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  1. Many many people have suffered much more than Jesus Christ has.
    Moreover, He rose and will be King of Kings.
    Also, it's his Creation and therefore everything is his Creation and He takes full responsibility.
    His Will be done, you see.
    He is in control, it's all his Show.
    And if it isn't his doing, He allows it.
    God is not a victim of the rebellion that made earth a moaning and groaning place.
    No, creation itself is the victim and unfortunate people in particular are the victims.
    And i have a serious problem with God endorsing and / or allowing things that are beastly and wicked.

    Don't get me wrong though.
    The wanna be god a.k.a. the serpent / devil / Lucifer / etc i totally have no sympathy for, although he didn't create himself either.
    At least God is honest, although i don't understand Him at all.

    Folks, i wish i had something more positive to say, and i'm not even sure if i should raise these tough questions among Christians, who for the better part have also been indoctrinated with either traditional fallacies or naturalistic nonsense.

    Maybe i shouldn't have returned...
  2. Honesty within oneself is always a good starting place. Not saying I agree with you, but now we all know where you stand
    We are glad you have returned :)

    We will be praying you find the truth
  3. Greetings my brother,
    As I read All Your Postings I draw this conclusion.
    We need to get your thinking turned around and back on the truth of God.
    Again this is only taken from what you have written in this thread.

    There are some things you don't yet understand and we will bring forth His word and bring to Light (His Light) some of these things.

    In this way you shall see God clearer and gain some more understanding.
    Will post more later.
    Have a blessed day!!

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