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  1. Hello everybody,

    Hope to have a good time here.

    God bless,
    J. (H.)
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  2. Welcome to CFS Hieronymus
    Glad to have you here. Please Make Sure to read over our Forum policies and procedures . This will help make sure your time at CFS is a safe and joyful time.

    If you have any problems please pm any staff member and we will do what we can to help.
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  3. Welcome to cfs!
    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  4. Howdy.

    Welcome to the forum. If ya need anything, just send a PM my way.
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  5. Greetings! Welcome to the board! :D
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  6. Hello and welcome to the site.
    I hope to see you around the forums soon.
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  7. Hey all,
    Yeah, i'm still alive...
    I joined here because i got a ban on CF, but apparently i needed time off from the forums.
    Been indulging in hobbies lately, but i miss those pesky Christians to communicate with. ;)
    Must say, the Faith hasn't been alight too much lately.
    Not sure which way to go further actually...
  8. I got banned because of overheated debates and being too explicit in order to get things across...
  9. Well sir,
    I got to tell you that it works that way here too, so I hope your time off has helped.
    Any way, what's the deal with your faith?
    Wanna talk about it?
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  10. The Faith is the meaning of life, and everything about it is potentially very important, so i can get very passionate, upset, frustrated and even angry....
    Maybe i'm just not fit for www communication, i don't know...

    Yeah, what IS the deal with my faith?
    I don't know that either..
    First of all, i'm alone with it in my community.
    So i just have internet for my faith.

    So why doesn't anything happen where i am physically?
    I don't know that either.
    Yes, i have changed in the years of believing in Christ, but not radically.

    I often (lately anyway) wonder if i'm a Christian at all.
    But then, who is my God?
  11. Welcome back. Faith isn't something abstract, it's a conviction of a belief. We all have faith in something - an expectation of an outcome. So when we press a power button, we expect it to turn on. When it doesn't we troubleshoot it... look to see if it's plugged in, if the circuit breaker is flipped... Our beliefs are the same way, but being carnal, we can't see the power without the Source. Jesus.

    The thing about God is that He wants a personal, intimate relationship, but sooooo many "Christians" have diminished the power of God that they can only explain in a formula format what faith is, but without power. You doubt your belief, which is natural because you don't have the power, the relationship with God. Imagine you're given a car, you're taught how to drive it, you understand the mechanics of it, but it never runs because there's no gas. That's what's going on in your faith. You're not yet grounded in the truth. So what is the truth? The word of God explains all the amazing miracles, but pseudo-Christians have watered it down to "the power was only for the apostles". And because we don't see someone in the power, we agree with them.

    1 Corinthians 4:20 (KJV)
    For the kingdom of God [is] not in word, but in power. ​

    I have witnessed the power myself. I have had the power myself. But if I had to place an age on my maturity, I'm a toddler in Christ. Many are still babies and sadly content to remain babies. If you are a real Christian, that frustration is your spirit warring the with flesh to get it to seek the power of the Kingdom through Christ.
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  12. Exactly!! Who is your God? Who or what has the most control in your life? There within the answer you will find the answer to who is your God......
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  13. So seek and let God lead you to a Ministry and download sermons and teachings and feed your spirit.
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  14. Its good to see you back. I pray that you can set a spell and enjoy being peaceful, and self controlled (Galatians 5:22-23). The fruit of the Spirit was deposited in you when you received Jesus as Lord, we as believers just have to develop it.... or train our fleshly nature to behave accordingly.

    Another question i would ask is how much time are you spending in the Word? One cannot renew their mind (Romans 12:2) to the ways and things of Christ if one does not read the Book that tells us what those ways are.

    Faith works by love (Galatians 5:6). Love for the truth of God's Word and ways, and love for His creation that have been made in His image. If one has not love for those whom are made in His image and likeness, then one has no love for the Father (1 jn 4:20).

    When you accepted Christ, your spirit was reborn, but not your mind. So we have to make the time to spend getting to know thee One Whom has recreated our spirits, and made us a new creation. We have to make the outside match the inside, by feeding our spirits with The Word of God. If we don't, then we remain spiritual babies like Abdicate said. Here's a picture of what many believers look like spiritually.....Great big heads, and stick bodies. They are spiritually anemic.

    There are a lot of good preachers on the internet. We will be praying you find one :) cuz its never to late to feed your spirit and grow.

