Errors Of The Evolution Theory

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  1. From the book of Charles Darwinin "The origin of Species" became principal work of evolution theory. Nowadays, scientific world view is mainly based on evolution theory. Majority of natural science researchers believes that the Bible is not word of God, and the creation story of the Bible is untrue.

    People who believe to scientific world view hold on the Bible as a fairytale, which conflicts with natural science. The criticism of science world crumbles before the truth of the Bible.

    The whole article is here:
  2. Hi Petri, good article.

    I have been researching the origin of atheism. I have so far found that the person assumed to be 'first' atheist was Philosopher Anaxagora (500bc-428bc). He wrote ''Animals, including man, sprang from the warm and moist clay''. So it seems that evolution theory has been synonymous with atheism from the beginning.

    If he was the first atheist. Then evolution has been intensely debated now for 2 500 years :). The debates would have ended and Christianity not spread like wildfire if there were not errors in the theory :) .
  3. Thank you for the info. I didn't know anything about Anaxagora and his statement. Maybe I add that info to the article.
  4. The correct spelling is Anaxagoras.

    Isaac Newton said he will not waste his time studying evolution because he can tell just from analysing his thumb that there is a Creator. This observation by him is paramount to me, because it shows that all evolutionists are really just speculating. Despite being able to look at more evidence (of God) with microscopes and telescopes, its all philosophy. So it is not wrong for us to grasp the significance of the fact that evolution has been hotly debated for 2500 years. I would definitely include it in you article. At the same time there is a lot more information you can add simply searching evolution in this forum, it has been well discussed. Also, I enjoy reading articles in the street-apologetics, like this one:
  6. Romans 1:19 tells us God has made himself known to every man. I think atheists know there is a God and they just resent the fact to the point they will scour the earth looking for evince to refute what the know in their hearts to be true.

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