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  1. Mike,

    I know much. I but primarily know that I do not know everything. And unlike many other persons, I know; that I still can learn. And I am not in the possession of the all-embracing only truth. This is nobody!
  2. Hi Jane,
    I try to answer on things I am only sure about. God has given me some wisdom but not enough that I could claim to know many things. I also admit that my opinions change. The only things I am sure about is when I am needed for something, when I've done wrong to someone or to God, and the efficacy of prayer when asked with thanksgiving and humbleness.
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    I like to read eastern philosophy.....

    I observed that ancient teachers and philosophers alike, they have always a disclaimer on what they teach….

    The Buddha says to seek the truth yourself.....

    Confucius says that the uneducated man does know something that the educated man does not realize…..

    Only one teacher, Jesus, is very sure of himself that he can say: he is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
  4. One gets wisdom not given usually. One must acquire it by studying and experience of life. Therefore nobody can give you wisdom. Somebody can report this one only of the experiences of his own and the teachings drawn from it. It does not have to be but what is differently important to somebody for you or me.
    E.g., a good friend of mine is a vegetarian. It is god for her, but I Need meat and sausage.
  5. In the ancient Judaism there was a proverb:
    "A rabbi who praises himself is usually his single umptieth listener".
    What do I want to say with that?
    It is not proved, that there was Jesus. If there was he obviously as historical person, there is no piece of evidence of his deity himself outside the Bible. Even the Bible speaks often about two or more witnesses. So, we need more than one witness, to found out the truth.
  6. Hmmm sounds like a broken record repeated by students from their chosen teachers….

    Let us analyse it:

    The 1st sentece is a killer of the 2nd sentence.
    The 2nd sentence killed an objective search for his rightousness, his law, precepts and teachings.

    The 1st phrase killed intellectual honesty.

    Double kill.

    The indoctrination of the sceptics.

    Further discussion is futile.

    We are all students of life.

    We choose our teachers.
  7. aha,
    Your example limps, how one says here in Germany. I also want to mention the reason to you.
    I have dealt with Joseph Smith and the LDS once for historical reasons. How you know perhaps, Mormons claim that he was a prophet. Because nones of his prophecies fulfilled, he wasn't a prophet. Mormons further nevertheless believe in the divine calling of JS as a prophet. For relevant arguments and hard, verifiable facts, Mormons are not accessible.
    There is NO PROOF of their assertions outside their faith system.
    And I could say the same also about the Christianity. I let every man believe whatever he wants to believe. And it is still so "highly imaginative". But only facts count FOR ME. That is proof. And there is NO PROOF for the deiity of Christ or the existence of God. This has nothing to do with the teacher I may choose. It has to do with my mind and my "believe" on facts.
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  10. Yes, that's me. And thank you.

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