Favorite Meal ?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Born2LoveYou, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. My favorite meal is

  2. InHisLove - reminds me of a commercial we used to play on the radio...this lady says in a fancy British accent, "Yes, I'll have the green salad, no dressing, no croutons, water with a few drops of lemon, no bread...and for desert? Death by Chocolate!":D

    My favorite meal is Indian Tacos: A large fried bread covered in chili, topped with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions, salsa, hot sauce, olives...mmm! My beak is watering.

  3. FRIESSS :cool: Oh my, i'd kill to get fries...

    chocolate is also very good... but fries.... I can't get over it haha
  4. Can I come to your house Whirlwind? I'm so hungry now!
  5. Sure - come on! We'll have a feast!:D

    (you don't have to ask...any of you! Just show up, you're always welcome!:))
  6. Well now. Here's a thread I can get into.
    Hi everyone, this is like my 4th post here. Just joined yesterday! :israel:

    Anyhow, we have two categories to deal with. Homemade? My mom's meatloaf with roast potatoes. I only eat her meatloaf. (And now, I make it myself, but it's the only recipe I'll use.) Runner up would be rigatoni w/ sauteed vegetables, and a LOT of parmesan cheese.

    Favorite restaurant meal? This one is a no-brainer. A Sonic hamburger w/ fries (cooked x-tra crispy). :)
  7. Chinese Food. A restaurant near my place called Lotus makes a certain meal that I get everytime stop by. Two flavor Chicken. You get that sweet and sour chicken, as well as the almond fried chicken with all that thick yellow gravy spread all over. A small order of pork fried rice goes good with it. When the bill comes they throw in a fortune cookie and also two small hot sugery plain donuts for each person. Those are to die for.

    Not only is this my favorite restaurant to go to, but whenever I need some food for when I'm having people over to watch the game, they can do takeout too.
  8. mmm chinese food. love that, too! we have it all the time and my grandma who lives just a few streets away will send over whatever she cooked
  9. Ooh! Ooh! Restaurant?

    Olive Garden's Chicken Fetucini (or however you spell it) with breadsticks and extra fetucini (or however you spell it) sauce.

    *Homer Simpson drool*
  10. ^^^^
    That was my second choice.
  11. I could eat that every day forever...my idea of the food that's in heaven!:D
  12. Have you ever been to the Macaroni Grill?
    They have the best bread i"ve ever eaten.
    With the olive oil for dipping....?
  13. That sounds blissful!

    Naw...I live in the middle of a desert on an Indian reservation. To go anywhere fun, we have to travel an hour and a half over the mountain to Portland, Oregon...or 63 miles south to Bend, OR.

    But I'll keep an eye out next time for one of those restaurants...can't wait to try it! It's nice learning about new things to try.

    Usually when someone tells me something is good...I'll give it a shot and like it, too.

    Except oysters. Bleccch! Oyster stuffing. I once had that at a friend's house and I was polite and ate the whole thing. It was so hard to get down, I can't believe I did it! LOL:eek:
  14. yeah, try the Macaroni Grill when you get a chance! :)
    It's a chain like Olive Garden, so there's a lot of them. Probably slightly more expensive than OG, tho.

    Never been big on oysters myself. Especially not in stuffing. Proper stuffing should have only these ingredients, IMO: cornbread, onions, celery, sage, thyme, garlic and spices. I also like to add roasted pecans (on top when baking), maybe some bell pepper, but that's pushing it. And only butter for sauteeing the vegetables beforehand.
  15. One of my Navy friends told me he had dog meat and how good it taste. He then told me this occured when he was in Korea. He said the natives always look for the reaction of people after they are told what they had just eaten. I was then told that the "Dog" is not the every day family pet, but a specific type of Dog raised, I guess like the way we raise cattle. :eek: Has anyone else heard this?
  16. I really love cheese enchiladas. I have to have them every time I eat at a Mexican restaurant. :smile_anim:
  17. Pancakes and eggs (over medium) Eggs on top with the yolk running out onto the flapjacks. yum YUM!!!
  18. Is that the same as Romanos Macaroni Grill? That place rocks!
  19. Carne asada burros are probably my favorite. I love a good steak, medium rare with no steak sauce. Oh, and sunflower seeds. But I guess those aren't considered a meal...
  20. Oooh

    It's gotta be Chinese takeout! I'll just pretend it's healthy.... :)

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