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  15. Still my flesh i'm afraid...
    But i don't put my trust and faith in my flesh.
  16. Not too much time.
    I think i get the message by now, it's not that complicated i.m.o.
    But then when i read Old Testament in an attempt to get to know God better, i'm often shocked and appalled.
  17. The old testament can be pretty shocking at times, but beneficial for different reasons.
    Try the new testament...Its great for spending time with and getting to know Jesus.
    Blessings to ya!
  18. Hello and welcome my friend. Feel free to post! Do not be shy at all!
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  19. Ah yes, but i believe they're both the same person.
    I have to make up excuses to myself to justify God endorsing things like David and the 200 foreskins, or that guy that plunged a dagger in the fat king as a message from YHWH.
    ...etcetera, etcetera...
    I'm just sick and tired of all the violence and suffering which is and will be a part of God's Creation.
    Also sick of myself and my flesh.
    Yes, the violence and suffering will end eventually, except maybe for the sacrificial animals (not sure).
    And then i'm confronted by the "traditional" view of eternal conscious torment (i.e. eternal life without Christ) for the unsaved...
    Everything just sucks...
  20. Hey, no biggie...I do understsnd that a lot of people are having issues with what you do. The thing to remember is that the curse from the enemy is the reason for all the evil and violence. Selfish men with selfish deeds and desires all stemming from the lies of the enemy, and the desire for power and control. To be God, and supreme ruler over all.

    Some of the things like the dagger that you refered to had to be done so that God could show Himself strong (make His presence known) to the gentiles or barbarians that were set out against His people. Its more spiritual really than anything else. The forskins were mans part of the blood covenant that God created with Abraham, to which God one upped us, by sending His one and only Son to be beaten, and whipped and crucified in our place.

    God is a righteous judge, and therefore has to keep all of His own laws. There is but one way to heaven and eternity with Him and that is through Jesus Christ. Anyone trying to get in another way is in error, and unfortunately has to submit to eternal judgement. Those are the rules, and they cannot be changed, otherwise God's integrity is in question. He desires that no one perish, but if a person chooses to disobey or chooses another way, then they suffer the consequences, no matter how much it hurts Him. And i can guarantee you that God does everything He can to becon, and try to convince someone to follow Him so that they will not have to end up in turmoil and not blessed, but because of people's choices...They choose the ways of the enemy. So in all honesty its not God's fault. It's people being stubborn and hard hearted, refusing to submit to God's ways.

    I heard a story once of a woman in a communist country, who had no idea who Jesus was. Never encountered anyone to tell her about Him...and yet one day, He talked to her in her language and she decided to accept Him and find somewhere to worship. He pursued her, just like He does to all of us, but we have to make the choice to listen.

    We have to accept Who He is, and believe His righteousness and integrity, and look to see what the new covenant is all about. All of this I'm sick and tired of ..... is just the enemy trying to deceive people, trying to get them to find fault with God to get them judged, and to turn people away from thee only one who can save their souls.

    The New Testament (Covenant), is one of grace and Jesus's love for us to die in our place. To take the punishment of our sins, so that we don't have to be judged for them when judgement day comes. And the rest is all about how to live this life so that we can be blessed, and draw as many others into the kingdom and It's ways as possible, so that they dont perish too. So they can accept this free gift that Jesus died to give us. And for us to learn about what our God given authority and purpose on this earth is.

    Jesus's death gave us authority over the devil. his power and authority in this earth has been taken away! But if we do nothing to learn about all our inheritance entitles us...then we perish for a lack of knowledge, and we live a defeated selfish life...that will put us in heaven as one barely escaping fire....maybe?

    So its your choice. Believe the lies of the enemy, saying how could a good God, be what you perceive Him to be.... or trust that He loves you and desires to bless you, and use you to further His gospel, and to take His Blessings to the rest of those around you or wherever He desires you to be. Its really that simple.

    Since the beginning of all time, God has written a plan out for your life. And when Judgement day rolls around, how will you stand up or compare? Will you have done all you could to seek Him and His ways, or have you lived this life as a selfish person, who only thought about you. This is what Jesus meant when He said whoever loves his life will loose it, and whoever looses his life for His sake will find it.

    I pray that you will read Hebrews and find out more of what Jesus went through, suffered, submitted to obedience, and died to give you, and allow The Truth of the Word of God replace all of your thoughts.

    I pray God bless you abundantly!
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