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  1. Because I don't feel He wants me to. I feel He is going to heal me. The last treatment center I went to, I know it was Him who directed me there. I will pray again tonight...but my prayers for nearly a year have been more centered around Him healing me and having faith that He will, even without the treatment centers. I suppose I could ask Him the best path for me to receive healing. I would appreciate your prayers as well. I'm sure some of this has to do with me not wanting to gain weight. In essence, not wanting to lose control.
  2. Life, both bulimia and anorexia can result in your death. If you can get to a treatment centre and feel you need it because your body is suffering, you go!!! No debate.

    An eating disorder though is self induced. Bulimia starts with binge eating. Anorexia with wanting to look good. These mental states and addictions should fall away as we draw closer to the Lord. If they don't it could now be an addiction like a drug and we may need actual healing. If that's the case, we pray to the Lord for bodily healing. If it comes, it comes, if it doesn't, we go to a doctor.

    In a car accident, we pray on our way to the doctor. We don't not climb in the ambulance!

    Here is a testimony of a good friend in a bike accident.
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  3. I agree with KingJ, Tink....You have not because you ask not.....If He sent you to the last one, as you say, and it did not work, the problem is not His direction....but something in your thinking, I'll bet.
  4. Both bulimia and anorexia are obsessions with your appearance, but they also stem from extreme self worth and trauma from childhood. It's often a way to cope with feelings. As for myself, what I did was hardly good enough and I was rarely able to show emotions so I've learned to "stuff". I have asked, trust me, Rusty. Yes, I know my thinking is off and I have an addiction...that is exactly what I pray to God about. To cleanse my mind, to humble me, to help me stop obsessing about the the physicial, and so much more. Sometimes I can spend an hour or more in the Word and right after go into my habita even after submitting myself and praying. I don't get it. At this point, I have chalked it up to the fact that maybe God has this in my life for a reason.
  5. Don't mean to sound hard to you, will give a question to help you see.

    Say I come knocking on your door, despeyou going to hear this. rate for 10 dollars so I can eat. Haven't ate for a whole week. Would I have to beg and ask you again and again to give it???

    Well we are tempted to do God that way. It is like we don't think he cares when we knock on his door. He says knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and you ---shall---receive. Phil. 4:19 is not limited. supply ---all ---your needs. Talking about needs as of supplies. He cannot make us quit a habit but he can deliver us if we are driven to do something.

    No where are we going to hear this message----Gal.2:20. every problem that ever existed is overcome by this one verse. We are identified with Christ in baptism---death, burial, resurrection. He says take up your cross and follow me. We are crucified with him. Phil. 3:10 that I may know the power of his resurrection. We must die to self daily. We live but death to self. Self must be crucified. Through our union with Christ we receive his power living in us. That is if we are baptized in the Holy Spirit. That is the power to overcome the powers of darkness that drive us to do wrong.

    If you have his Spirit, you can create good habits to overcome the bad ones. Plead the blood of Jesus over you each day, praise God for the answer on the way instead of begging.
    He created the ears how much more does he hear when we pray once and for all and trust him to do and help. Ps. 46:1 he is a present help. Worry is the devil's merry go round,
    Worry isn't faith but doubt or unbelief. 1Cor. 13 love never fails ----God cannot fail you.
  6. What if we see a doctor and that doesn't help either?
  7. Hi Life.

    Doctors can help heroine addicts and replace almost every part of the body. You would have to be more specific.

    Personally I am battling with sleep. I can't stop binge eating and staying awake until early hours every morning. I have narrowed it down to apathy, frustration and stress. I feel I am making progress. God is helping me. But I know that it is my doing. God can only help so much. My will is choosing to allow things in life to affect me instead of trusting those things (work, money, retirement, baby and leaving country) in God's hands.

