Fell In Love With A Christian Girl (advice)

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  1. Before I continue I should rephrase love with strong feelings but idk what to call it. So I was at school the other day just to go see a counselor. Fall semester hasn't started but summer classes are still going on. On the way out I saw this beautiful European girl and HAD to go talk to her. Luckily for me her backpack was completely opened and she didn't know so I catch up to her and let her know and helped her real quick than made small talk. She said she was really late for class but gave me her name to add her on facebook. So I add her and it turns out shes from a strict Christian family ! (Romanian) She than asks me "So you look like a religious guy I see a lot of Jesus on your page tell me about that" Told her the honest truth(Thou shall not lie) of how I used to be a bad boy and told her how I changed and she was surprised and happy at the same time. Than she goes through my pics and sees all my old party pictures (doe) and asks me "for a changed person you still have all your old pictures up, you should take them down so people dont think your trying to fool them of who you really are" So I did that and we chatted a bit than she said she had to go for a run with her brothers and I just said ok keep in contact and she replied with "Yea forsure!" its been 3 days since I talked to her. Cant stop thinking about her. Dont know how to make my next move. European girls usually tend to only stick with European guys as far as I've seen. Im Arabic/Assyrian ... I dont think the date outside they're culture. Any tips on what I should do next. I've NEVER had the opportunity to take a good Christian girl out. Only girls who party and drink sadly. Any advice is appreciated. Sorry for all my recent threads btw ... I feel like you guys are some of the only people I can talk too sometimes lol.
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  2. Forgot to add ... I looked through her photos ... she literally doesn't have one revealing picture of her. So I really don't think shes lying ... defiantly impressive since every girl on my facebook from school/work...etc has to post those kinds of revealing pics for attention.
  3. The only advice I can offer is that if you have an interest in her and want to get to know her, ask her out for a cup of coffee. Take your time, don't rush, and pray about her.
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  4. Some advise:
    1. Keep treating her with respect, she'll come round. (Works on every woman really)
    2. Keep having faith in God and showing that faith to her by being kind, honest, humble and consistent.
    3. Don't worry about the Euro guys, In Romania they are not bigots and they prize you being a decent person. Be just that.

    And most importantly, the Enter key is a good thing. Big blocks of text are harder to read. I know you're excited, but breathe and hit that carriage return sometimes. Thanks.
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  5. I want too but wouldnt it be weird over facebook? I dont have her phone number just facebook.
  6. Also, I forgot to add one thing...if you have old pictures of yourself that you're not too proud of, untag, delete, do whatever you need to do to cut yourself off from that time that you regret. I'm not saying deny your past, but do try to move forward from there without holding onto any of it.
  7. Ok cool ill continue that ... I wanna strike up another convo with her but idk I feel like maybe it might bug her?
  8. Yea I did ... she immediately looked at my pics once I added her ... deleted them all. Gosh I had the ones of me at all the raves and clubs ive been too ..... not looking too great lmao ...
  9. Strike up a conversation with a compliment. If she continues the conversation, floe with it. If not, then move on.

    You'll be amazed at how many women there are out there if you stop trying so hard to find one.
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  10. Ok i'll hit her up tomorrow. See its hard for me with this girl because regular non religious girls I take out , you just simply ask them out anywhere and 90 % of the time they'll accept and once you take them for a date its usually easy from there. This girl seems extremely reserved... I mean she didnt even give me her number only her facebook.

    I agree with the last part but you gotta remember young woman my age aren't interested in Jesus or the bible or any of that good stuff. They just wanna party,drink,fornicate while they're young.
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    No need to do it immediately. Take it slow.

    I think it's OK to send her a message (don't post on her wall). It's only coffee, not dinner. The idea is to get to know her face to face.

    Send her a message to the effect of "Hi, [her name]. I'd call you if I had your number, but I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee with me sometime."

    Don't make it more complicated than it needs to me. If she's interested, she'll let you know. If not, it's not the end of the world.
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  12. OK stop the "playa" linguistics. You don't hit her up, because she is not a wh@re. This is why people tell their girls, even in Persian families, Arabs, by and large, treat women as objects. That is the OLD you, kill the pics, verbiage and all else. New Wine Skin, New Wine. Let the old die.

    Again, clear your mind, SHE is NOT one of those girls.

    Slow down and take your time. New life, new thoughts, new girl. Slow down.
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  13. I hit my wife up on the way home last night to grab a bag of ice. Never knew she was a while. Weird. Oh well!
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  14. Yes Alang as a man...treat her with respect and it will go a long ways. She will think " wow this guy is different than the rest" Alot of women are treated like garbage. Use it once then throw it away. Treat her with the love that you have from the lord and share it. SHE WILL see it. That's an attractant :)
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  15. Haha, I thought the concept of being respectful and gentlemanly was a given.

    Yes, if that needs to be addressed too, then I say Amen to that. Be polite, be kind, show that you have an interest in her rather than having an interesting in telling her about yourself. Be on time, remember than equality doesn't mean abandoning gentlemanly manners, and don't overthink things too much. The idea is to get to know her and enjoy each others' company.
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  16. Congrats and good luck Alang!

    I want to just add an extra thought here. Remember the steps of a righteous person are lead by the Lord. So if she loves the Lord, God has had a hand in bringing her your path. Now with things that God is involved in, you can relax and just take it easy. It will all flow into place. A good God fearing woman coming your way speaks to me of God's faith in you to look after her / not corrupt her.
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  17. Make yourself available for her. Just make chit chat with her, be complimentary on facebook. Get tickets or find a venue that has some Christian music going on, and invite her.
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  18. Alang, sounds exciting brother. I haven't had time to read all the comments so I'll just put my two cents. It sounds like God has given you a little encounter to go with and possibly opened a door for a future relationship? My advice would be to be cool, patient and seek the Lord on this one allowing him to present the opportunities to meet her again. I think when it comes to dating as Christians, there's always this strange sense as though God disapproves when it's actually him who guides most Christians together and if he has chosen this girl for you, I can assure you the opportunity WONT pass you by brother. Just be cool and enjoy it, you'll know what to do and say when the time comes. You always seem to me to be a great guy and judging by your comments and opinions, you have a very committed heart toward the Lord so, God will honour your life in him and grant you the desires of your heart.

  19. Word I will do that, thanks bro.
  20. Hit her up means to contact her... nothing else.
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