Doubtless Prayer

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  1. Your right that some words can contain doubt. And given wht you said, should get us to examine our Words and dig deeper. Good thoughts for sure.

    Most of the words that I spoke to you in that post were added to let you know what I may do if my mind needed extra renewing to the Word of God, after I prayed. Because sometimes our minds need extra washing, or reassuring of the fact that what the Bible says is true. Because the truth of the Bible is often different than what we may think or definitely what the world thinks.

    According to in my mind... I use to reference a particular Scripture... but maybe that is something I need to pray about. To speak the contents of the verse instead of just the book and number.

    Thank you for drawing attention to that.
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  2. Jim, please be patient with me.
    Does not having to reiterate what you and God already know a form of doubt.
    To state that you trust to be not lacking, does that not comes from the opposite.
  3. Is not being in faith with the Spirit of Truth doubtless, fearless, loving, and unconditional in what you pray.
    The enemy is fear /evil, causing one to doubtful, fearing, deceptive, and conditional in what you pray.
  4. Matthew 17:20 implies that one can call (prayer) on God's will.
    The mustard seed is without doubt. In the right conditions it becomes a huge tree.
    The right conditions is abiding to God's will. To be abiding is to be unconditionally faithful to God/Truth.
    Under such conditions one becomes empowered to carry out God's will.
  5. I do, daily.
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  6. Though I have missed some days due to distractions, prayer and meditation is a daily practice for me for many years.
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  7. True.
    For me, it is about truthful intent. The more words used the more the prayer becomes a story. The story ends up being wishful intent, instead of truthful intent.
    It is not easy to be fearlessly unconditional. It becomes a paradox in terms of one starts of with a reason/need to pray and ends up with not reason/need at all. However, if it is God's will the prayer becomes true in both ways. The need is fulfilled, but not needing it (claiming for self) because it is God's will (being a servant to God's will).

    The following verse led me into much prayer and mediation on doubtlessness.
    Mathew 8:32 He said to them, "Go!" So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water.
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  8. Doubt suggests either that God doesn't care or that there is no God in the first place.

    Is it the prayer that matters or the One being petitioned that matters? Let's not get the cart before the horse.

    A prayer is not a magic wand or a formula for calling down blessings like candy from a vending machine. A prayer is not an incantation for picking fruit from a metaphysical tree. God is a person - not an electrical force. God has an opinion about prayer and He has told us what it is.

    God invites us to pray. Even more, scripture states that the prayers of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16)

    But is a prayer just a wish uttered in hope that the Master of the Universe will hear and consider and act? May it never be. Has the reader never uttered a prayer that seemed to be mingled with uncertainty, yet witnessed a glorious answer to it? I have. I'm sure I'm not alone on this planet in my experience either.

    Too much weight is given to human effort in these modern days. We are asked invited and even commanded to pray to He alone who is good. That is our job. It is the job of the Almighty to consider and act upon our requests.

    In this alone may we have confidence - that God will grant all good things to us in His time. Even a NO is an answer. Faith recognizes a relationship. Faith commands confidence. Doubt is the way of the coward and God hates a coward.

    Be of good courage. Pray in faith. Hope in the name of Jesus Christ.

    and that's me, hollering from the choir loft....
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  9. Mr Luke, I've asked a question in the "Who are we thread!"
  10. I have not seen the question, for some reason. If you wish, you can start a conversation with me through your profile page (I think).
  11. Hello brother Peter Luke;

    "If I", no, "every time", when I pray doubtlessly, I express to our God that I surrender my life "wholly" "holy" (combined words from my heart) unto Him and accept His will be done in my life. Then I tremble and have to ask God to humble me with humility in case I catch myself getting haughty.

    Your question caught my attention and this is my reply from my heart to Him.

    Good question, brother. God bless you and your family.
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  12. asked the question in the who are we thread. :)

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