Ephesians 5:1-2

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  1. How does the phrase “as beloved children” give insight into what it means to “be imitators of God?”

    Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. 2 And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
  2. Only when I begin to see myself as a “child” and then as “beloved child” will I begin to imitate Him. Seeing myself as a child means that I see myself as someone dependent, who needs help to live and instruction about living, this will make me look around for a model. But only seeing myself as beloved child will make me want to imitate the one I have to depend on.
  3. One of the most precious words in all the Bible: beloved.
  4. Chris......I hope that you are well. Your comments are insightful to me. They tell me that you are doing some deep study in God's Word.

    IMO, the verses you quoted mean to "keep on becoming". In our daily life, conduct imitating God so that we demonstrate the family likeness to all who know us.

    Christ is our example in holiness of life, purity of thought and cleanness of speech.

    "AS DEAR CHILDREN". Paul is describing the walk of heavenly pilgrams. Imitating God is the result of acceptance of Christ not its means.
  5. In the culture of the time, children would (or were expected to) grow up to be just like their parents.
    So, as "beloved children", we should obey our parent, God, and grow up to be as much like Him as possible.
  6. We are told to be followers of God, as dear children and I have noticed that children in their innocence often give freely expecting nothing in return showing a generosity of heart. This reminds me of the widow who gave her last two coins which was a real sacrifice for her unlike the rich who could afford to do so which in my view was not a sacrifice at all it was simply a token gesture. Notice also that unlike the sacrifices that the Jews normally made of dead animals, this was an offering of a living, loving beating heart. It was a living sacrifice, given with love and unlike the stink of a burnt offering, the widows offering had a beautiful aroma. She gave all she had and I cannot stop myself thinking of Jesus who gave his all as a living sacrifice and worldly goods aside for they fade away I am sure the Lord would find the sacrifice of our hearts as we offer ourselves to Him a sweet-smelling savour also.

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