Great Commission, And Mmorpgs ?

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  1. The great commission, our duty as Christians to go out, and spread the gospel, but where to start?.
    I for one do not feel comfortable going up to random, people talking about Jesus (at least not yet )
    there are too many ''haters''
    I'm certainly not ready to take a trip to a 3rd world country, bringing food, and water, and preaching the gospel there.
    Spread the gospel in random internet forums? Not likely, forums are pretty specific, if a random thread gets started entitled ''invite Jesus into your life'' on a motorcycle forum, it is likely to get ignored, or even deleted.

    Why not try MMO RPG's or any other MMO-game/Sim ?
    you can reach a mass audience from around the world, there is no risk to you, and you can speak to *thousands* of people at a time. People are no more, or less receptive to this information just because they are playing a game, at worst they would 'squelch' you.

    So what are your thoughts on this idea? Has anyone tried this?
  2. The great commission is not so much to preach as it is to make disciples. Matt 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

    With media, everybody has heard the gospel. Christians are needed to help them to the water. I think you would just be harassing everyone on an MMO. However there is nothing wrong in letting those you play with know you are a Christian.
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  3. Where to start indeed?????

    One on One!

    Walk out your front door, go next door to your neighbor and knock on their door. When they come to let you in, ask them if they know who Jesus Christ is. IF they say NO, simply tell them what He has done in your life for you. IF they say YES, then share with each other the blessing that Christ has given to you.

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  4. nothing worse then a Jesus Troll on a video game. Almost as bad as those 13 year olds with mics that think they need to cuss every other word. Now, its different if its people you play with and build a relationship with-like say if you were in a clan, and over time you built up a relationship with thim. The best way to make disciples-and thats by creating a relationship with them. Can it be done on an online game? yes. But it also needs to be done in real life. With your neighbors, friends, and it sounds to me that you need to take a step of faith.

    In both real life, and on games, you need to create a relationship. Just going into a server and randomly throwing out bible verses and saying Jesus saves you, will just annoy people and drive them away from the gospel, and potentially get you kicked off for trolling. Just saying. Witnessing isnt this nice little thing where you can show up and say a bible verse and call it good, if your looking for the "lowest risk" way of doing it, your doing it wrong-its all in, or not at all.
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  5. The best way to reach people is to be the example Christ wants us to be.....

    I don't think computers would do any good where there is no electricity.
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  6. It's easy. Say you go to Starbucks every morning. Or perhaps your local department store, where you see the same associates each time. When they ask how you are doing, you can start there. I usually get into a conversation and talk about the blessings of God. I bring it up subtly and sometimes they say the same; next thing you know I inadvertently met another Christian. Other times they don't, but I've planted a seed in their head. Especially when they see you glowing and happy. People are attracted to the Light. Keep that going, and in no time, you will be able to minister to many with little effort.

    Furthermore, having a testimony is ever so powerful (as Major mentioned). I can attest that many unbelievers know of at least one Christian who's life has changed since being saved. Even though themselves have not "crossed over the line" and received salvation, they acknowledge what Christ has done in other peoples lives. The more they see it, the more they will desire it. Everyone has problems and needs Christ. Everyone.

    Be the Light, my friend!
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  7. Major, I love your boldness! Amen!
  8. I have to make up for being ugly!
  9. Nonsense!!!
  10. But you are not looking into my mirror.

    That is why my wife makes me grow a beard.
  11. Beards are great and I'm sure your wife just likes them :D

    I'm so glad God sees our hearts. I thank God for my legs, arms, feet, fingers and toes!
  12. I feel your pain Major-If i had the power to get my back hair to migrate back to my head.....
  13. Amen brother.
  14. It's a major misconception to think everyone outside of Christian lands know the Gospel...they do not. They know the name Jesus or Christ or the equivalent in their language.

    But the Gospel of Reconciliation with God through the Blood of the Lamb...? Nope. A new heart? Nope...

    That's why I was sent to where I am in the mission field. Consider supporting foreign missions through your church or as God directs you.
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  15. Thats exactly it, sure tons of people have heard of christianity, but do they really know the gospel? the blood of the lamb? a new heart? no, especially not your typical MMO-Gamer. XD

    Edit: I think a lot of people who "know about christianity" are turned off by it because they think it is all fire and brimstone.
  16. I do give to the forign missions and I am glad you are out there on the front lines. It takes a special person to do what you are doing. One of the if not the best reason I am affliated with the Southern Baptists is their outstanding cooperative program of supporting missions.
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  17. I would like to hear your testimony some time Rusty. How did you land up there?

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