    We just have to pray for each other and keep drawing closer to the Lord. ED is a crutch in a sense. We are supposed to make Jesus our crutch.
  8. I will pray for you~
  9. :) Thanks, me too, you.
  10. Me three, 4 you two, too.:p
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  11. I'm not an expert on eating disorders, so I can't speak to all the physiological and chemical components to it, nor in depth to the psychological components. But, as you draw closer to God and grow in your faith, I think you will find the patterns of thinking that help drive the disorder lose their grip on your mind and emotions. I don't think there is any one-size-fits-all answer because each of our lives are unique and what God is teaching us and doing in and through our lives is different from one another. It is possible that there is a treatment program or a medication that will bring healing. It is possible that there may be a gradual growing away from the roots of the problem. It may be that there is a moment of revelation that changes everything. It may be that there is an instantaneous miracle ahead somewhere. It may be that the disorder is your thorn in the flesh and God's grace will be sufficient for you. Or maybe some combination, God can do all of those things. He can show Himself strong in your life even when you are weak. Whatever happens in this life, a blip of time in eternity, you will have a new body free from temptation and weakness in the resurrection. Sooner or later, by one means or another, your healing will be complete.
  12. In Isaiah 53:4-5 This healing promise is based on Jesus finished work. This promise alone tells us we have a savior who
    paid for our healing. Any other payment or activity would not be needed. There are no varieties of things to do other than believe by faith in this promise. Jesus said to all what he says today, let it be unto thee according to your faith. Their are many who believe in other remedies or that God uses other means, but it has to be up to the individual alone
    to search the scriptures and believe God for their healing.

    If you go to the Dr. that is your free choice. All the people in the world go to them every day. The bottom line is what we have faith in God, or the medical people who make mistakes and can bring more harm than good. read Rom. 10:17.

    The last thing in the world that the devil wants is for us to believe God and prove his word is true. So we must listen to God and his word. The book I recommended is a good help in the right direction. Many need more than the bible to help their faith, that is not a problem. One thing needed will be to find those who have faith at all for the power of God in their lives.
  13. Glad you mentioned that about theatre. The first is that a theatre can show bad things. People will go to the place anyway if they want to. The ethic of gambling is in play concerning Med. science. To place oneself in risk of their life is ,
    a ethical no no. Look at the statistics and see many are harmed by doctors. it is a win lose situation. God never fails to heal and makes no mistakes.

    There is no room for opinion in the word of God, it is God or nothing. It is in the interests of those who believe and care about God's will to count and claim every promise in the bible. In the bible faith does not go to man for any help. If one doesn't believe God can help them if they see the mistake of trusting else where.

    When Peter was on the water and looked at the storm, he was rebuked for little faith. Jesus helped him but still he must continue to grow. Doctors are for those who have little or no faith. Faith as exemplified through Abraham was called obedience. If one doesn't obey and use faith they will find no promises working in their lives. God will only help them through their seeking his help. Like the man who said to Jesus Lord help mine unbelief. I'm no judge of anyone, God is the one who does that only.
  14. Just letting you know a fairy is a demon spirit. So is magic and flying which is a bible no,no Deut. 18:
  15. Oh really? Tell me about when you lose teeth: did faith regrow them? Why do you brush your teeth? "Pagan" doctors recommend it, but your faith would cover that, right?
    Broken leg healed without a cast?
    Are Christians that wear glasses less faithful than you?
    And about Peter: When is the last time you walked on water? Why not? Low faith?
    Raise the dead lately?
    Are you a snake handler, too? If not why not?
  16. Let me first of all say that if I am angry that is a sin which hinders God to do these things for me.

    Also a baby Christian ( young sheep) believes in prayer. All Christians believe in prayer. In Jn. 16:23 Jesus is telling the reader that they will pray to the father instead of him, but the prayer will be honored if given with his name. That is for young and old sheep. Meaning that Jesus is laying down a promise that if one applies the Jn. 16 passage which is( a promise ) shows that promises are a valid for prayer.

    I discern that you are anti-Pentecostal or as which I am non-denominational. Many speak against the snake handling while they are saying they don't believe the Holy Spirit baptism. As a Holy Spirit filled believer, One may never face certain situations that are mentioned, including snake handling.

