Ephesians 6:4

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    • Reflect on the charge to the fathers to bring up their children "in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." What are the relational requirements for this to happen, and how are we doing in this regard?
  1. One relational requirement is that the father is relationally connected to God. After all, how can he bring him up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord if he doesn’t know how that’s like with respect to God? Another relational requirement is that the father has credibility with his children. Though the father may be able to administer the discipline and instruction, it would be futile if the children do not receive it well. And the credibility is largely based on the father’s level of discernment on how much the children can handle.
  2. As for how I’m doing in these areas, there is always a need for a lot of improvement. For my connection with God, it is something I am frequently fighting on a daily basis. Adjusting to being a father , being entrusted with more ministry responsibilities, learning to love and raise up people with a different set of needs than what I am otherwise unfamiliar with – it is easy to be more caught up in the tasks I have to do rather than the greater spiritual need to connect with God.
  3. Yes my brother.......we all are challenged in this area and anyone who says differently simply is not telling the truth!

    You hang in ther though and allow God to be you source of comfort and leadership!
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  4. Hi Chris! Caught you at the computer huh!!!

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