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    My Name is Blond. Jane Blond.
    This was only a joke. Of course I am called different (Linda). But I love the James Bond movies. And I love parodies on these films. I was born in Bonn, Germany, in 1955. I live in the capital now. I work as a telephone operator and am single. I am not a Christian, I even think that I believe really nothing. I want to see proof for everything.
    My sister, however, is very religious. I would like to understand her and others which believe in God. And also why they do some things. Such as, having no more contact to their own children, because they do not want to believe, what their parents did. Or sending a child into the homelessness because it is a homosexual. I would like to learn to understand.
    I would like to condemn nobody, only understand the Christian faith.

    By the way:
    If you are surprised at the biblical saying. It is my confirmation text. One is confirmed in the Protestant church with 15 years. For this special day every confirmed person chooses a confirmation text. It shall be a lifelong guide line. I selected the saying at that time because I was very religious at that time. And here it seemed to be matching for me.
  2. Hi Linda Bond. I guess you are single because James never marries?

    Raise your questions in the general discussion section. They will make for a nice discussion ;).
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum. Proof of God stares back at you from your mirror everyday.
  4. I am divorced. My husband was a deceitful man. He could not let his fingers of two things: Women and alcohol.
  5. That exist, is nor a proof that God exist, or that he is my creator. It can be a proof of the theory of evolution just the same. Or for Murphys law: What happens happens.
  6. Hi Linda. I too, am a person who requires reasonable proof for everything. I grew up in a Christian home, but by the time I had become an adult, my questions and doubts outweighed the answers, and I was not able to hold my belief in Jesus or God. Several years of unbiased truth-seeking have led me to believe again.

    I have researched some of the amazing historical evidence that seems to validate Christianity. I found some of these things so fascinating, I have looked for more and more, and as a result I have delved into Christian apologetics (the discipline of defending a position through the systematic use of information) as a hobby.

    I can enjoy a strong debate and opposing viewpoints without judging or taking it personally. Feel free to ask me anything. =)
  7. @ God_be_with_you,

    I have read much in the Bible. And the more I read, the more I doubted. How can a loving God permit or allow something like that:
    Judges 21:10-24
    Numbers 31:7-18
    Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    Deuteronomy 21:10-14
    Zechariah 14:1-2
    Deuteronomy 17:12
    Exodus 22:17

    Okay, these are all verses from the OT. But, Jesus told us, to live the new covenant, which is written in the NT. Here some quotes:

    Acts 5:1-11
    Romans 16:17
    Hebrews 3:12

    This last verse told us, that everyone, who didn't share the belief of Paul has an "evil heart".
    What does it mean?
    Nothing else than that Paul is right, and all others are wrong. Also the other apostles (provided that they hold another opinion than the one of Paul). One mentions a "strangling argument" to something like that in Germany.
    Relevant; and on a sure theological basis, this argument does not stand.
  8. Sorry Jane. Hope the next guy is from God ;).
  9. Hi Linda! I started a private conversation with you. I figured posting it publicly would be like thowing a stick of dynamite into a gasoline warehouse. lol
  10. Why? Can in this forum not be spoken about everything frankly? Not about doubt or other opinions? I would find this a pity.
  11. I am not interested in men or a relation at the moment.
  12. lol. Not likely. I've already been banned from one Christian forum for my controversial viewpoints. People's emotions seem to reach a fever pitch when their core beliefs are challenged and shaken.
  13. That depends on your perspective and faith since the fact that any of us 'exist' and have a soul and we have a habitat and a universe around us is proof of the Creator.

    Saying we 'evolved' is to deny the Creator since the theory of evolution is still a theory when looked at from a pure scientific stand point; God created us with a purpose-we are not a 'happy accident'. Evolution relies on your faith just as much as Christianity if you are willing to see that truth.

    God will still love you and forgive you even after denying Him. The world could care less where your faith lies.
  14. All of us having a different faith here. And we should be grateful for it. We get other perspectives on something and learn then so to understand a little better.
    I was interested the LDS when I was in a forum of the LDS church for historical reasons; I doubted the genuineness the Book of Mormon. I do this today certainly, too. But in this forum I learned to know and to understand the arguments of the LDS better.I do not agree with them but I respect their faith.
  15. For me the faith is the preliminary stage to the knowledge. I believe something first (build a thesis). I then try to prove or to disprove this thesis (the faith). And then the knowledge stands there at the end.
    There is no proof for it that man has a soul or a soul is itself. It is a question of the faith. Allows me that I believe something else than you.

    I have never claimed that there is no God. I only say that for me the theory of evolution is more credible than the story of the creation of man by God or any deity.
    I work according to scientific scales, not according to religious scales. Only hard, verifiable facts are interesting for me. No fantasies or conspiracy theories (as in the case of JFK's assassination)

    I do not deny him, I doubt only his existence.
    I came here into this forum because I wanted to understand Christians and Christianity better. Up till now what I experience is in some cases openness in other cases ignorance and stubborn attitude. I am curious what I still will experience here.
  16. Perhaps you are right. I guess I'm just used to getting horrified reactions when people learn what goes through my head or that I'm questioning socially established truths.
  17. In the night I had a really crazy dream. I dreamt, that God stood in front of me and took me along on a journey. We were in different times and places and he changed his shape everywhere. He was first a man, then a woman. He was an animal, then a mountain.

    Got clear me, that all cultures admired the "divine". Wheather as a man, woman or other living nature, seems relatively to be unimportant.
  18. Well Jane I admire your tenacious stand on your logic. I just don't think that I can offer you anything of value at this stage. May the LORD bless you and give you wisdom and knowledge.
  19. Hi Jane. I'm glad you are asking questions. God doesn't desire praise from robots.
  20. If there is a God, I think, he wants questioning people. He wants thinking people. He does always not like our answers perhaps, this may be?

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