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Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by NearertoGod, Sep 14, 2009.


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  1. 9/25/09 - Music for Rainy Days

    Music for Rainy Days
    Dustin O'Halloran

    Cara Weston Photography

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  2. 9/25/09 - East meets West

    East meets West
    Traditional Japanese Music Selections

  3. Beautiful pics. sis

    Really like the rainy days picture
  4. Hey, I think that music from Dustin is from the movie "Interview with A Vampire" isn't it?
  5. Thanks. I try to find art to fit the mood of music.

    I do know three of them are from Marie Antoinette. I've never seen 'Interview' so I couldn't tell you. Might be interesting check out.
  6. Oh yeah, I really like that one, too, because it reminds of those rainy days when it is warm, you can smell the rain, hear the thunder, and everything is perfect. :)

  7. Yes it does....This may sound weird but I love the rain.

  8. Marie Antoinette was in "Interview with A Vampire" and Tom Cruise. He was playing that song by Dustin on the piano. Tom Cruise and Marie Antoinette were both Vampires.
  9. I love it too. It is relaxing.

    I meant the movie Marie Antoinette. Three of the songs were in that one.

  10. Sorry, mis-read hehehe. I think I may check out that one. From hearing you talk about it, sounds interesting.
  11. You should try it. Very interesting.

  12. Just viewing your website. It is beautiful. I wish I could create a website.
  13. 9/25/09 - Works for Harp

    Works for the Harp
    Played by Isabelle Moretti

    Portrait of Rose Adelaide Ducrex with Harp

  14. Oh, thank you. I kind of re-did the theme I saw on Google and fixed it up a little bit. I am glad you like it. :eek::eek::D

  15. 9/26/09 - Music of the night

    Claude Debussy's Sarabande

  16. The pic is awesome Yaz. I am now listening to this music while also listening to the rain outside. This is so very relaxing.
  17. It's beautiful, isn't it? I love the night sky.

  18. Your lucky, too, I miss the rain. I wish it would rain - I miss it so much. I love that smell, and the way the clouds look...can you send me some, please? :p

  19. 9/27/09 - Ballet lessons - Diana Vishneva

    Variation practice in 6 parts

    Unfortunately it is in Russian with Japanese subtitles. However, watching Diana dance makes up for it all!

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  20. 9/27/09 - Gyorgy Ligeti


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