    For example of myself, The only thing that comes close to food poisoning in the N.T. is drinking a deadly thing.
    Jesus said in Jn .14:12 greater works than these shall you do because I go to the father. As in 16:23 we see him and his father. It is not Jesus only. Then he will send the 3rd member of the Godhead. He is the comforter (Holy Spirit). He is the one who applies salvation, see Jn .4 and 7. Salvation includes healing, miracles etc. Jesus demonstrated that when he told the woman at the well her secret sins. Only the Holy Spirit would do this as we know Jesus came down to take on human flesh to be able to die for us.

    He did all these things by the Holy Spirit.

    My testimony in this case, will be short and is only for God's glory to confirm we can do the same. I was with a fellow and was sharing Jesus with him. He was a fellow employee. I told him that when I take him to lunch
    He had no transportation, would share some things with him but it will stir kaos when we get back to return to work. I was speaking by the Spirit. He took in the things shared with him at lunch for they were exciting.

    When we got back the boss who is a very impatient controling boss, was angry and jumping all over many people who had nothing to do with the situation, he told me never to take this guy to lunch again. I had peace for had known by the Holy Spirit this was coming. a day or two later, the fellow and I had to work together on the same area. He sort of laughed and with a big smile said, that was amazing, it happened just like you said.
    It was actually more detailed than have time to tell you. That gift was called a word of knowledge. truly it was evidence of a comforter. I was respectful to my boss when he was hollering. Also I obeyed him.

    This is real short, When laying in the death bed God healed me. I have much to be grateful for.
    The day before yesterday he told me how to fix my chair, same day that was looking for one to buy.
    My testimony---haven't been to Doctor or medicine for 40 years. except when one time cut in half. They carry me there or not go. told nurse I refuse the needle, it's my faith. She said it's okay you can do that. Went home that night and recovered quickly. I know it is difficult for one who hasn't experienced these things.

    it is also difficult to convince someone that they are not lies. My parents saw me healed and still didn't believe it. They were trying to get me to go to Dr. (big time). Their preacher told them to ignore me and say nothing.
    They didn't but saw me healed and knew that wasn't possible. You see you have to seek your own salvation with fear and trembling and not listen to others. Even when they mean well they can be wrong.

    Paul was like that. he would not give up Moses law and was having Christians persecuted. He meant well but he was terribly wrong. He had to have a miracle to open his eyes. First his eyes of the flesh must be closed so that God could give him spiritual ones. I leave this post with what Isa. said in Isa .12:3 with joy shall you draw waters out of the wells of salvation. Jn. 4 and 7 show the woman at the well did. it goes on to show it is the Holy Spirit in Jn. 7: 38-39. The purpose for the Holy Spirit was to bring the gospel to the world. Mk.16:
  17. Well...I see you avoided 99% of my questions and points again and focused on your own saga.

    No...I'm not anti-Pentecostal....I just don't buy your version of how God operates.
  18. Brodav9 posted:
    I will ask this one question of you. In post #32, you cited Isa 53:4,5. Do you consider that passage to speak of physical healing of our infirmities, or of our spiritual infirmity or both?
  19. Thank you for your question. In Isa. 53:4-5 the words wounded for our transgressions is dealing with sin (transgress of God's will, which is righteousness.

    Now in Matt. 8:17 The Greek translate into English there was Esaias. That is really to be Isaiah. He is quoting Isa. 53:
    there we read sickness and infirmity--which is weakness.

    In the Heb. stripes is not the right word. In Heb. it should read wounds. It is more clear that way because of the drawing of blood. That was what purchased full salvation which is total well being to the whole person. Salvation includes healing, finances, every promise is due to what is called the everlasting covenant of peace. We see the promises for supply of all things in Heb. 8:6, we have a better covenant. and better promises. That covenant in Heb. 13:20 shows is by Christ's blood the purchasing for our full salvation. In the O.T. we see the word salvation often but not speaking about the cross. It refers to the blood atonement though, of a sacrificial lamb. That is to say salvation is more than being saved from sin---but also it's effects. The law in Deut. 28: shows curses and blessings, depending on the keeping of the covenant.

