Favorite Meal ?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Born2LoveYou, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Favorite Meal ?

    Whats your favorite meal ?
    I love getting in the kitchen and cooking something for my family, I usually go overboard and make it special and put alot of effort into it!

    Lasanga is my favorite meal to make, but tonight, I pushed the boat out a little bit more...

    Roast potatoes, Made with desiree Potatoes, cooked in Goose fat, covered in salt, black ground pepper and fresh thyme.
    Desiree potatoes are the king of potatoes for roasting, nice and crispy too.

    Chicken Breast fillets covered in black ground pepper, a bit of salt and fresh rosmary.

    Plus sweetcorn, carrots, and yorkshire puddings!

    Served with thick gravy :p

    Drink was Shlur, red grape flavoured which always goes well with meals. :)

    So whats your favorite meals to make when you are doing something special ?
  2. Are we invited? You have not replied to my thread "I'm Serious About This" on meeting us in England first part of May. I've gotten one pm so far. But we'd "bend over backwards" to meet you. We will be landing at Mildenhall, the RAF base.
  3. These days I have been craving hamburgers and egg drop soup. :D

    One of my favorite meals is..... baked salmon, white rice, and asparagus or broccoli spears. It is a simple, yet delicious meal that the entire family will eat. When baking the salmon, I usually just rub it with olive oil, and then sprinkle on some rosemary and dill. When it is done, I sprinkle it with a little lemon juice.

    The best meals are the ones that the entire family likes. :)
  4. It reminds me of pleasures of the flesh being sinful.
    That meal sounds so good… it has to be a sin. :D

    I will say, the one class I got good grades in was cooking. I’ve always liked to cook. I’m one of those guys who has to “tweak” the recipe too, just to try to make it a little more to my liking.

    I would have to say my favorite is Spanish Pork Chops. It’s real good and very simple too.
    Just lightly brown some pork chops.
    Place a green pepper ring on top of each one.
    Fill the rings with minute rice.
    Dump in a can or two of stewed tomatoes.
    Cover and simmer for about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour an a half.
    That’s it. No stirring, no watching, no nothing.

    The latest thing I made was a Whit Lily White Chocolate Raspberry Torte.
    A Torte is Pastor Mary’s favorite desert, so I made one for after prayer night a week ago Wednesday. She was leaving the next morning for a mission trip to Africa, so we had a special prayer night to pray for her and then had some desert. I never made one before, but I think it turned out pretty good.

    I may have to make another for her return next Sunday. (or maybe two and keep one for myself) ;)
  5. And Salmon too. When it’s cooked right, it’s pretty close to a sin to eat it.
  6. Its sin to eat salmon ?
  7. You do know that gnat is annoying ? don't you:p:rolleyes::p

    Fresh (not fishy smelling) grilled salmon. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  8. It is annoying, but scarey too, since I have a phobia to spiders and it reminds me of one.
  9. I hate fishy smelling any type of seafood. Makes me want to vomit.
  10. I ate dog once. Cubed with barbeque sauce.
    It tasted like steak.
  11. Comet, will make your insides clean
    Comet, it tastes like gasoline
    Comet, will make you vomit
    So get some Comet and vomit right now

    Donkey: I...will pray for you man....pray reeeeeeeeaaaal hard....

    Rooster: Don't forget to pray for me too, I've had to put up with him for 2 years now. Look, I'm molting. I've lost half my feathers over this guy!!!

  12. I hear rooster and donkey taste real good on the barbeque. :D
  13. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    Ewww.... Don't think so nor do I think the donkey and the rooster on the barby would be good either.

    I am still wondering why is it a sin to eat salmon? That is one of my all time favourite and especially the wild salmon ... not the farm raised.
  14. Oh my, Ban!!!
    I remember singing that!!!!
    I would have never remembered that in a million years!
    Thanks for such a pleasant memory!!! HAHA! :D ;)

    Aah! You made me laugh!!!!

  15. I was stationed in the Philippines at the time. They just gave us a bowl full of meat and we started eating it. We thought it was steak, (we hadn‘t been there long enough to know better)

    And the salmon?
    Because it is sooooo sinfully delicious. Mmmmmmmmmmm…………………… :rolleyes:
  16. Doggy drummies lightly seasoned and golden fried. Yummies! :D

    I made some thick pork chops the other night that just melted in my mouth. No special recipe, though. I just fry 'em in a little olive oil until they look right. A lot simply depends on happening upon the right piece of meat. The porker they got these chops from must have led a pampered life with only top of the line swill.
  17. i was about to eat dog meat once before when i visited my grandma but stopped when i found out. people here eat dog meat (esp the dogs just found on the street), and superstition has it that if you eat dog meat all the dogs know then they'll get mad at you.


    PS my favorite meal is dinner. i looove sitting down to eat dinner with my family. and i love cooking for them too

  18. Oh yah, you are so right about the salmon. I didn't think of it that way.That is my favourite fish. I am going to the west coast of Canada soon and hope to eat a lot of wild Pacific Salmon. yummmmmmm

  19. Ewww ... bad kitty.... dogs on the street .... I don't think so.

    By the way I have a lot of Philipino friends and I love pansit. I also attend a Bible Study where the leader is Philipino and when we have pot blessing night then I get to taste all your wonderful food.
  20. They also had venders on the streets in the Philippines. They would cook it right at their cart and sell what was called “pork on a stick”. I was stationed there for 15 months… and I never saw a pig. I’m not sure what it was, but it was real good.

    So baaaad kitty… do they have pigs in the Philippines?
    If they do, how come I never saw one?

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