Grey hair (or silver hair) and goodness of God

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  1. I am starting to notice that I am showing more and more signs of wisdom :D I have perfectly black hair, as most of the Indians do. These days I am seeing more and more visible silver hairs. I have had a few for some years now, but they were not visible at all. Now it is becoming more and more visible due to increased count! I keep annoying my wife by asking if I should dye my hair now or give it more time :D

    I see it as a worrying sign of ageing.. But Proverbs says,

    Gray hair is a crown of glory

    On a serious note, this just reminds me of goodness of God. Jesus says,

    And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.

    This verse makes even more sense now :) God has so much concern for us.. Even the smallest thing like hair! Can you believe God knows how many white hairs I have and how many black hairs I have? He has concern to that level of detail for us.. And we still worry about the wordly things! Would He not take care of our needs? Would He not ensure our needs are met?

    I just needed Holy Spirit to remind of this today. I was a little worried over last few days about my financial situation. As many here know, I recently bought a house. And I am sending my daughter to pre-school. The mortgage, home maintenance expense and school fees are all coming a little hard on me. My wife is least bothered about this. She would simply close the discussion saying "Jesus is our provider. Why are you worried?" If I persist further, she would question if I bought the house or God provided it for us? I have to say God! Then she would ask why we have to worry about something God gave us.

    Lord had to remind me everything through my gray hair! I am praying to God that He will continue to remind me of His greatness and keep me humble. And stay focused on Him and not the materialistic world.
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  2. Even though I have read those scriptures many times before, it is still depressing to me that I have salt and pepper hair and that I am getting older. Yes, it is depressing to me that I am getting older.

    I started going gray at age 25. Now there is only more coverage of gray hair on my head.
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  3. I don't care what color my hair is, I just wish it'd stick around... :rolleyes:
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  4. I think that is stage 2 :D I am still in stage 1!! LOL!
  5. Do ya think it may be an indication of age as well????
  6. May be.. But I will stick with what Bible says.. crown of glory :D
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  7. Grey hair is cool man. I can't wait to one day have grey hair. I know this old pastor that dyes his hair.. I always thought it was weird, like a form of worldliness. If a persons hair is meant to be a certain color then let God make it that color.

    I guess this could be under the same subject as tattoos. If my body was meant to have tattoos then I would be born with one. I'm not knocking anyone with tattoos, just not my style. :)
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  8. Bleh, im starting to grey... my stylist pointed a few silver strands and chalked it up to wisdom.

    To myself , i was like nope.. its stress and anxiety lol, im glad there's only 3 of them x D...

    I've tried plucking them : )
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  9. I convinced my mother to stop dyeing her hair few years ago. Now she has beautiful silver hair and people like it. I don’t know any other woman in her age (fifties) that would keep natural hair color. Some people even asked her if it is some special hair tint because it really looks pretty.
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  10. I look forward to earning my grey.

    And if you ask me, grey/silver hair on women is just as good.
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