    Jesus paid that curse penalty for us so we receive blessing to remove by faith the curses or to keep from them.
  20. I believe both views expressed here are correct, I happen to be in the bordav camp, like him the Lord has miraculously intervened and saved me from death at my last breath, He has miraculously healed me through prayer and then there are prayers for healing that have not been answered, however I can say sometimes I've been healed because of my faith and some times without having any faith, ...we all know faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God, so there were times when I prayed when He gave me assurance that I would be healed and times when I prayed and He was/is silent and I haven't been healed, all comes down to His Sovereignty.

    There are many promises recorded in the Bible, but they have to be given to us, we have to pray about the promise and if were hear from the Lord, then the promise is for us and then by faith we appropriate it into our lives, I think it is cruel the presumption, that many of the so called faith healers today are selling and then when it doesn't happen in someone's life they say they didn't have enough faith, ...they had enough faith to ask, Father doesn't work through presumption, but when it's in His sovereign plan to heal someone, then He will speak to His children and give them the faith to believe.

    I personally believe there are many times Father delays His response just to keep hearing from us, so that we will talk to Him because He loves our presence, it has been my experience the more time I spend just listening to His voice in Scripture the more I hear Him talking, what I mean is, if I'm studying for a teaching He is teaching/showing me what He wants His children to hear, or If I'm reading to find a verse for exhortation, encouragement, comfort, correction, then He shows me the teaching or verse that is needed, but that's different than just hanging with Him and conversing, talking over what I'm reading, ...often, but not always it's during these quiet times that He will give me His promises, so then, since I have heard it from Him then in faith I can pray and believe He will act.

    I also believe Father knows who will respond to His faith and who won't believe, I believe those that He knows will believe He gives them more faith and that is what's called the gift of faith, this gift isn't given to everyone, just like all of the other gifts aren't given to everyone, just to those that the Father knows will use it, but on the other hand that doesn't stop anyone from asking for it.

    So what I'm saying is brodav and myself are often viewed as freaks in the Christian community because we have the gift of faith, but someone with the gift of helps, or giving or ministry or teaching are considered normal, forgetting that all of the gifts are given to us by the same Holy Spirit,, I would never suggest someone that doesn't have the gift of faith who is sick or injured to abstain from seeing a doctor, however what we are saying is spend some quiet time with Father, without any preconceived ideas or agendas and wait and see what He will say to you, it might be a healing or it might be directing you to the very best doctor in that field (which Father has done both in my life), whatever, you have heard from God so act/exercise in faith in what He has said, you will find each time you do this your faith will grow so that if and when some day Father tells you to walk on water you will have established a track record of faith so that you won't doubt and start to sink, ...just look at the life of Abraham, God built up his faith with every step of faith he took.

    I have lived the last 22 years living if faith day by day for Father to supply my daily needs, I can't say I have never doubted, but He is faithful, He called me here, it wasn't my idea or inclination, so all I really have to do is believe what I have heard from Him and stand on it as faith. My latest healing was a hole in my eye discovered last December, they scheduled an emergency surgery, I prayed for healing so that I wouldn't need the surgery, but wasn't healed, the day they were going to operate Father gave me a peace that goes beyond my understand, because I still wasn't wanting to go under the knife, turns out they had scheduled two men for the same operation at the same time by the same doctor, they asked me to give my place to the other patient which I did, ...I decided to not have the operation and risk losing the sight in my eye and eventually losing the eye itself, months passed and my eye didn't change, finally because of the urging from my wife I went to see another doctor for a second opinion, I parked about a mile away and walked to the hospital, as I was walking and talking to Father the verse about what Martha and Mary sent to Jesus when he was dying entered my mind, "Jesus, the one you love is sick," that was a model for my prayer as I was walking, "Father, if I lose my eye and then the other, how will I be able to read your Word and talk with you?" Well to make a long story short, they found the hole in my eye had closed, it became quite an incident here with many doctors wanting to examine me because they had never heard or seen that before, that was in June, the last doctor to examine me was in July and the hole has almost completely closed,, we can try and use formulas and put God in a box or even try and make Him into a genie in a bottle, but like I said, it all comes down to His sovereignty, grace and His tremendous love for us.

    The just live by faith.



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