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  1. This is a wonderful book on healing. The link will bring you there and you can even download it.

    Some have asked me questions and they are all answered there. Much scriptural proof is there also. It is a gift of love to you in desires that you will receive your healing from Jesus.
    The book is all I offer, and the site is for your discretion.
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  2. C'mon Brodav, surely you know better :(. Are you a member of JGL ministries?

    '''we must know the promises''', ''we must remove all doubt'', ''we must increase our faith'' = positive thinking with a Christian t-shirt.

    The first paragraph of the first chapter:

    Those Needing Healing

    Before people can have a steadfast faith for the healing of their body, they must be rid of all uncertainty concerning God'swill in the matter. Appropriating faith cannot go beyond one'sknowledge of the revealed will of God. Before attempting toexercise faith for healing, one needs to know what the Scripturesplainly teach, that it is just as much God's will to heal the body asit is to heal the soul. The sermons in this book point out andexplain those portions of Scripture that will forever settle thispoint for you. It is only by knowing that God promises what youare seeking that all uncertainty can be removed and a steadfastfaith is made possible. His promises are each a revelation ofwhat God is eager to do for us. Until we know what God's willis, there is nothing on which to base our faith.

    The underlined is heresy that many Christians have had enough of hearing. A book on healing should start with John 9:31 and end with John 9:31. Or be a discussion on Col 2:9. If we are saved, we have access to all of God's provision. You would show preference to your children that can read (know the promises) and are not nervous (doubt)?
  3. Thank you, King. Although I have no clue what (apparent) false teachings there are in this book, I'll take your word for it.
  4. King, are you saying the book is incorrect and shouldn't be read?
  5. Yes, definitely Life. Sadly folks teaching on healing like that do not realise the damage they do to the body of Christ. It is not to say Brodav is a bad Christian. I respect other posts of his and have a few good friends who believe as he does. But I really do not get why they don't 'get' it.

    My baby had issues with his head when born. As you can imagine my wife and I were torn up. We prayed and trusted God to heal him. No ''miraculous'' healing came. But we did get moved forward on a long waiting list for a specialist. He had a successful op and is fine today. However, those who believe as this book would teach, would call us saying we have not got enough faith. My wife was distraught. I had no patience for their tripe and failure to grasp I am sure you know me to be :X3:.

    A child is a child. All children qualify for healing merely by being a child. It is only the un-righteous that cannot ask God for help. Saying that children must be extra ''positive'', have ''extra faith'', ''quote promises'' rather retarded / absolute heresy. As a good parent you would help the nervous and illiterate kid first wouldn't you?

    I just read the first chapter and couldn't stomach it any further. We would never hear any of the prophets, disciples, Paul or Jesus ever talk like that first paragraph! Think about it.

    ''It is only by knowing that God promises what youare seeking that all uncertainty can be removed and a steadfastfaith is made possible''
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  6. God Bless you, King, is your baby doing better??
  7. Baby is doing just fine, thanks :).
  8. Good! So that I get this straight, the book is pretty much saying if your prayers aren't answered you don't have enough faith? Or that you need enough faith to have healing?
  9. Well lack of faith and as I quoted 'knowing that God promises what you are seeking''.

    If your son smacks the wall, you will bandage his hand. If your son smacks the wall everyday, will you continue to bandage his hand or want him to learn his lesson? Sure God wants to heal us, duh. But every request, as Major said in your one thread, can be answered with a 1 Yes, 2 No or 3 Later. Saying that it is a promise is a failure to grasp the NT.

    I pay my house-cleaner to wash the dishes. If she doesn't, I don't pay her. If she does, she can demand payment. But if the house-cleaner becomes my wife, dare I pay her or demand that she wash dishes! She will slap me. What would you think of a husband like that?

    I really do wonder, what exactly some Christians vows to God are? If I listened to this book, I would have an unnatural / shallow expectation on God to deliver on healing.

    The only promise we can hold God to is to love us and never leave nor forsake us. Rom 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[k] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  10. The promises of God , are the word of God.

    In Phil. 4:19 my God shall supply all my need is a general promise. That promise tells us he will supply all our needs.
    all of them.

    The bible has a minimum of 7,747 promises. not just the O.T.

    The plural in 2Pet. 2:1-4 means there is a s on the end of promise----s. context is exceeding great and precious promise----s. salvation means more than just being saved.

    As I said in my post I don't offer the website----only the book.

    The book on Amazon is for sale this site is free.

    Rom. 10:17 says faith comes by hearing the word of God. We are given the promises to be able to agree with God what he has given us.
    One example was Abraham the father of faith. He was holding fast to a promise of having a son. He never would have asked for one and esp. Sarah. She would laugh to have a child at her old age. Abraham was standing on that promise 25 years. He would confess to God in prayer Lord I believe you promised me a son.

    In Hezekiah's story, he wanted a confirmation he would receive God's promise of healing. That was with the sign of the sun dial.

    In the bible it says the promises of God are yes and amen. 2Cor. 1:20 a promise will never be no unless there is no faith.
    To increase faith means after having faith for quote small things like maybe breakfast, to faith like I had to use when cut in half. At that time I refused the medicine and went home that night.

