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  1. So I was reading the early chapters of Exodus today, and we've all heard the story of God's plagues in Egypt to free the Israelites from the Pharoah, which ended up with the first born males all dying and the passover of the houses who followed the Lord's command, but could someone please explain to me the Passover. I'm having a tough time understanding what the blood on the doors and the seven days of no yeast all signifies. A little confusion going on...sorry if this was a dumb question or obvious.
  2. Hello Brandon, questions are seldom if ever dumb. Some answers are though:(
    Actually, the question has no simple one line answer.
    The Passover was established as a covenant between the Lord and His people. It looked forward to the Life and death Ministry of Christ Jesus.
    There was the blood of a lamb smeared on the door posts and lintel as a sign of that covenant and then there was the passover meal that required the eating of the slain lamb in its entirety accompanied by various leaven free foods. One of those foods was 'bitter herbs' to remind them of the bitterness of their Egyptian captivity.
    The Egyptian captivity though real enough, is so like people's captivity to sin. We need a passover event to secure our release from bondage to sin. That is why Christ Jesus is referred to as our 'passover Lamb'.
    see 1 Cor 5:7. without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin see Heb 9:22.
    Yeast or Leaven is somewhat symbolic of sin, that is why the times of unleaven to remind us that we are to live as sin free as possible.
    As for the Blood smeared on the door posts and lintel, the covering of the doorway was a sign for the 'angel of death' to go do mischief elsewhere. Just as today the Christian's life is covered by the shed blood of Christ

    Hope this helps
  3. Thank you so much. That's exactly the way of explanation I was hoping for, and you most definitely helped clear a few things up for me, as well as learn a few others. Thanks for taking the time to explain.
    God Bless.
  4. Brandon...........

    All the plagues from God against the Egyptians were directed toward the "gods" the Egyptians worshipped.

    As it seems you are new at this learning process allow me to say to you that The Passover death angel killed the FIRSTBORN not only the males. The Torah says first-born males (it uses the word "bechor," which is only used to refer to a male offspring), but any only child would automatically be considered to be a first-born as well. In addition, according to many opinions, the status of 'bechor' comes from being the first son out of the mother's womb, rather than being the first one born to a father, so any man who had more than one wife could potentially have more than one first-born. The plague also did not solely kill children - it killed every Egyptian male who had been first-born, no matter what age.

    Now for the Passover. Calvin is exactly correct in his explination. A few things to help your understanding are........

    1. The Passover meant certain doom for the first born.
    2. The Passover meant certain salvation for thos under the blood.
    3. The sacrifical lamb had to be PERFECT, no spots no blemishes.
    4. The "hyssop" plant used to apply the blood over the door posts was common in Egypt.

    By his birth, not his conduct, the person was doomed to death. This is a fact that he could not plan nor alter, therefore he was hopelessly lost.

    However, because of the value of the life sacrificed for them, they could be saved. They could claim this salvation because God had pledged Himself to save all who sprinkled the shed blood of a perfect sacrifice over their door posts.

    The picture painted in the Scriptures is impossible to miss my young friend. ALL sinners are justly doomed by God to death. They...WE are born with a sin nature and therefore we SIN. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23) and the wages for our sin is death (Rom. 6:23). But God loves us just as He loved the firstborn and offers them eternal salvation based on His GRACE and nothing that we do. Therefore the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ becomes sin for us and provides the way for our salvation, our safety. We then rest on TWO PROMISES.....

    1. The preciousness of Christ's shed blood TO God.
    2. The faithfullness of God to His own promises.

    The "hysop" plant was very coimmon in Egypt then as it is now. The "HYSOP" plant is a type or a picture of FAITH. The people then applied the lamb's blood by a hysop plant on the door post.
    Today, the hysop plant has become FAITH. Commmon, Faith in the shed blood of God's Christ that all who believe and accept the shed blood of the sacrifice of God....We will be saved!!!!!!!!

    The Passover Lamb had to be perfect as it was a picture of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus who is PERFECT.

    So then in the Passover, when the death angel came that night, when he saw the BLOOD applied to the door posts, he PASSED OVER that home.

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