was a teacher for 8 years before our son was born, so she will be in charge of the teaching while I work.

    Thanks for any help!
  12. I was homeschooled!

    And I graduated from high school two years early, because I took the CAT tests and passed with flying colors quickly, was accepted into some VERY prestigious colleges, and am on a 23,000 dollar scholarship to a small, very academic, private college in North Carolina with a 4.0!!!

    Homeschooling is AWESOME!

    (And I'm also outgoing with a ton of friends - ignore the stereotypes!);)

  13. That is awesome! My wife and I moved up from NC a little over a year ago. We lived near Asheville, very beautiful area.

    Great job on the 4.0, tons of friends and that wonderful 23k scholarship!! Wow praise God!

    As for stereotypes, our family is so "unique" we dont even know that word! My wife will agree, that Im probably the weirdest guy she has ever met. :eek:Haha
  14. Heh Mike- if being weird was a crime half of the country would be in jail.:p
  15. Hey, I know nothing about homeschooling and don't have kids young enough to tackle something like that, but am wondering, how in the world do people nowadays afford to homeschool? This is a world of two incomes. How is it possible? Just wondering.
  16. It is a lot cheaper than private school.
  17. The homeschool I go to is a public homeschool and it's tuiton free. :)

  18. We lived in Florida for years, then moved to Western NC, had a house built there and loved it! When our son was born, we were stuck with the two income problem and my wife wanted to stay at home, so we started looking for cheaper housing, cheaper cost of living, and being near family so we would have a good network of help. We looked into upstate NY, and were super surprised that the housing there was about half the price of where we were currently in NC!
    Now mind you we went from a custom built brand new house to one that is 137 years old, but we thank God for the opportunity that he has blessed us with that allows my wife to stay home!

    The cost of living, gas, food, ect is all the same here, but due to the homes being so cheap, and the utilities are fairly cheap except during the winter, because we have a forced oil furnace, but the super cheap housing bill makes up for it all!

    It was truly only by God that we found this out and were able to sell our house and make a small amount that we put down on this one up here.

    We used what we made from the house sell to pay off all credit cards, and the small amount we owed on one of our vehicles, so we are basically debt free now, except for the house note and utilities! God is so good!!

    I hope this helps answer how God has made this possible in a two income world that we are able to do it with only one, at least in our case.

    God wants the best for us, and will open doors for you that can make anything you need a reality, just keep your eyes and heart open for it!
  19. Often people don't realize that it may actually be costing more for the wife to work than stay at home (or husband, whichever may be the case). When the second spouse works there are additional costs of: a second car, second car insurance, extra gas, work clothes, food often costs more due to families eating out more and more instant foods from the grocery store, there may be day care costs, afterschool care costs, higher clothing costs for the kids for "school" clothes, their school lunch costs (which may cost more than it would to feed them at home), etc. The list goes on. People in America are often living on more than they make. They have become spoiled. Most families don't need a second income, they just want the second income and then they spend more accordingly.

    I homeschooled my children up until I moved this past March. Now I live in a wonderful little town, with good schools and no crime. I put them back into the public schools mostly out of necessity (because my husband and I are no longer together and I am now the sole breadwinner for them), but that was also why I moved out here to this small town-- I know that I would find good schools and good people and not have to worry about what my children were being exposed to, or the quality of education, or who was influencing them.

  20. Exactly! My parents got married when they were 18, and have been married for almost 30 years. My mom had my oldest brother about 9 months later, and didn't work again. My brothers all went to public school, then (after I had severe illness which forced me to miss about a month of school...I was going to fail and WAS STILL MAKING STRAIGHT A'S!) I argued the case of homeschool, to which my dad said:

    "Isn't that expensive?!"
    "You won't learn as much!"
    "You won't get as much social interaction!"

    I persuaded them, and now they're BOTH thrilled that we went down that path. A lot of the curriculum are self-teaching, and you can buy them in great condition secondhand from places like ebay, or buy them full price, then sell them back on places like ebay!

    If there's a way to PM on this board, anyone with questions on homeschooling or the various curriculum should feel free to PM me at any time!
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