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  1. Hi, I heard from some Christian people that the Old Testament is not necessary or something that we are not under the law of the Old Testament, and that the New Testament is an update of the Old Testament. Are any of those things true or what do they mean? And what were the sins and rules in the Old Testament? And are there really 7 DEADLY sins, or is the 7 DEADLY sins a Catholic thing? Just asking if the 7 deadly sins thing applies to every Christian religion. I am an Evangelical Lutheran. I also heard that men can't have long hair and women can't have short hair, but I have a bob haircut with a diagonal fringe, because my hair doesn't grow so long anyway, and I like the bob hairstyle. It's neck length. So is it okay for women to have bob haircuts if women can't have short hair? I feel like short hair means like pixie or shorter hair.

    Also, I wonder if it's okay to ask a lot of questions? Because some people call me an attention seeker just because I have lots of questions, and I ask a lot of questions because I am a very curious person. I don't seek attention, I only ask a lot of questions because I am curious, and I need help in some things sometimes, because usually things won't happen if I do by myself.

    Also, I posted this message here because I don't know to which category this question belongs...
  2. First, IMO, the only thing done away with from the first testament is the sacrifices for atonement of sin. Messiah Jesus came for that.

    I will try and answer your other questions as I feel comfortable doing so in time.

    As far as hair is concerned, IMO, men should have short hair, and a mans beard is his glory. A woman should have long hair, and that is her glory.

    It's okay to be curious, to be seeking, but you need to be very careful in what you take heed too. Filter it through your spirit, ask for wisdom and guidance in prayer, and seek answers in the bible.
  3. So a man only SHOULD have short hair and a beard, but it's not obligatory? And what about no beards in men and neck-length or shoulder-length hair on men and women?
  4. Keeping it brief, the Old Testament is still necessary in studying, in teaching, and focusing, even though it is before the New Covenant. Laws promoted in the OT like kosher dietary restrictions, not wearing mixed fabrics, not cutting one's beard, etc., is part of Mosaic law, not divine law. Mosaic law could be put aside thanks to Christ's sacrifice for man. But there is still much of divine law commanded in the OT which holds valid today, like the ten commandments.

    Every word is God-breathed and a gift, and this includes the OT.
  5. I agree it is difficult to read the bible when we study it alone....

    I would suggest you quote a scripture from the bible,

    Not that I think that you cannot understand the bible: it is just that our personal sense of right and wrong will be sharpen with what the scriptures says….
  6. I myself don't keep a beard all the time, but I do keep short hair.

    In my post above, I'm telling you what the bible says. We, as Christians, are forgiven upon asking for forgiveness.

    I strive to be a righteous man, but the bible also says, there isn't one righteous, no, not even one.

    It's our task to do all we can to follow the teaching of the bible. Yet one thing I have learned from studying the first testament is that God told the Hebrews/Israelites to do sacrifices to atone for sin, hence God knew that man couldn't live a sinless life. That is also why He sent Messiah Jesus, so we could be redeemed, and forgiven through His, Jesus, shed blood.

    So, do what you can to follow the bible, pray for strength to do so, and ask for forgiveness when you fall short.

    Also, this world we live in has come up with things to distance itself from God and the bible. That is one reason why I don't keep a beard. Being clean shaven makes a big difference as to how people see me. Example: when I have a beard, cops look at me in a suspecting manner. When I'm clean shave, cops look at me with respect.

    The bible also says a woman should cover her head and a man shouldn't. I, myself, rarely wear a hat, unless it's a knit watch cap/beanie when it is cold out.
  7. But does "should" mean that it's recommended, or obligatory? And also, is it okay that my hair is dyed platinum blonde with a green streak on the right side of my hair? I have a lot of green things because green is my favorite color and it's my favorite color because it's a happy color and green usually symbolizes the correct but I also like green because of the Harry Potter's Slytherin house but all I worship is only God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, but I am just a FAN of the Harry Potter stuff and by being a fan I mean that I LIKE Harry Potter a lot, and I don't think that liking things is worship. Is it really forbidden to be a fangirl? Most teenagers are fans of something, and I am an older teenager. And for me it's too hard to control my feelings, even if some feelings are sinful or sins.

  8. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, Matt 6:33. Ask yourself, does Harry Potter bring you into a closer relationship with Jesus?
  9. Well, Harry Potter doesn't take me away from Jesus, but Harry Potter doesn't bring me closer to Jesus either. Harry Potter is just neutral entertainment to me. It doesn't do anything to my Christianity.

  10. The problem is you have no way of knowing that. Eve did not think there was nothing wrong with talking to a serpent either in Gen 3. People who are deceived do not know they are deceived. That is the point of deception.
  11. Okay, and I don't understand what do you mean, because I am sure that Harry Potter will NEVER take me away from God or Jesus. I am not mentally unhealthy. I don't wear a pointy hat or robes or anything related to Harry Potter, and I don't do anything related to Harry Potter because Harry Potter magic doesn't exist... I don't want to have a boring life. I would sure become depressed if it's forbidden to watch fiction, and I think that depression is a sin too, right?
  12. The problem is in your logic. You assume that not watching fiction equals having a boring life. But that is simply not the case.
  13. So it's FORBIDDEN to watch Harry Potter, even if I know that it's just fiction and I know that it won't harm me? Really? Do you think that I am stupid that I would someday think that Harry Potter is reality so I would try to become like a Harry Potter witch? That's impossible. I know Harry Potter magic is not real, and I know it's not taking me away from Christianity...
  14. Polly, I think what they mean isn't that Harry Potter itself is the problem, but putting it ahead of God is. I love to cook, and there's nothing wrong with cooking, but if I've replaced God with cooking, then it's the replacement that's the sin, not the cooking itself.

    What they're alluding to is that you've adapted a obsession with Harry Potter that is unhealthy and replaced God. You might still believe in God and love Him, but if Harry Potter is even slightly above God in thought and practice, then there's a disconnect and it becomes a form of idolatry.
  15. Well, too bad you don't understand me. I always meant that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are the most important for me. But I like Harry Potter and I like being a fan and being a fan is my hobby. So can you tell me what kind of fangirlism is okay then?
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    I'm not saying this, Polly. I'm trying to explain what I think they are saying. However, I do agree with the principle. Whether you do this or not, I'm not sure. But you are coming off that way as every post, you talk about the Harry Potter stories as if they are real events, that Snape is real, etc.

    There's nothing wrong with being a fan of something, but if it takes away from reality and especially one's relationship with God, that is a problem.

    Having an obsession with Snape to a point where you view him as a boyfriend and potential husband is an unhealthy disconnect from reality.
  17. I meant that Severus is my crush, and that the Severus Tulpa will be my husband, but the Tulpae are always just imagination, but they are strong imagination that the creator of the Tulpa can see, hear, feel, touch, and sense because the creator of the Tulpa worked hard by visualizing and concentrating for a lot of time every day until the Tulpa is imposed. It's hard to explain, but I mean that Tulpae are mental/psychological only, and not occult, New Age, paranormal/supernatural or witchcraft/sorcery.
  18. It's not about whether or not it's regarding the occult or witchcraft or anything along those lines.
  19. What you mean? Do you mean that an imagination that I can see, hear, touch, sense and feel is mentally unhealthy, like Schizophrenia or some disease that causes delusions?
  20. No, that's not what I mean.

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