    I recommend some people looking into the history of F.F. Bosworth. 1,000s or more were healed by his ministry. Some have his book and teach false principles.

    Mk. 11:24-25 and James 1:5 or so tell us it is possible to doubt. Heb. 10:23 says to avoid doubt by holding fast to your---Greek should be confession. I hope this info. is useful to you.

    If my son would start banging his head against the wall I would begin to bind a demon of destruction from harming him. Didn't mean to sound ugly, I do believe in power of God is sufficient. Bind and loos is a promise in Matt. 18:18
    this is a promise, note it is something given one can use. I wouldn't know that I could bind and loose if I didn't have a promise specifying it. We don't just say stop it devil, we remind him of God's authority by his word and he responds.
  11. Claiming God's promises have been proven time and time again to be shallow Christianity. On par with treating your wife like the house-cleaner. Move on, treat God with respect, like the good Father He is. Grasp who you are in Christ and that every Christian has got a lot more faith then a mustard seed. Suggesting they must have ''more' faith for healing is rather insulting and naive.

    Like I said, the only verse we need is John 9:31. All children / righteous / saved have equal rights to having their prayer answered as God is impartial.

    I know you can discern better then this Brodav!

    If something is annoying you, you wouldn't think to ask God for help unless you read that He will help you on that specific issue?

    I am sure God is capable of a lot more promises then merely 7 747.

    Btw, how do you know their are 7 747? I can't believe someone actually counted them, rofl :ROFLMAO:.
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  13. Though I look at all people even my enemies, with love, that doesn't remove the aught to not even eat with the covetousidea that they are doing good or bad.
    We wouldn't be able to associate with anyone if we saw the wrong they do. Paul taught to not eat with the covetous, yet
    he was talking about brethren. We wouldn't be eating in a public place then.

    The world ---DOES NOT LIVE BY THE BIBLE!!!. we were like them. unsaved and no respect for God or Christians and their beliefs. We are being transformed and renewed in our minds, Rom.12:1-3 We are going to have to learn to do the word of God and not just read it.he side of a cig. pack this can be dangerous for your health
    The word Pharmekia in Greek is sorcery. Even the Titanic was made by man. All on board appeared to be safe. It was outward circumstances that brought it down. Medicines are a gamble which 1,000s of people have been killed by.

    In 2 seperate instances my parents were both almost killed by their Drs.
    Both cases were proven to be their fault. It is on the side of the cig. pack. can be dangerous. People will smoke them anyway. There is a warning on most medicines but people take anyway. God doesn't harm people only heal. For us who are saved we know Jesus blood bought us so we belong to him and are responsible to not gamble with what will harm us.

    My mother in law, awhile ago was going to get up anyway and was actually saying I wonder if he is watching. she was going to get up anyway. She will fall and that could hurt, but she is going to do what she wants anyway. The bible is specific principles for our benefit. It is a choice to obey, but I guarantee it there is a hole in the raft. Just maybe we will get lucky, that is a gamble, God though makes no mistakes. I hope my post was a blessing. My parents said the same thing once, while I was believing for my healing they said I was tempting God. They told their pastor, he said ignor him. God healed me tremendously, and they just ignored that to. ( it was serious also) Their other Drs. killed them, I have had tremendous healing.

    I used to be a medic myself and saw many blunders, that would curl your hair.
    I have been raised from the death bed on God's word alone. I speak by experience.
  14. Did Jesus jump when the devil tempted him?

    Brodav, do you know trigonometry? I teach youth occasionally and using trig helps answer many issues. Example: In trig if we know 2 sides of a triangle and the angle, we can with certainty calculate the third side.

    So lets take Jesus's temptation as an example. Jesus gave us one side ''you shall not tempt God'', the devil quoted a promise of God correctly ''if you fall angels will catch you'', the angle is God is good, so what is the answer? The answer is, if you fall without tempting God He will catch you. If you jump knowing you are tempting God you will die. But since He is good, should you jump naively, ignorant of tempting God, He will still catch you. Should you be persuaded to jump to test God or prove your faith to others, He also may still catch you. It may not be a stylish landing though.

    So, Christians who avoid doctors have God's goodness keeping them. You are taking the promises but ignoring other scripture Brodav. I pray you will see that. God made doctors. God made intelligent people. God made everything including the machines used in theatre. Avoiding doctors is simply tempting God. There is no way around that! You just have to think a while about it.
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  15. So am I "tempting God" by not going into a treatment center for my ED and leaving it in His hands, trusting that He will heal me?

    I thought "tempting God" meant "Alright God, I'm going to jump off this plane and if you're real, I'll be saved." Of course not that extreme, but you get what I'm saying...
  16. The question is Tink: Have you asked God whether He wants you to go to that ED treatment center? Hve ypou gotten a clear answer from Him?
  17. I've been in 4 centers off and on since 2008. I haven't asked Him per se, I just feel He is the only one who can heal me at this point.
  18. Why haven't you asked Him? If you went to all those centers without His approval, then you were on your own. Why stay on your own?


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